How to Make Iced Coffee with a Keurig Machine: Beat the Heat with a Cold Beverage

how to make iced coffee


In this post, you will know how to make iced coffee with a Keurig single cup coffee machine.  It is easy and it does not take an expert to figure out how it is done.  If there is one beverage that most people love, it is probably coffee.

Whether it is in the morning as a great start to a busy day, in the afternoon while having light snacks or during work, or any time of the day, having a cup of coffee is refreshing! It is best enjoyed hot, but during the hotter months, you’ll love it cold.

Want to know how to make iced coffee with Keurig? Read on and learn from the things that will be mentioned in the rest of this post.

It is actually easier than what you might have initially thought. The materials needed are quite basic. You do not need to be a trained barista to prepare a delicious single cup of iced coffee, perfect to beat the heat!


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Iced Coffee with a Keurig Machine


If you have a best Keurig coffee maker for home, chances are, you use it for making hot coffee.  After all, it is what the machine is made for. Nonetheless, as you will learn in this post, you can also use it for a cool and refreshing caffeine fix.

When we want iced coffee, we will probably run to the nearest coffee shop. Everyone complains that Starbucks is overpriced. Yet, it is our go-to place when we want coffee. The good news is that once you have a Keurig at home or in the office, you can make a cheaper version of your drink with the same great taste, or perhaps, even better.


Keurig single cup coffee maker

Ready to make your own coffee? Here are the 5 simple steps that you have to follow:


1. Choose the K-cup variant that you would like to use. The good thing about K-cups is that you can enjoy versatility, providing you with endless choices when it comes to coffee

2. You are now ready to brew. While personal preferences may differ, I would suggest that
you go for a small brew size. If your brewer has it, choose the 4-ounce option. For
maximum flavor, double it up.

3. Once you are finished, add sugar to the cup. The amount of sugar to add will depend on how sweet you want your drink to be.

4. Next, put the coffee in the fridge. Leave it for a few hours. If you want, you can also
leave it in the fridge overnight. Some people might think that an instant way to make it
cold is to pour the coffee directly into ice. This is one thing that you should never do. The
ice will melt in an instant. This is going to dilute the coffee, which will make it taste

5. When you are ready to drink the coffee, add the flavorings that you desire. Coffee, cream,
and chocolate, among others, will make it taste better.

Aside from icing your coffee, you can also consider having it blended. This will be the perfect
way to cool down during a hot day. This will give the coffee a texture that is similar to a
milkshake. All that you have to do is to brew the coffee. Pour it into a container with ice. Be

wary about the amount of ice that you put. Choose the lowest blend setting. For a frothy texture,
add coconut milk. This healthy fat is sure to improve your coffee!


Tips in Making Iced Coffee Using your Keurig


Aside from the steps that have been mentioned above, here are some of the important things that
you have to take into account.


Use Ice Cubes


Earlier, we have mentioned that you should never pour hot coffee directly over ice to avoid
dilution. Brew coffee first. Let it cool down. Once it is already cold, pour it in an ice tray.

Place the tray in the freezer Wait until it is solid. Pour the ice in a mug and add cold water.

Add as much ice as possible and a little water for the drink to be tasty.


Find the Right K-Cup


With K-cups, you will have countless options when it comes to the flavor of your coffee. You have to choose wisely. You can use any variant, but I suggest that you look for one that is stronger. Icing the coffee can make it weaker, which is why it will be better if you choose a flavor that is strong. Buy a variety pack so that you will be able to sample more flavors.


Make your Own Syrup


While there are many flavored K-cups that are available, it will also be a good idea to make your own syrup. Sugar and water will be the base ingredients for your DIY syrup. Depending on the syrup that you want, you can add other ingredients once the water and sugar have boiled. Some of the ingredients that you can add include blueberries, caramel sauce, peppermint extract, or vanilla extract, among others.


Give it a Shake


Shaken or stirred? This is something that you might have been asked when ordering a cocktail.

You can do the same when it comes to your iced coffee. After making coffee out of your Keurig coffee maker, let it cool down. Make sure that it is strong enough. Pour in a cocktail shaker. Add one or two cubes of ice. Do not add more as the coffee will appear watered down. Give it a quick shake. Pour in a glass.


Wrap Up


As you might have already learned by now, making an iced coffee with the use of your Keurig is pretty much an easy process. There is no need to be an experienced barista. You can make a delicious and cooling beverage even in the comfort of your own home or office. It is a lot cheaper than buying an iced beverage in a coffee shop!



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