Le Creuset Cookware Review

Le Creuset Cookware Review


Professional chefs and discerning home cooks know Le Creuset Cookware is the best cast iron cookware set on the market, and is usually at the top of every home cook’s wish list.

Cast iron cookware has been around for thousands of years, due to it’s sturdy construction, even and slow heating, so that your food is cooked thoroughly. Cast iron also retains heat better than any other type of cookware.

Le Creuset Cookware, which means cauldron in French, is a homage to the molten hot vats of bubbling hot liquid iron from which Le Creuset cast iron cookware is born.

Since it’s founding nearly a century ago, Le Creuset has remaining one of premier manufacturers of cast iron cookware sets and enameled cast iron cookware n the world.

Each piece of Le Creuset Cookware is truly unique, and is the true green cookware, made without harmful chemicals and lead-free coatings.


 Le Creuset Cookware History


The story of Le Creuset Cookware (pronounced law-crew-say), which you can read here, began in 1925, when a casting specialist, Armand Desaegher, and enameling expert, Octave Aubecq, met and discovered an opportunity to make the best cast iron cookware sets even better.  They found by coating bare cast iron cookware in enamel created a PFOA-free non stick surface, so food wouldn’t stick (a problem with bare cast iron at the time), improved the versatility and uses for cast iron cookware, and made cleaning easier than bare cast iron cookware.  This was revolutionary for the time.

Since creuset is the French word for cauldron or melting pot, it was fitting that the first Le Creuset cast iron skillet was painted in orange flame, the color of cast iron when it first come out of the 2000 degree flaming caldrons from which they are born.  Is it any wonder that to this day Flame is still their best selling color.

Rather than the mass produced low quality cast iron cookware made in China,  Le Creuset Cookware available here are still made by hand in France from trained casting specialists, who still use the same exacting production methods developed by its founders nearly a century ago.

Each piece of Le Creuset cookware is hand made by pouring molten steel into a sand mold.  Each mold is destroyed after use, so it can only be used once.  After each manufacturing stage, each piece of cookware is inspected, and only the best pieces are allowed to continue to the next process.  Any piece that fails inspection is sent back to the creuset to be melted down and starts its life over again.



How Le Creuset Cookware is Made




Le Creuset Cookware 6 Pc Cast Iron Cookware Set

Le Creuset 6 Pc Cast Iron Cookware Set


The Le Creuset Cookware 6 Pc Cast Iron Cookware Set available at Amazon.com is the perfect cast iron cookware set for people who want to start using this sturdy and long lasting cookware in their home kitchen.

Included in the Le Creuset Cookware 6 piece Set is a:

  • 2-1/4-quart saucier pan with lid
  • 5-1/2-quart round French oven with lid
  • 10-inch square skillet grill
  • 8-by-10-inch roaster

You can get the 6-pc Classic Le Creuset Set here in the following exciting colors.


Just click a picture below to see the  Le Creuset Cookware Colors available, to learn more and buy it on Amazon.com.



Le Creuset Cookware Red

Cherry Red



Le Creuset Cookware Carribean




Le Creuset Cookware Marseilles




Le Creuset Cookware Soleil




Le Creuset Cookware Flame

Flame (the most popular color)



Le Creuset Cookware Palm





Six Benefits of Le Creuset Cookware:


  • Le Creuset Cookware Sets have the enamel frit baked onto the bare cast iron skillet at high temperature, so it is applied permanently.
  • The baked on enamel coating will never chip or crack, like Teflon coated non-stick pans eventually do.  In addition, enameled cast iron does not have the potential health risks of PFOA coating in non stick cookware.
  • Le Creuset Cookware is the most versatile cast iron cookware, since the coating acts as a non-stick cooking surface that keep food from sticking and is easier to clean than bare cast iron skillets.
  • Use your new Le Creuset cookware to make everything  from sauces, soups, rice dishes and more in the saucier.  If you enjoy making large pots of soup, stews or other hearty dishes, the 5-1/2-quart round French oven will quickly become your favorite cooking pot.
  • The 10-inch square skillet grill is perfect for grilling chicken, making bacon strips for breakfast, grilling hamburgers, your favorite chops or grilling healthy fish.
  • The raised ridges of this cast iron skillet give meat or vegetables grill marks like your favorite restaurant, and keeps food above grease or fat drippings for healthy cooking.
  • Dual spouts make for easy drip-free pouring of juices onto your food or to easily discard fat or grease.



