14 Affordable online cooking classes while in quarantine.

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Start Up Library:  Cooking from Bluprint are affordable online cooking classes taught by a Food Network “Chopped” champion and professional chef.   These online cooking classes are made possible on Bluprint, an online community of creative minded people.  Bluprint offers an amazing array of fun, creative and affordable online cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Unlock all 127 cooking classs here! Get 50% off Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn to cook like a professional chef? But, with a career,  family to take care of, and other obligations many people don’t have the time.  Don’t even get started on the high cost of cooking classes, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, right?  With Start Up Library:  Cooking you can get the 14 information packed cooking lessons for less than the cost of  bag of groceries.



What is Start Up Library: Cooking

Start Up Library is an affordable online cooking class with 14 lessons taught by chef Celeste Rogers.  She is a classically trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America with over 10 years of experience in professional kitchens.  Her goal is to make the skills, tools and techniques used by professional chefs accessible to home cooks.

Bluprint launched in 2011 as Craftsy, which originally focused primarily on offering online video courses on crafts-oriented topics, as well as selling crafts products.  A variety of online cooking classes were added, and soon became one of the most popular categories offered, since the classes were taught by professional chefs at an affordable monthly price.  NBCUniversal took note of the popular online network and purchased a majority stake.  In 2017, the name was changed from Craftsy to Bluprint.

You will learn the fundamentals of cooking.  Cooking is not just about preparing food.  Cooking food is a connection between you and the food and even the culture.  Learning to cook  is about understanding flavors, colors and textures.

Celeste will teach you several key skills to help you rise from a novice in the kitchen to a home cook who can take charge in the kitchen, and can make any type of dish to impress your family while in quarantine.



Startup Library online cooking classes


Learn At Your Own Pace

With Startup Library: Cooking, you watch the cooking classes on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Have you been working from home, due to Covid-19?  Are you swamped helping your kids with school work and no time for yourself.

You can watch the online cooking classes with Chef Celeste Rogers on your own time 24/7.  You can rewind and repeat lessons until you master the technique.

learn to cook at your own pace

Benefits of Startup Library: Cooking

Are you a newbie in the kitchen, or you want to improve your cooking skills?

  • The importance of stocks and sauces as the foundation for your meals, and how to make them.
  • Must have kitchen tools and appliances for meal preparation, including slow cooking and pressure cooking.
  • Simple and perfect grains as the base or side dish for your meal.
  • Celeste breaks down the different types of pots, and how to choose the right pot for the job.
  • Learn techniques to create the perfect poached eggs.
  • How to master frying and roasting to create the perfect meal.

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Who is Celeste Rogers

with Celeste Rogers

Celeste Rogers is a chef, recipe developer, food writer and a Food Network “Chopped” champion. While in medical school, Celeste decided her real passion was cooking.  She left medical school for the Culinary Institute of America and has been a professional chef for over 10 years now.

Celeste honed her culinary skills at America’s Test Kitchen, where her work appeared in such notable destinations such as, Cook’s Illustrated magazine, NPR radio and various TV cooking shows.  She has appeared in various cookbooks and ad campaigns.  The true test of her cooking prowess came when she appeared on and ultimately became a Food Network “Chopped” champion.

You can check out her food blog here.


Truly Affordable Online Cooking Classes

Startup Library: Cooking online cooking classes offers two amazingly affordable payment options, so now you have no excuse not to learn how to improve your cooking skills.  While you’re home in quarantine you can watch reruns of Chips or Let’s Make a Deal while you eat a bag of Doritos, or you can learn to make that special dinner, but didn’t think you were capable.  The only thing stopping you is you!

  • The Annual Plan is normally $79.99, which is affordable enough, but due to many people at home due to the pandemic, Bluprint has slashed the annual membership by 50% for the first year  to just $39.99!


  • You can also choose the monthly plan for just $7.99 per month.  Seriously!  That’s less than the Frappe you’re probably slurping down right now, while you watch Officer Poncharelo.


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