7 Best Magnetic Knife Holders of 2018

A chef or home cook who knows their way in the kitchen would always have a trusty knife holder, to keep their knifes at their immediate disposal to cut, chop or mince the ingredients while preparing delicious meals.

In order for the knife to retain its sharpness, reliability and durability, it must be stored properly and not just placed in a kitchen drawer or on the table.

This is where a magnetic knife holder comes into play.


Advantages of Magnetic Knife Holders

The common wooden block knife holder has a major disadvantage. They are a breeding ground for bacteria as water and food remnants gather from the knife blades. They also tend to take up counter space.

With a with magnetic knife holders, you won’t encounter those problems  because of the following reasons:


  • Exposure

Knives stored on a magnetic knife strip, the knives are exposed to open air and are able to dry quickly. This retards bacterial growth and prevents dirt and molds from living on the metal or on the magnets.

Consequently, light exposure provides an additional source of bacteria resistance.


  • Saves Storage Space

The magnetic knife holders keep the knives in sight and off the counter, allowing you to save drawer space and have a larger work area, especially when cooking.


  • Saves Time

A knife holder saves time because you can easily spot and grab the exact knife you need, which will allow you to prepare ingredients faster compared to wasting a few minutes looking for the appropriate knife.


  • Very Affordable and with Good Quality

Most magnetic knife holders are priced competitively which can be very ideal for any kitchen because of their lasting resistance and durability.


  • Provides protection for your knives

A magnetic knife holder provides an organized way of storing your knives, and at the same time protecting their steel from the dreaded rust that lead to dulling. They keep the knife blades sharp and aligned longer that you don’t have to sharpen and align them every


The Most Recommended Knife Holders

We hope to assist you in getting the best magnetic knife holder that would fit your kitchen needs so we have listed 7 of the best magnetic knife holders that you can purchase online to avoid the hassle of going to a physical store.


1.    Ouddy Magnetic Knife Bar

magnetic knife strip

The Ouddy magnetic knife holder is made from top quality stainless steel, with a powerful magnet.

Its sleek and modern space-saving design saves valuable countertop and workbench space.  It can hold most metal objects and tools.

The stainless steel construction of the Ouddy knife holder makes it corrosive-resistant,  that adds protection for your knives.

It can even attach to your refrigerators if you opt not to drill on your walls. It comes in different lengths at 13”, 16”, and 22 inches depending on your preference.

The brand also guarantees a full refund should you feel unsatisfied with the product so there’s no worrying about its reliability.

You might opt to attach it on a wall and not on the refrigerator since consumers reported sliding off after a while. We recommend that you use it with non-heavy knives and other tools.




  • Unique, sleek design
  • Magnet weakens over time
  • Available in variable lengths (13”, 16”, 22”)
  • Limited lifetime warranty


2.     Norpro 24-inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

Norpro Magnetic knife strip

While holding your utensils within your reach, the Norpro 24-inch magnetic knife tool bar also saves space in your kitchen.

The cypress wood at the back makes attachment to walls easy with its screws.

There are two magnet strips that run alongside the wooden material that can hold any regular knife.

These are two extra- strength magnetic strips that have firm grips on the cutlery while providing easy release when they are needed.

This is also ideal for kitchen gadgets, keys and other tools made with metal. There are available screws on the bar to make it easy to attach. It can be attached to surfaces like walls and cabinets.

The only downside to this is that the magnetic strips are unable to hold heavy cleavers and large handle knives so it would be wise to keep large tools at bay.

Cleaning might also be an issue from time to time due to the wooden frame so we recommend that this be mounted on a place that’s usually cool and dry.




  • Aesthetic wooden finish
  • Cannot hold heavy utensils and cleavers
  • Strong magnetic grip with easy release
  • Due to its wooden frame, it might be difficult to clean and maintain


3.  Culina Magnetic 12” Knife Holder

Culina Magnetic 12” Knife Holder

The Culina Magnetic 12” Knife Holder  has a length of 12 inches and a width of 2 inches and has enough surface area to contact with any type of knife in your kitchen.

The metallic hold lets you use the strip to store knives, as well as, other metallic kitchen tools, gardening shears and other crafts.

This magnetic knife holder is suitable for utilitarian, professional, home or daily use. The magnetic bar can accommodate a full set of knives while keeping reasonable space between each item. Large or small tools stay in place and can be easily removed from the rack when lifted.

It has easy-to-follow mounting procedures and includes the necessary screws and anchors for that DIY feel. It also has a wooden backend as an accent to complement the kitchen.