Visit Le Creuset Cookware Store on Amazon.com to Shop for  for the best deals on Le Creuset Cookware and accessories.

Le CreusetDutch OvensProduct DetailsCookware & Baking PansSkillets



Safe for Stove Top and Ovens


Every piece of Le Creuset Cookware is safe to use on the stove top or oven.  This is perfect for when you need braise a piece of meat on the stove top and then you can simply transfer the pot straight to the oven to continue cooking.  Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware can withstand heat up to 350 degrees F.

Most pieces can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.  Some pieces it is recommended to wash by hand, so follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure a lifetime of use.



Stay Cool Knob


Le Creuset Signature Phenolic Large Knob

If you have ever cooked with cast iron cookware then you know it gets pretty hot.  The stay cook knobs make it easy to remove the lid to view or stir the food on the stove top or in the oven without getting burned, even with your bare hand.

I still recommend touching the knob with a finger before grabbing the lid, just to play it safe.


Ergonomic Handles


Le Creuset Cookware come with ergonomic handles to ensure a safe, secure grip when transporting from stove to table to prevent burns and injury.



Can you Season Enameled Cast Iron?

Another advantage of Le Creuset Cookware is the ease of cleaning.  Just clean with a soft cleaning sponge, and mild soap.  No scrubbing is needed.

The advantage of Enameled Le Creuset Cookware over bare cast iron cookware is that it does not need to be seasoned.

The beauty of enameled cast iron cookware is that the enameled coating, which is actually baked on glass that becomes white during the baking process, creates a permanent non-stick coating that will never crack or chip.  You will never need to season enameled cast iron.



Health Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware


When you cook with Le Creuset, a small trace of iron is absorbed into the food and ultimately into your body.

Iron is a trace metal found in the earth and is critical to human health.  The mineral Iron is found in the hemoglobin of blood and is responsible to transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, and to transport carbon dioxide back to the lungs.  Iron deficiency is a common human ailment, due to lack of consumption of foods naturally high in iron.



 What are People Saying About Le Creuset Cookware?


Jessica wrote – This is by far the best cookware available. My advice, READ the manual before using if you are not familiar with the way cast iron cooks. I made the mistake of turning my burners to high heat when they function on low to medium! You will burn your food and ruin your pan if you use the high heat! Other than that (which is entirely my fault for not reading) this is so nice to have in my collection. This set is perfect to round off a cookware set.

Shelley wrote – I reccomend this product to any avid cook. Especially for soups and stews, the dutch oven is just…marvelous. Searing in the pan is a breeze and gives it great color. They are so easy to clean up. Its just great. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and it has met and exceeded my expectations.

L. Jarkow wrote – I have had a set of these pots and pans for over 30 years and love them. My son just got engaged and wanted a set of these for their new home. This is a great price, you can’t beat it and a very useful set for a start. He and his fiancee were so happy to get these. She had never used cast iron before and is now a believer in how easy they are to use and clean and knows that she will have this set “forever”. The price really isn’t high when you consider how many years you will be using these pots and pans. Mine are over 30 years old and look as good as the day I bought them. You can’t beat the quality. Easy to use, easy to clean and last forever. What could be better?

Bob wrote – I bought this for my wife. She loves the set. I think food tastes better from Le Creuset products. I rate this 5 star because my wife is so happy. What else can a guy say?



 Are there any negatives to the Le Creuset Cookware?


The most common negative comment people made about Le Creuset cookware is the price.  It is more expensive than many other types of cast iron cookware because it is hand made and not mass produced in Asia like most other cheap cast iron cookware.

On the other hand, most people who buy Le Creuset Cookware say this is the best cookware they had ever bought.  It doesn’t chip or crack like cheap cast iron cookware, and most home cooks say it helps them cook better, due to even heating and longer heat retention.


Where Can You Buy Le Creuset Cookware?


You can Buy Le Creuset Cookware in a rainbow of colors to match your kitchen or your colorful personality at Amazon.com  for less than you would pay at many retail stores.

With the Free Shipping Option and largest selection and color variety, Amazon.com generally is the best overall value for your dollar when buying Le Creuset.







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