360 Cookware Review – You can Turn Your Pot into a Slow Cooker

360 waterless cookware360 Cookware made America by Americraft Cookware in West Bend, Wisconsin is a beautiful line of waterless cookware.

360 Cookware is made from beautiful surgical grade stainless steel.  This allows you to cook healthy meals with little or no water, oil or fat.

This Waterless Cookware uses a revolutionary vapor lock technology.  The dome-shaped lid locks in the food’s natural water and juices once the lid is sealed on the pan.  The food cooks in its own water and juices, that are released during the cooking process, rather than using unhealthy fat or oil.

Since very little oil or water is needed for cooking, you only need to set your burner to medium or medium low setting, which helps you save energy while you cook.

I own the 4 Quart Stock Pot and 4 setting slow cooker base, that turns your 360 Cookware into an amazing 4 Quart Slow Cooker.

This allows you to quickly transform your 360 Waterless Cookware 4 Quart Stock pot from the stove top or oven to a slow cooker.

While most slow cookers are bulky kitchen gadgets, the small compact slow cooker base can be stored anywhere.  This allows you to store your 360 Cookware 4 Quart Stock Pot with your other cookware, and the slow cooker base can be stored with your kitchen nick nacks.


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What is Vapor Technology?


Waterless Cooking

360 Cookware uses Vapor Technology, which is a unique waterless cooking process, that locks in steam and moisture under the domed lid.  This allows food to cook in it’s own liquid and juices.  Waterless cooking allows you to eliminate the use of oil or fat, which promotes healthy low fat cooking.

The domed-shape lid seals in the heat and moisture, and circulates the heat around the food, so the food cooks thoroughly and quickly in it’s own water and juices.  Just a quick turn of the lid before cooking locks in heat and moisture, so the food cooks in its own natural liquids and juices.

Heat is circulated up and around the food, due to the dome shaped lid, which helps cook faster in its own juices and liquids.   With this stainless steel cookware, there is no need for added oil or fat in the pan.  With this cooking technology, heat and moisture are trapped under the lid.

With this exclusive waterless cooking process used by 360 Cookware, you are able to rely on less heat and energy for healthy cooking.  Now you can save energy since you only need to use the low or medium heat setting on your stove top.


Innovative Waterless Cookware generates A Vapor Seal That Perfectly Distributes Temperatures And Re-directs The Natural Moisture Back Into The Food. 


What makes Vapor Technology a revolutionary waterless cooking method?  This is a form of convection cooking, due in part to the unique design of the domed lid, which forms a tight seal around the lip of the pan.  This locks in moisture and circulates the hot air around, under and over the food to cook it faster.




This energy efficient Vapor cooking method creates a low but intense heat that permeates food evenly from the bottom, sides and top, allowing food to cook in its own natural juices without the need for cooking oil or excess water.


360 Cookware Product Features:

  • Heirloom quality
  • Allows you to Cook without use of water or oil
  • Saves energy and time
  • Cladded 3 ply construction
  • 110 Gauge Thicknesss
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty


What is Waterless Cooking

Waterless cooking is healthy cooking process that allows you to cook food without the use of any oil, fat, or even water.  The food cooks in its own juices and water at the medium heat setting.

This cooking method helps you to cook delicious and healthy food while saving money, time, and energy.   The food cooked with waterless cookware retains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and color.  So, it looks colorful and tastes delicious.

Benefits of Vapor Technology

  • Food Cooks in it’s own liquid and juices
  • Lid seals in heat to improve cooking
  • Dome-shaped lid creates convection-cooking process
  • You only need to use the low or medium heat setting
  • Chicken, fish, pork or meat will not stick to the pan.
  • Food does not dry out from too much heat.


With this stainless steel waterless Cookware you get perfectly prepared food every time.  You can now cook chicken breasts or pork chops to juicy perfection, and delicious baked potatoes to fluffy tenderness in a fraction of the time of other stainless steel   cookware, without the need to turn the heat above medium or adding a drop of oil.


Uses Less Energy than Other Cookware


Cookware Energy Comparison Chart


With energy reduction of routinely 200-600% and more, a 360 Cookware set is an easy, effortless way to effectively conserve natural resources and save money, while you prepare delicious and healthy food.


3-Ply Stainless Cookware Set That Needs no Oil

5 Ply Stainless Steel CookwareThe 360 Cookware Tri-Ply stainless steel cookware set, which is made with T-304 surgical stainless steel, has a claded aluminum core and T-400 stainless steel outer shell. 

You see, while stainless steel cookware is beautiful and shiny to look at, by itself stainless steel is a terrible conductor of heat.  Regular stainless steel cookware often heats unevenly with cold and hot spots, so food cooks unevenly.

