5 Benefits of Cooking with 100% Pure Ceramic Cookware?

Xtrtema ceramic cookware

There are two types of ceramic cookware, pure ceramic cookware and ceramic coated cookware.

Let’s be clear, ceramic coated cookware is not real ceramic cookware.

Pure ceramic cookware, like Xtrema Cookware, is made from just clay and water.  Ceramic-coated cookware is a cheap imitation that is basically an aluminum pan coated with a synthetic ceramic material.

I recently received an Xtrema 12″ ceramic skillet from Ceramcor.  In my inspection I was impressed with the quality and construction of this pure ceramic skillet.


X Benefits of Cooking with 100% Pure Ceramic Cookware


1.  How is Ceramic Cookware Made

This green cookware is made with just two ingredients, clay and water. The clay is poured into a mould that has the shape of the pan and handle, and firing it in a kiln at over 1,000 degrees F. There is no metal attached to the pan in pure ceramic cookware. The process Xtrema uses to make pure ceramic cookware is a complex 18 day process, and each pan is inspected after each process.

Ceramic coated cookware is made by coating an aluminum pan in a synthetic ceramic material.  Real ceramic will last for years, while ceramic coated cookware has a 3 – 5 year lifespan.

2. Handle is part of the pan

pure ceramic skillet

If your ceramic pan has a metal handle, it is not pure ceramic.  With a pure ceramic skillet, like the Xtrema Ceramic skillet, the handle is actually part of the pan itself.

It is not attached with screws or other materials.  With a ceramic-coated pan, the handle is made from metal and is attached to the pan with screws or rivets.


3. Pure Ceramic Cookware Can Handle Extreme Heat

Pure ceramic cookware can handle extreme temperatures, over 1,000 degrees F.  While most home cooks will never need to cook food at such extreme temps, this cookware is designed for the extremes of home kitchens and professional kitchens alike.

Most aluminum cookware can only handle temperatures up to 450 degrees F.  This cookware would melt at the temperatures pure ceramic cookware can handle.

Below you will see the recipe (including pictures) that I made using the Xtrema Ceramic 12″ skillet.

Cooking with real ceramic cookware is a little different than cooking with ceramic coated cookware, or other types of PFOA-Free non stick cookware.

Most other types of ceramic cookware start with aluminum cookware, then it is coated with a synthetic ceramic coating typically made from inorganic minerals, such as silicon and oxygen, in a process that creates a hard non stick cooking surface.

How can you tell if you are using real ceramic cookware vs ceramic coated cookware, when they are all marketed as “ceramic cookware” ?


4. Does Not Contain PFOA

Pure ceramic cookware is 100% free of  PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid).  This is a potentially toxic material applied to cookware to give it a non-stick coating. If the PFOA coating can become cracked or liquefied due to extreme heat,  can lead to health issues.


How to Cook with Real Ceramic Cookware?


  • With many types of cookware, you heat up the pan first, then add the oil and then the food to be cooked.  With real ceramic cookware, you need to put the oil in when the pan is cold and let the oil warm up as the pan heats up.
  • When using a ceramic skillet, always use low to medium heat.  It is recommended never to use high heat.
  • Heat the skillet on low, then turn up the heat to medium after the ceramic skillet is hot.
  • You can heat water in a ceramic saucepan on high.
  • Ceramic cookware is not non-stick, so you may need to periodically add a bit more oil to prevent food from sticking to the skillet.
  • Never use metal utensils in a ceramic skillet to prevent scratching.  It is recommended to use wood or silicone utensils


My Healthy Fried Rice in a Ceramic Skillet?


What is healthy fried rice?  In this version of fried rice, I use caulirice, which is rice made from cauliflower, which is a healthy alternative to grain-based rice.

You can make the caulirice yourself, or you can find caulirice, also called riced cauliflower, in the freezer section of your local grocery store.


1. Heat up oil in skillet

Xtrema ceramic cookware








2.  Add vegetables and cook for 3 minutes

cooking with ceramic cookware







3.  Add caulirice and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often to combine ingredients and heat through.

making caulirice








4.  Add eggs to rice and stir breaking up egg into small pieces.

making caulirice








5. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce or liquid aminos (which is a healthier alternative to soy sauce), and stir well to combine.

cooking with ceramic skillet








For this recipe I made the eggs in a separate pan, then added them to my rice dish.

Here is a video on how to make an omelette in an Xtrema Ceramcor skillet.


Learn more about Xtrema Cookware Here


You can learn more about Xtrema cookware, how it is made, why it is the real green cookware from the dawn of mankind, and finally you can read my Xtrema Cookware Review and find out how you can purchase your own set of Xtrema Ceramic Cookware.


Ken Weiss


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