Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids


Each year as Thanksgiving approaches, families begin to start planning a menu and deciding who will make the dishes. In addition to eating the Thanksgiving meal, kids usually love to help cook the Thanksgiving dinner, as it provides them with a great deal of satisfaction, and allows your kids to be able to joyfully point to the dishes on the table they helped make.  Since working in the kitchen requires using knives, a hot oven, and open flame on the stove, cooking with kids may requite finding an age appropriate role or dish for kids to help with is important. This way your kids can help in the kitchen to make this or any family dinner meal, and learn the joy of cooking, but more importantly to stay safe.  Nothing will ruin a fun kid and parent time in the kitchen than a bad burn.

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Home-made Cranberry Sauce

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This is a delicious and sweet twist on the classic cranberry sauce from a can we all grew up with, which is an easy Thanksgiving recipe your kids can make.  There is no use of knives, open flame or the oven, so this is an easy Thanksgiving recipe for kids that even small children can help make.

What do you need –

2 cans of whole cranberry cranberry sauce

1 large can of Mandarin Orange slices with liquid

1 cup of sugar (add if mandarin oranges syrup is sugar free


Add both cans of cranberry sauce to a large bowl.  Using a fork, break up cranberry sauce.

Add can of Mandarin orange slices and sugar to the bowl.

Mix cranberry sauce, Mandarin oranges and sugar well.


Here are a few other favorite Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids






These are Two of The Best Cook Books with Easy Recipes for Kids to Make


As a stay at home dad, I do most of the cooking for my family, so here are my favorite easy thanksgiving recipes for kids that kids of all ages will love to make, are fun and safe, and will make for awesome bonding time with your kids.

If you are letting your kids help with complicated recipes, the best thing is to give them tasks, like gathering ingredients, measuring a pouring ingredients into mixing bowls, or mixing with a spoon, fork or wisk.  If your kids ask for recipes that they can make, then here are two great Kids Cook Books that have tons of easy recipes you kids will love to make, and the only role for parents is putting the dish in the oven, or heating on the stove.

Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cooking.   This cookbook is designed for your older kids age 7 – 15

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Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook. This cookbook is designed for your younger kids age 5 – 10.

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