An ideal spot for this would be far from the kitchen sink or from any area that can be prone to moisture so as not to damage the wood and not make it moldy. It is ideal that the knives or tools you hang should be wiped dry before being hanged onto the holder.




  • Holder is long enough to accommodate a lot of knives and tools
  • A bit difficult to clean and maintain if not placed in a cool and dry area
  • Easy to mount on walls or cabinets with comprehensive instructions
  • Can be used with other types of tools like screwdrivers, saws, etc.



4.    RSVP Endurance Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar, 10”

RSVP knife holder


RSVP Endurance Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar has a simplistic design that includes a magnet across the entire surface to provide a secure hold for any kitchen knife or metal utensil.

In terms of its magnetic ability, there are no dead-spots on the knife bar, and it can hold other types of metal tools like scissors, T-squares, hand saws, etc. The mounting hardware allows you to place it anywhere you want.

This magnetic knife bar is finished in satin stainless steel to provide a beautiful look that will match any decor. It is constructed with 18/8 stainless steel that allows it to maintain its shiny, smooth surface over a long period of time.

It is only available at 10” which can be short for some who would need to use it for a lot of kitchen tools and gadgets and who would prefer a longer holder but to be honest, it isn’t much of a downer as long as it can be used for its intended purpose.




  • Has a very simple and modern design that matches any kitchen
  • Only available in one length which is 10”
  • No magnetic dead-spots
  • Constructed with premium stainless steel that is expected to last for a long period of time


5.   Kurouto Kitchenware Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

 Kurouto Kitchenware Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder 

If you fancy a wooden finish with excellent magnetic strength then Kurouto Kitchenware Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder will be the right one for you.

Its wooden design complements any type of kitchen so you don’t have to worry about it messing up your decor.

It has strong rare-earth magnets embedded in the wood that allow even largest knives to hang safely and securely.

This wood knife holder also helps free countertop space, and helps you do away with bulky knife blocks that dull your knives.

This wood knife strip is made from premium walnut hardwood which will never rust and the magnets will never lose their hold on the knives as they are built to last long.

It has easy-to-follow mounting instructions along with mounting templates and other hardware that can be used in a multitude of surfaces.

This American-made holder is inspired by Japanese craftsmanship which is ideal in placing your valued kitchen tools and gadgets. On a side note, the Japanese word, “Kuruoto” means professional or expert which is what the brand stands for.




  • Hardwood finish
  • Priced higher compared to other metal holders
  • Strong magnetic grip
  • Easy mounting instructions complete with proper mounting hardware



6.   Conixi Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet

Conixi Magnetic Knife Holder

The Conixi Magnetic Knife Holder is the perfect kitchen accessory if you have a small counter space,  where you can display your elegant knives, then, this knife holder from Coninx is the best choice.

It is made out of all natural bamboo wood, which is easy to clean that easily complements any type of knife that you treasure.

This Conixi knife holder has a powerful magnet embedded into the wood block that holds them at place.

This also comes with a lifetime guarantee o you’re covered in case you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product.

The block is good for those knives under 9” since longer than that may be unsafe for it exposes that blade.

When you remove the knife, it takes a little dexterity and finesse so that it will not tip over since the the magnet is strong.

Its base is small which may have some stability issues.  This is more of a kitchen accessory than a workbench hanger since it looks more like the traditional knife holder.




  • Looks like a traditional knife block holder
  • May tip over when you’re taking out a knife or two due to the strong magnet
  • Made from natural bamboo wood
  • Recommended length of knives would be up to 9″
  • Doesn’t take up too much space



7.   Unique Effects 18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

Unique Effects Magnetic Knife Holder

The Unique Effects magnetic knife holder is made with two magnetic, 1-inch bars of stainless steel that horizontally stretch at a length of 18 inches.

This 18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder is an elegantly looking piece.

It is tarnish-resistant so it won’t rust or corrode while keeping your blades safe.

It also includes 6 stainless steel hooks that are adjustable to slide in position where you want them, and are removable.

It is great for storing your commonly used utensils, tools and gadgets not just in the kitchen but also in any work area.  This looks like the basic kitchen attachment in a restaurant and provides the best functionality.

A word of caution though, when hanging other items, it is best you place them at the side of the holder and not in between the knives to prevent any accident that might happen.




  • Stretches up to 18” so you can hand and place most of your kitchen utensils
  • It might be difficult to find a place for it due to its length
  • Has removable steel hooks
  • Allows you to organize your knives and kitchen utensils

Knife Holder Comparison Chart


Here’s a summary of the knife holders mentioned above, and their unique features that make them stand out.


