Paleo Diet: 6 Shocking Things That Happen to Your Body

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The Paleo Diet has been coined the term “caveman diet” and has been making rounds for its popularity in the world of health and fitness.

The idea behind the paleo diet is plain and simple: you can only eat foods that are available during the caveman era–whatever you can hunt for, or find sparingly in the wilderness (of the grocery aisle, that is)–is available for consumption.

Processed foods, such as grains, starches, refined sugar and unhealthy fats are not permitted.

A lot of people may have misconceptions about the Paleo Diet, and before we get into its benefits, it is important to bust out some myths:

Some misconceptions about the Paleo Diet




Myth # 1: Paleo Diet is a short-term weight loss program

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Fact # 1: Paleo Diet is more of a lifestyle adaptation.  Some people would get into this ‘fad

mindset’ and dive right in to the Paleo Diet without understanding what it really is. The result of that is a yo-yo weight loss and gain, minimal results, and even entirely giving up the Paleo diet.

As someone who may be new to Paleo, understand that it is more of a lifestyle adaptation. This means that instead of targeting 1-2 week weight loss programs that have results appearing as short as the programs themselves, we are looking into adapting a Paleo lifestyle. This means that we commit to avoiding the food choices restricted from the Paleo Diet and sticking to those which are allowed. When we do this as a consistent day-to-day choice, the results become more permanent.



Myth # 2: Paleo Diet is difficult to do


Fact # 2: Paleo Diet is in fact, easy to do


Since you have lesser (yet healthier) choices of food, you can spend less time thinking about what you will buy once you go to the grocery store.

Additionally, since some food items, especially the vegetables can be eaten fresh, there is lesser time for preparation.

Processed foods, refined sugar and unhealthy fats are out, which makes shopping easier, since they are eliminated from the diet.

Meats can be cooked simply with basic seasonings, and fruits can also be consumed as they are.

Furthermore, when we remove these misconceptions about the Paleo Diet, we can understand its benefits more.



6 Shocking Things That Happen to Your Body When You Start the Paleo Diet



1. Natural Weight Loss

Consumption of proteins and natural fats can improve one’s ability to feel full. Therefore, you can have lesser amounts of food but still keep your energy optimized and your hunger at bay. When this happens, natural weight loss occurs.

The reason why some people gain weight is because they consume “empty calories” or foods that don’t make them feel full yet they contain large amounts of calories. Paleo diet avoids these empty calories altogether.



2. Improved Digestion

The body tends to digest whole foods better than processed ones. The consumption of natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables also aid in digestion.

As a result, once you begin the Paleo diet, you will avoid constipation, and will have regular bowel movements as opposed to digestion problems associated a high amount of processed food diet.

People with food allergies or autoimmune issues, often find relief when they switch from a diet laden with processed foods and refined sugars and fats, to a natural grain and fat-free diet.



3. Muscle Gain

When you allocate more of your food consumption into protein-rich sources such as meat, fish and poultry, this will increase your body’s amino acids which in turn develops your muscle.

Whether you are athletic or not, having an increased muscle mass will improve your body’s overall strength and endurance. Not to mention, it will also help in metabolism, since muscles are able to utilize energy more efficiently in the body.



4. Improved Skin Complexion

Refined sugars with high glycemic levels are linked to the presence of acne flare-ups. When we take sugars naturally present in food such as in fruits and their organic juices, we don’t take refined sugars that cause acne.

This results to a clearer skin with less presence of blackheads and infected whiteheads.


5. Improved Dental Health

Another bad consequence of refined sugars is the presence of cavities and tooth decay. When we go through Paleo Diet, refined sugars are eliminated, therefore strengthening our teeth’s capacity to preserve its enamel.



6. Decrease in Stress Levels

The magnesium, vitamin C and omega-3 found in fresh vegetables, fruits and fish are known to reduce stress levels in our bodies. When we take in foods that are rich in these substances, we help our bodies cope with stress compared to nutrient-sparse processed foods.



Author Bio

Dennis Scott Carruthers is a known professional writer and photographer who has a passion for the Paleo Lifestyle. He adapted the Paleo Diet in his early adult years, due to his interest in health and culinary arts.

At present, he is advocating the Paleo Lifestyle and its benefits in order to help those who want to achieve their health goals.

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