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Flirty Aprons makes stylish high quality and well constructed chefs aprons for women, men and children, with cute, sassy and sexy designs and prints, so you will look and feel your best while cooking in the kitchen .

Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, washing dishes, crafting, barbecuing, gardening, washing the dog or even washing the car, who said you can’t look hot, hunky or sexy, while you’re staying clean?

Now you can with these stylish cooking aprons.

The good folks at Flirty Aprons sent me one of their stylish men’s aprons to check out, and use while cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, so I could write an unbiased review.

Since I do most of the cooking for my family, as a stay at home dad, having a stylish and manly apron to wear while cooking or barbecuing, is a great way to keep my clothes clean, especially since I am not always the neatest cook.



Where did Flirty Aprons Come from?


Flirty Aprons was born out of a desire, or maybe passion is a better word, to create fun, cute and even sexy chefs aprons for women to bring out their inner beauty while cooking in the kitchen.

But, it wasn’t just a desire to create cute aprons with whimsical designs to help women feel cute or sexy while covered in flour, they also wanted to create a high quality industrial-grade product from durable materials that could stand the test of time, and offer years of use without falling apart, or stitching coming out, or the ends fraying, like you often find with cheaply made aprons.

Keeping up with the times, Flirty Aprons branched out from just making aprons for women, and now offers a full line of aprons for men, and the cutest aprons and bibs for children.


Not Just Boring White Kitchen Aprons


Flirty Aprons offers the basic solid pattern kitchen aprons, if that’s what you want?  If you’re feeling a little flirty or sassy, or maybe even a little naughty,  Flirty Aprons features designs and patterns  for women that are fun and flattering, while still functional.

For men, Flirty Aprons offers full length men’s cooking aprons with designs and colors that fit your guy’s personality, while keeping his clothes clean while he cooks.


Flirty Aprons didn’t forget tweens and kids, with apron designs that are cute and darling and as functional as aprons for the big kids, too.

Don’t you wish you had a toddler bib for kids that make eating an olympic sport, which covered the full front to protect their clothes from being covered in food.


Sturdy construction


Don’t you hate those cheap aprons made with thin materials that tear easily, and stitching that comes apart almost as soon as you put it on, or lasts just a few times before it ends up in the trash?

Flirty Aprons for Men      Flirty Aprons



You won’t have this frustrating problem with these well constructed Flirty Aprons chefs aprons.  They are made with thick, industrial grade 100% cotton and double sided stitching that won’t come apart,  so your Flirty Apron will give you years of use.

There is stitching along the edges on the top, sides and bottom, to prevent tears, fraying or loose strings you often find with cheaply made aprons that use thin material or poor construction quality.

The men’s aprons come in one size to fit both men and women of all sizes and shapes, with extra long ties in the back.  Some designs have a long tie around the neck, or has an adjustable loop so you can adjust your apron for the perfect fit.


Comes with Large Pockets


Flirty Aprons









Many of the men’s and women’s Flirty Aprons designs come with large pockets on the front with three compartments to hold a phone, recipe or whatever you need to assist you in the kitchen, or a small side pocket.


Flirty Aprons for Men


Put away your boring white apron and sport one of these full length sturdy Cooking Aprons for men with designs that will fit your image with funny slogans.

With 14 hunky designs, you are sure to find the perfect Flirty Apron for him.





 Click Here to See all the Flirty Aprons for Men.



Flirty Aprons for Women



Flirty Aprons set the standard for cute and sexy women’s cooking aprons that are sure to help you or that special woman in your life look and feel beautiful, cute and sexy in the kitchen.

With over 60 designs, you are sure to find that perfect Flirty Apron!  Check out all the Flirty Aprons here.

 Flirty Aprons


Sexy Flirty Aprons Designs


Flirty Aprons asked, “why can’t women look hot, sultry and sexy while whipping up a dinner, or even making a cake or batch of cookies?”

You’ll make those PTA moms blush with one of these sexy Flirty Aprons designs, or once your guy sees you in one of these sexy aprons, you might be the main dish!

 Flirty Aprons



Check Out All the Flirty Aprons Designs for Women Here




You Can See The Cutest Aprons for Kids and Babies at Flirty Aprons


What kid wouldn’t look just too cute in one of these darling Flirty Aprons for Kids?


Flirty Aprons for kids

Are you the parent of a kid who has made eating an Olympic sport, with more food on or around him than actually in him?

Now with a Flirty Aprons Full length bib, while you can’t always get the food your little darling,  it will stay on his  or her bib to be easily cleaned and won’t ruin their clothes.

 Click Here to See the Full Line of Flirty Aprons Children’s Aprons and Baby Bibs



 Daily Deals


You can check the daily deals on the Flirty Apron website for the daily deal, which includes aprons or accessories offered at significant discount for 24 hours.

Check often as the Flirty Apron Daily Deal changes each day.


Get $30 Worth of Aprons, Bibs, and Kitchen Gloves for just $15 from Flirty Aprons at Groupon.

Get $30 worth of Flirty Aprons products for just $15!  with a Flirty Aprons Groupon Coupon, available HERE, but don’t wait, as there is limited time remaining.

The Groupon coupon code only works for purchases made at the Flirty Aprons website, and not on the website for other retailers that may sell Flirty Aprons.



Return Policy


If for any reason you don’t love your new Flirty Apron, no problem!  You can return it for a full refund.

You just need to follow a few simple instructions, which you can see here in the Returns Policy.





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