ProductLengthMaterialUnique feature
Ouddy Magnetic knife bar16”Stainless steelFlexible to customer preferences due to its availability in different lengths.
Norpro 24-inch magnetic knife tool bar24”Wood and magnetic  stripsHas 2-extra strength magnetic strips that have a strong grip and easy release.
Culina Magnetic Knife holder 12”12”Wood and magnetic bandsHas strong magnetic hold complete with mounting mechanisms for easy installation that saves space.
RSVP Endurance Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar, 10”10”Stainless SteelExcellent magnetic capacity with a satin finish.
Kurouto Kitchenware Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder16”Stainless Steel and Walnut woodSmooth wooden finish with no magnetic dead-spots.
Magnetic Knife Holder with Powerful Magnet by Coninx8.5”Bamboo woodElegant-looking knife block that is sturdy and strong.
Unique Effects 18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder18”Stainless SteelEasy to install with 6 utensil hooks as bonus.

Things to Consider when Buying Magnetic Knife Holders?


Before buying your very own magnetic knife holder, let me provide some important points that you need to consider to get the best one for you and your kitchen.

1.        Material

As you may have observed, a magnetic knife holder can be made from a variety of materials. These variations allow you choose from numerous designs that would match your preferences.

·         Stainless Steel

It has steel that provides tarnish-free characteristic while wood offers a more natural look and provides better protection for the knife since it will not create a dent when accidentally attaching it too hard on the holder.

·         Plastic

Hard plastics are also used as buffer for magnetic kitchen utensil holders. They can also be molded and covered to look like wood. They are easy to clean and maintain although they may also get easily broken so they’re not very common.

Plastics may be considered as a component at the base since it is sturdy enough to be mounted on a wall as well as resist cracking.

·         Wood

Wood is an elegant material as it has this rustic, natural look. Wood is one of the most common materials used for magnetic holders as they are easily maintained as long as they are placed in a cool and dry area.


2.       Magnetic Capacity and Strength

Another point to consider is the magnet used.  If the magnet is spread is wide then it has more contact with the knife and will hold it in place more.

If it is made out of strips, then it should be more than one.  Also consider if there are dead-spots in the magnet.

You can check this by gently applying a metal object on all section and feel which area has the weakest pull.  The area may be a dead spot in the long run.


3.        Mounting Mechanisms

The attachments may also come into play when you are limited as to how to place it in your kitchen.  Strong adhesives are important for conditions that do not allow drilling through walls.

If you’re find with drilling holes, then the appropriate length of screws with its tox (plastic attachment of screw) is important.


4.        Design

A modern kitchen needs a modern holder made up of stainless steel whereas a rustic kitchen needs a wooden holder or maybe a magnetic knife block.

Most magnetic holders have very simple designs as it is more important to take note of the functionality instead of its appearance although what makes a good product is having the best of both worlds.


5.         Length or Dimensions

If you are trying to organize a wide array of knives and other utensils, then the best options are the longer magnetic knife holders.

For heavier utensils, consider a knife block or with dimensional widths of 2 inches or more which provides a better hold.  Additional hanging options can be a good choice too.

6.         Price

The cost of these magnetic knife holders have almost the same range.  It is a safe estimate that you should get the most out of your money if it does not exceed forty dollars for a 16 to 20 inch long holder.

Always look into the materials used and the reliability of the company to provide refunds if  you need it.  Note that cheaper options are not always the best options.


7.           Warranty Information

You might also like to look into the benefits the manufacturers are offering like lifetime warranty or money-back guarantees.

Just make sure that you keep the original packing and receipts of the product so that they can easily validate your purchase and issue a full refund or exchange.


Our Top Choice


We would strongly recommend the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Bar since most kitchens have a lot of utensils and knives essential for baking and cooking and its varied lengths can be perfect for other work areas.

Our second pick would be the Norpro 24-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar, since it can complement any type of kitchen or countertop.

This is due to its smooth wooden finish that doesn’t rust and doesn’t lose its magnetic strength, since it has 2 extra strength magnetic strips that hold knives and various metallic utensils. Actually, all of the products on our list are considered dependable products

So there you have it, the 7 best magnetic knife holders available in Amazon today. Whatever your choice is, as long as you think it is the best for you then the product’s mission is accomplished.


Author Bio:


EL Mehdi Zefzoufi is the founder of Desired Cuisine, a community geared towards sharing insights and interests regarding kitchen and dining ideas around the world.

Our goal is to make the world a better place through sharing our ideas on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering helpful tips and recipes and also by giving a list of products that are safe and are of good quality

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