How Freshly Meal Delivery Service Compares to The Competition

meal home deliveryFreshly Meal Delivery Service has revolutionized the ready-to-eat high quality meal service, by offering (mostly) healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans.

The meals are made with high quality ingredients, and offer low fat, gluten-free and paleo-approved meals to meet your dietary needs, by offering full-sized restaurant quality meals.

This is an important distinguishing factor from store bought frozen meals, that are often small compared to the high price, include portions are frequently less than satisfying, and are made with poor quality ingredients.

With several meal delivery services entering the market in the last few years, you may be wondering how Freshly is able to distinguish itself in a market that is becoming rapidly congested?

Freshly is designed for busy people, those who are often on the go, and often have irregular work schedules.

Professionals and busy single people frequently don’t have the time to plan, shop for and prepare healthy meals at home or don’t like to cook; yet don’t want to frequently eat expensive restaurant food that can be fattening, or must chow down on cheap and unhealthy fast food.


How does Freshly meal service compare to the competition?


Most prepared ready-to-eat meals found at your grocery store freezer section can often be expensive, sometimes offer unsatisfying small meal portions, and are too often loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

Each Freshly dish is a full-sized meal, so whether you choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t be hungry after you finish your meal.


How Does Freshly Compare to the Competition?  


The meal delivery services, such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated deliver recipes and the needed fresh ingredients to your door, and you prepare the meals yourself, if you have the time and cooking skills.  Freshly, on the other hand, delivers fresh high quality and delicious meals to your door that that you just pop in the microwave and are ready to enjoy in just 2 mins.


There are several companies that deliver prepared meals to your door for diabetics, vegans and those wishing to lose weight.

Freshly offers pre-made meal offerings that meet a variety of diet options, including:

  • Gluten free
  • Paleo-approved
  • Vegan
  • Low Fat


Meal Plan Options and Cost


Freshly offers 4 different meal home delivery plans:

– $49.99 per week
– 4 gourmet meals
– One weekly delivery right to your doorstep.

– $59.99 per week
– 6 gourmet meals
– One weekly delivery right to your doorstep.

– $89.99 per week
– 9 gourmet meals
– One weekly delivery right to your doorstep.

– $107.99 per week
– 12 gourmet meals
– One weekly delivery right to your doorstep.


You can see what meals are ready to be shipped to your door here.  You’ll see a picture of the dish, a list of ingredients and fat contact.


Is Freshly More Expensive Than the Competition?


The Freshly is comparable in weekly and monthly cost to other meal home delivery services, such as BistroMD, Magic Kitchen, Veestro, and Nutrisystem.

The other meal delivery services generally target a specific market, such as:

  • those with dietary restrictions
  • vegetarian
  • vegan diets
  • diabetic
  • Halal or Kosher


In a recent survey in Highlight Reviews, Freshly was voted the best meal service that delivers ready-to-eat meals, with a score of 9.8 out of 10.  The second place company received 9.4 out of 10.

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