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Who doesn’t like Belgian Waffles?  If you have had a Belgian waffle or even better, had the opportunity to make your own Belgian waffle at a hotel or at home, then you know how delicious this treat is.  With young kids in the house, making Belgian waffles is great to turn a boring dinner into Breakfast for Dinner! With savory and sweet Belgian Waffle recipes, this once breakfast or brunch-only dish has been elevated to being served for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

One night we couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, and my daughter asked if we could make breakfast for dinner.  At first my reaction was waffles are for breakfast, but then reconsidered.  We made a fun family dinner of Belgian waffles, eggs, and sausage.  The kids love when we have Breakfast for Dinner, and this has become one of the kids’ favorites.  Yes, they still like Belgian Waffles for breakfast, too.

Belgia vahvel

If you don’t have a Belgian Waffle Maker, click here to check out my review of Best Belgian Waffle Maker on the market today, and the one we use in our house.


Easy Belgian Waffle Recipes

If you have a Belgian Waffle Maker, but find the recipes too hard or time-consuming, no need to fret.  Here are easy Belgian Waffle recipes that are easy healthy breakfast recipes anyone can master.  If you are all about convenience when cooking, just buy a good pancake mix at the store, as most also include a recipe for waffles.



Age Appropriate Rolls

kids cooking article

Now that the kids are 12 and 9, they are starting to play a bigger role in preparing the dinner menu.  This is an important and fun way to teach kids how to cook, and learn about nutrition.  With Type 2 Diabetes in kids reaching epidemic levels, we try to make easy breakfast recipes that healthy and nutritious meals at home, and only eat out once in a while.  This helps both the waist line and the pocket book.

Each kid has an an age-appropriate role.  My older daughter likes to mix the ingredients and pour the batter into the waffle iron, and my younger daughter likes to make the eggs. Since this involves heat and fire, these jobs requires parental supervision.

By having them help when we make breakfast for dinner, we are also teaching the kids how to read recipes, and make math fun by learning ratios in a fun and practical way.  I have them measure out the ingredients, by reading out the measurements asked in the recipe, using a measuring spoon or measuring cup, and mixing the ingredients.


By having the kids help you cook, especially age appropriate easy breakfast recipes you can anytime of the day, they are learning vital life skills, including:

  • cooking
  • how to read a recipe
  • learning measurements
  • sharing
  • cooperating together

The next time you can’t decide what to make for dinner, forget the chicken, pasta or burgers and try something new and fun, and make breakfast for dinner tonight.


Happy Cooking!


Ken Weiss

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