Coconut milk is one of the healthiest dairy milk alternatives, and it is easy to make, for people who are:   allergic to milk products are lactose intolerant can’t process dairy products, those who choose to remove milk from their diet for health reasons vegans who choose not to consume any animal-based products.     […]

The Xtrema Cookware 10 qt Ceramic Dutch Oven is one of the most function types of green cookware a home cook can use for making stews, soups, cooking large cuts of meat and making one-pot meals. Being made of 100% natural PFOA-free ceramic materials and lead free coating, you can enjoy cooking without the fear of unhealthy […]

  With Easter 2017 just around the corner on April 16, if you are still trying to put your Easter dinner menu together, or if you are panicking because the in-laws are coming and you can’t disappoint? No worries, has you covered with some delicious easy to make Easter dinner recipes that will make you […]

Need to loose fat? Want a natural way of doing it?  Wheatgrass is considered a safe, natural and extremely potent aid in weight loss and reducing fat. It is known as a ‘super food’ by nutritionists. In Scientific studies, it is found that wheatgrass can provide a range of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients that […]