12 Benefits of Ceramic Cookware you may have never thought of.


Benefits of Ceramic Cookware

When people are looking to buy new affordable cookware, the most frequent choice is tried and true non stick cookware, stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum, but few think of ceramic cookware sets as a first choice; hopefully that thinking will change.  While non-stick and metal cookware have been the most popular types of cookware for nearly 50 years, and the manufacturers tout the benefits of the advances in manufacturing cookware with these metals, they rarely discuss the risks.

With the push in our society to grow natural foods that are free of chemicals or pesticides and GMOs, we rarely ask about the products we use to cook the food in?  What are the potential health risks of cooking with these products?  The makers of ceramic cookware sets, like Xtrema Cookware, are asking the same questions, like what is best ceramic cookware?

The founder of Xtrema spent over 20 years with Corning, the  maker of Pyrex, and when he was approached by a company that made a new ceramic cookware set line to help introduce their product to the world, he saw the benefits of ceramic cookware in the kitchen and also as the best green cookware free of chemicals and toxins.

Due to the various potential health risks of non-stick cookware, metal cooking pans and anodized cookware that are becoming known, ceramic cookware has become a popular alternative in the last few years.

Ceramic cookware is actually the oldest known type of cookware that pre dates modern civilization, and is the original green cookware made predominantly with clay and water, along with other minerals to further harden the materials and add color.


Here are 12  Benefits of Ceramic Cookware Sets you may want to consider:


  • Ceramic cookware is naturally non stick.
  • Ceramic cookware can withstand temperatures up to 2000° F, hot enough to melt metal cookware.
  • Ceramic can be used on all heating surfaces, including a microwave oven.
  • Cooking surface of ceramic cookware heats up evenly for perfect cooking.
  • Does not contain toxic PFOA or PTFE (common chemical compounds used to make non-stick coating) or other metals.  While iron is a trace metal that is vital for human health, other metals like nickel and copper are not, which can leach into your food.
  • Ceramic cookware is a naturally hard and durable substance and does not use an acid product that hardens soft metals, like aluminum into a hard surface.
  • Ceramic coating is cadmium free.
  • Ceramic cookware is Easy to clean with any cleaning product, including scouring pads or steel wool, which will scratch or damage any other type of cookware.
  • The handle is part of the clay material, so it is not riveted on or attached with screws that can come loose, while riveted on handles will not come off, the metal prevents use in a microwave oven.
  • Ceramic is very sturdy and is scratch resistant.
  • Make sure the ceramic cookware is made from 100% inorganic ceramic materials, and not ceramic coating over a metal base.
  • Ceramic cookware is affordable for any budget.



You can Learn more about Xtrema Ceramic Cookware here, and discover for yourself why this is the best green cookware.



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