That is why 3-ply stainless steel cookware contains an aluminum core. Metallurgists discovered that aluminum is a great conductor of heat, but is too soft to be used to make cookware.  The solution?  By sandwiching the superior and efficient heat conductivity of an aluminum core between two pieces of sturdy stainless steel, you end up with the perfect cookware.  3 Ply waterless stainless steel cookware is durable, sturdy, stain and odor resistant and heats the bottom and sides evenly and efficiently for perfect cooking. 

With 3-ply stainless steel cookware, the sides and bottom heat evenly to perfectly cook your food.  360 Cookware goes a step further by adding a dome lid that creates a convection cooking vessel, which circulates heat around the food.  In addition, the bottom of every 360 Cookware piece has a magnetic bottom so it can be used on gas, electric and induction burners.

360 Cookware


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360 Cookware is Oven Safe

360 Cookware is oven safe to 400° F.


Bake on Stove Top

As you know baking in the oven at  350° – 475° F uses a lot of energy, including gas and electricity.

In keeping with desire of Americraft Cookware to develop a line of energy conserving green stainless steel cookware that reduces the use of our precious natural resources, you can actually bake in the 360 Cookware on the stove top using medium to low heat setting.

Riveted on Handles

What are riveted on handles


All pieces of 360 Waterless Cookware are made with ergonomic riveted on stay cool handles that will never fall off or come lose, and are designed to be perfectly balanced to prevent wrist or hand injury when using.


Induction Ready Stainless Steel Cookware

The 360 Stainless Steel Cookware is induction ready cookware.  In keeping with energy efficient cooking, the bottoms of every 360 Cookware piece,  have magnetized bottoms, which makes them compatible for use with induction stove tops, as well as, gas and electric stove tops.


Glassy smooth featureless rectangular cooktop set nearly flush with a kitchen counter


Induction cookware has a magnetic field on the bottom, and the induction burner only turns on when the magnetic field on the burner comes in contact with the magnetic field on the bottom of the cookware.  This cookware was made popular in Europe and is becoming popular in the US.

Induction cooking uses significantly less energy since the burner only turns on when induction ready cookware comes in contact with the induction burner.  This also prevents burns, as only the burner and not the surrounding area get hot.  You can take the pot off and put your hand on the burner, and it will bre cool to the touch.

This unique waterless cookware is perfect for families with small children that like to touch everything in the kitchen.



Can you Buy 360 Cookware Sets or Just Individual Pieces?

360 Cookware Sets


The 360 Waterless Cookware is available here in individual pieces or in the following cookware sets:


You can see the full line of 360 Waterless Cookware Here



Cleans Up is a  Breeze


All 360 Cookware pieces are dishwasher Safe.  There is no need to soak or scrub to remove burnt on food.  Just add a small amount of water and heat.  The burnt food pieces will come lose with a sponge or with a spatula.

You can also apply baking soda and then use a sponge to clean burnt on food particles.


Best stainless steel cookware


Lifetime Warranty

Americraft offers a Lifetime Warranty on all 360 Cookware and 360 Bakeware.   All electrical components are warranted for 2 years.

Since the warranty is logged in their database, keep the original receipt so when you hand down your 360 Waterless Cookware, so your family can enjoy it for their lifetime.

If your Vapor Cookware® is damaged or destroyed by fire, abuse, accident, theft, or natural disaster, all original purchases may be replaced at 50% of the retail price at the time of replacement. A police/fire report, or a letter explaining the accident, must be submitted.



Made in the USA in a Green Certified Plant

You can be proud to support American craftsmanship and American workers when you buy 360 Waterless Cookware, which is proudly made is Westbend, Wisconsin.


What 360 Waterless Cookware customers are saying…

I was so excited to try my new cookware. It’s fantastic. I love the way it cleans up. I was browning chicken breasts for a recipe and accidently over cooked one side and they stuck to the pan. Clean-up was a breeze.
– Amy from Douglasville, GA

I received my saute’ pan ( skillet ) recently . I found it hard to believe that a pan this big could heat so evenly. Thanks for a great American made product.

Reviewed by:Thomas Williams from Laurel, Ms

I am still learning to cook with the 360 Cookware. I tried chicken in it first and cooked it too long or too hot. The next thing I tried was frozen black eyed peas and broccoli with very little water and they turned out great.
– Tonia from Equality, AL


We love cooking eggs in our cookware. But waterless veggies is a close second. Can’t wait to cook lasagna on the stove! Yes, it is easy to take care of.

– Tina from Warrenton, MO


Scrambled eggs (so far) – did not burn them; cooked evenly and cleaned up great!
– Sondra from Bryan, OH


All I can say about the pots is simply amazing.
– Theresa from Bronx, NY




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