15 Delicious & Healthy Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

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Do you think black coffee is the only way you can consume healthy coffee? With these delicious coffee recipes you can make different types of delicious coffee drinks, right? So isn’t it a healthier choice if those cups contain just black coffee with no sugar, milk, creamer, etc.? On that note, let us tell you that healthy habits and delicious taste don’t necessarily have to be mortal enemies.

There are plenty of ingredients that so many coffee lovers out there add to their most favorite beverage that they drink on a daily basis. And these ingredients don’t even give you any sugar rush.

So if we have managed to ruffle some coffee feathers here, then you may want to take a look at our top healthy coffee recipes below…


15 Delicious & Healthy Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home


  1. Cinnamon Mocha Coffee

It’s a simple blend of hot chocolate and fresh-brewed coffee that contains just 2 grams of fat. And if you really want to dial down some calories, then we recommend skipping the whipped cream and sugar.

  1. Vanilla Almond Coffee

Why not add some flavor to your black coffee with the infusion of vanilla and almond extract? This delicious, easy recipe recipe offers just 4 calories. Plus, it demands no amount of sugar to taste good – the deliciousness is inevitable.

  1. Homemade Latte

make latte at home

Starbucks is expensive, and you have to make that extra effort to get there. Also, it’s not necessarily a healthier choice, right? So how about preparing your very own delicious, strong, and rich homemade latte.

These delicious coffee recipes are very simple, even for beginners. You can use just about any milk, this includes skim milk, almond milk, etc.

  1. Honey Spiced Latte

The name of the coffee drink immediately brings to mind a creamy texture and rich flavor being devoured first thing in the morning on a chilly day.

Replace heavy cream with regular milk. Then there are ingredients like honey and molasses that add the indulgent sweetness you crave from your coffee beverages.

  1. Iced Skinny Hazelnut Latte

In comparison to coffee shop iced skinny hazelnut latte, this homemade version has got much fewer calories, thus is the healthier option for sure. But how is that? With the help of fat-free milk instead of full-fat milk. And the rich flavor of hazelnut sneakily covers up the difference.

  1. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee recipe

Coffee connoisseurs like us are crazy about bulletproof coffee. After all, the drink contains coconut oil and butter. It’s actually a very popular style of drinking coffee if you’re on a ketogenic diet plan. It’s proof that with no cream or sugar, your coffee can still taste more smooth and less bitter.

  1. Whipped Banana Latte

Wait, what? Banana in your coffee!? Well, believe it or not, it actually tastes very, very delicious. Have you ever had Starbucks Protein-Blended Cold Brew? If yes, then expect just that, but with 50-percent fewer calories of course.

And if you want to be even healthier, then add cocoa powder instead of chocolate syrup and maybe use a sugar substitute.

  1. Scandinavian Coffee

Drink your black coffee like Scandinavians do – with eggs. Once again, this is yet another totally crazy suggestion. And even more so because these coffee recipes  use the eggshells as well. But this secret ingredient works wonders when it comes to transforming ordinary coffee into a well-balanced, richly-flavored beverage.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Cinnamon does indeed add a touch of spice to everything. And it does so without increasing the number of calories. So how about adding some pumpkin spice powder to make your black coffee more flavorful?

  1. Iced Vanilla Latte

If you think there’s anything more refreshing than this while also being a healthier choice, you may just be in the wrong. This cool and caffeinated latte allows you to go dairy-free if you add skim, coconut, or almond milk. You can even ditch the extra calories by using a sugar-free vanilla syrup.

  1. Low Carb Cafe Mocha

almond milk latte

Those having to deal with diabetes just found the perfect, most delicious low-carb coffee recipe to make a part of their daily, healthy diet. You can now savor every bit of caffeine in your coffee without having to increase your carb intake or sugar levels.

Just go with unsweetened, flavored almond milk in case you have lactose intolerance. Along with sugar substitutes.

  1. Frozen Mochaccino

Keep a check on your calories with this homemade version of frozen coffee. Either with espresso or coffee, freeze ice cubes to keep the flavor from getting diluted. Include unsweetened cocoa powder and low-fat milk to dial down the calories even further. And once those cubes are ready, enjoy every bit of your homemade frozen mochaccino.

  1. Gingerbread Spice Coffee

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the holiday season for you to prepare this delicious, low-carb coffee recipe that caffeine lovers are so crazy about at Starbucks. Just switch to something lighter from heavy cream to reduce the fat intake. Either go half and half or use whole milk. Eliminate whipped cream from the top for a healthier yet flavor-packed sipping experience.

  1. Iced Coconut Chai Latte

Did you know that coconut milk is not just a healthier dairy-free alternative but this particular ingredient also has the ability to exaggerate pungent flavors to create a delicious blend? So how about preparing this iced coconut chai latte, but with sugar-free vanilla syrup of course.

  1. Coconut Frappuccino

If you think this recipe is difficult or time-consuming to follow, you’ve got it all wrong. But that’s not even the best part. The most enticing aspect here is that the coffee drink is a suitable choice for all types of diets. The list includes low-carb, dairy-free, gluten-free, diabetic, vegetarian, and vegan.

Just 3 ingredients – banana, coffee, and coconut milk. That’s about it.


I Think We’ve Got Your Health Concerns & Caffeine Cravings Covered!

Coffee just on its own offers plenty of health benefits. It has the capacity to boost memory, physical energy, etc. While also minimizing the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc. But the problem arises when you combine coffee with sugar and creamer. That way, you’re adding extra calories, thus making a healthy drink a bad choice.

So does that mean always drinking your coffee black without any sugar or milk? No, not necessarily. You can always welcome other ingredients and substitutes into your coffee-sipping experience. And we have done a wonderful job of bringing to you some of such best, most delicious, and healthful coffee recipes.


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