10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Vegans

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Going vegan is a bold step. Practicing it is another step. There are essential kitchen appliances that you should have to make your vegan life more comfortable.


Below are the 10 essential kitchen appliances you should have as a Vegan. You can also shop around for the latest kitchen products.



⦁ Pressure Cooker


Pressure cookers make tastier foods and retain the nutrients. This is because pressure cookers take less time to cook – foods cooked for a shorter duration retain the essential nutrients.

In addition, you will still be able to get the vitamins and minerals since they are retained. Best of all, pressure cookers can cook your foods 70% times faster. Usually, their price ranges from $50 to $100 or so at Amazon or eBay.



⦁ Rice Cookers


Rice cookers are majorly used for preparing rice. There are several counterfeits in the market. So, don’t purchase them at retailer shops. Instead, go to the manufacturers or purchase them at Amazon or eBay. Well, rice cookers need a lot of timing.

To avoid the tedious work of timing, purchase an electric rice cooker. It will do the timing for you,you just need to measure the rice and sit back. The best rice cookers cost around $140.




If you decide to go vegan, the diet you will most likely to adopt is vegetable and fruits. Vitamixis quite expensive. They cost around $400-$500. That could be downright frustrating, but there is a trick.

Save around $20-$25 every month and within two years, you can purchase one. When you have a Vitamix, you will save more time. You don’t have to blend and stir for a couple of minutes, Vitamix will do the same task in less than a minute.


⦁ Bean Cooker


Almost similar to a pressure cooker, though, there is a slight difference. The difference is that it is specifically designed for cooking beans be it of any types.

Bean cookers usually take roughly 30-70 minutes to cook. That means you will no longer soak beans prior to cooking, spend a whole day cooking beans. It costs around $50-$100.


⦁ Slow Cookers


A good example is Ninja Cooking System. It is available on Amazon for around $130. They are designed to prepare foods that take less time to cook like vegetables. The best of all advantages is that it is bought with a moderate-sized cake pan that you can use to bake your vegan pancakes for breakfast.


⦁ Juicing Machine


Juicing machines are used for extracting juice from vegetables and fruits. If you always find it difficult to minge fruits by the roadside, purchasing a juicing machine will be ideal for you.

There are tons of juicing machines in the market. Some of them include centrifugal juicers and reamers – a perfect match for vegans. Breville juicer goes for around $150 while Green Star juicer will cost $530 – both available on Amazon or eBay.


⦁ Proctor-silex Coffee Grinder


The Proctor-silex coffee grinder is one of the most affordable appliances on the list. You only need $14 to purchase it. It’s called a coffee grinder, but that’s not what a vegan should use it for.

A vegan should use it to grind nuts and seeds such as flax seeds, chia seeds etcetera. If you love vegan pancakes, this is for you. You can add ground chia to banana pancake to give it a perfect taste.



⦁ Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker


Another affordable appliance in the list is the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker costing around $23. Wait, why do you need a sandwich maker yet you are a vegan? Of course, you need to spread sandwich on your brown bread – not just sandwich, oil-free sandwich. You can also include veggies like mushrooms and pepper to perfect your breakfast.



⦁ Presto Air Popper Popcorn Maker


Presto air popper is used to make popcorn. Popcorn is a good option for a vegan, but only if it has no oil. Popcorn air popper popcorn maker will make oil-free popcorn as compared to microwaved popcorn. If you wish, add salt and pepper to your oil-free popcorn.


⦁ Hand Blender


If you are a frequent traveler, this will be your perfect match. It is convenient to carry and easier to pack. You can make your smoothies from anywhere. In addition, you can make delicious soup or sauces when at home. You can shop around to compare prices.

Alternatively, you can purchase at either Amazon or eBay at $35.



In Closing


Decision making for buying kitchen appliances are complex especially the Vitamix. They take a lot of time in decision making. Don’t purchase if you are not sure of its use. Shop around and purchase what you need.

If you need more kitchen appliances, Village Bakery has a variety of the latest kitchen products reviews. You can come to know about the uses of a particular appliance from their reviews. They have a committed team that works round the clock to make sure they source the latest kitchen appliances. You’ll get a number of articles on their site that are helpful for a vegan.


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