Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
is a beautiful, heavy duty 6 Qt  cast iron dutch oven.  Every home cook needs this affordable cast iron dutch oven to make roast, stew, chili, brisket, soup and more.

While an enameled cast iron dutch oven from names like Le Creuset and Staub sell for anywhere from $250 to as much as $350 or more,  the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven sells for $60 on Amazon.com.

We’ve owned our Lodge Dutch Oven for almost 5 years, and it is one of our favorite and most used pieces of cookware in our kitchen.

Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven,
 available at 
is made to the exacting standards set by Lodge metallurgists and enamelers using safe cadmium and lead-free, and PFOA and PTFE Free materials.

Lodge Manufacturing has been the industry standard for American-made cast iron cookware since 1896.  Joseph Lodge opened his foundry in the Appalachian Mountain town of South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  This small town has population of 3,100, and Lodge is the largest employer in the town.

This is a true family business, with Joseph Lodge’s great grandsons running the business today as CEO and President.

While the company has expanded the size of the plant, added new exciting lines of enameled and seasoned cast iron cookware and even updated the manufacturing equipment to be more environmentally friendly.

Lodge has never varied from the recipe developed by Joseph Lodge over 100 years ago for making their world class American cast iron cookware.




What is a Dutch Oven?

What is a dutch oven


Let’s start with the basic question most stay at home dads who are new to cast iron cookware will ask at this point – what is a dutch oven?

A dutch oven is generally a large round or oval heavy cast iron pot with a tight fitting lid used for cooking large cuts of meat, whole chickens, stew or pots of soup.

This type of cooking pot was invented in the Netherlands in the 1700’s, hence the name dutch oven.  Dutch ovens were originally round bare cast iron.  Oval dutch ovens were later invented to fit larger cuts of meat, such as a roast, brisket or pork roast.

Due to the heavy cast iron lid on the dutch oven, a 
cast iron dutch oven
 traps heat and steam in so the food cooks to perfection at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, and the 
Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
stays hot for over an hour, even after being removed from the heat.

With the advent of enameled cast iron cookware, you get the same great Lodge dutch oven cooking benefits of bare cast iron cookware, and the enameled coating helps prevent meat from sticking and cleans up without scrubbing.  If you do happen to burn your enameled cast iron dutch oven, don’t worry you won’t have to throw it out.  You can learn how to clean burnt cast iron cookware here.

Using an enameled cast iron dutch oven has a health benefit as well.  You get the same non-stick property without the danger of using Teflon coated cookware, and a small amount of iron is absorbed into the food, which is a beneficial trace element your body needs for healthy blood and bones.

A quick check on 
 and you will see that the 
Lodge 6 quart enameled cast iron Dutch Oven
 is by far the #1 best selling cast iron dutch oven on Amazon.com.



What’s Under the Lid?

lodge enameled cast iron dutch oven

Lodge Dutch Oven
lid is made in the same exacting manufacturing process as the cast iron dutch oven itself, and the enameled cast iron lid has the same frit applied to the inside giving it the same non-stick surface.

This is important since the lid is critical to keep heat in, and the enamel surface of the lid is easy to clean.

Unlike other types of cookware, the process of making cast iron cookware has hanged little in hundreds of years, and Lodge has been using the same recipe Joseph Lodge developed over 100 years ago for making cast iron cookware.


Lodge Oval or Round Dutch Oven, which is Best?


Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Lodge makes an oval and round enameled cast iron dutch oven, so which is best for you?  That depends on what you plan to make with it, and the size of your oven or stove top.

The traditional 
Lodge Enameled cast iron Dutch Oven
 is round, like the cast iron dutch ovens used in European kitchens to make soup or stew, and comes in 3 qt, 5 qt and 7 qt sizes.


You can check out Lodge Cast Iron Cookware on Facebook and find interesting new recipes.


Today, with longer and larger cuts of meat available in American grocery stores, such as beef roast,  pork roast, beef brisket or whole chickens, the traditional round dutch oven was sometimes found to be too small.

This lead to Lodge meeting customer requests for a larger 
oval dutch oven
, with it’s oval shape is designed to accommodation longer and larger cuts of meat without you having to cut the meat into smaller pieces to fit a round dutch oven.

We use our
oval cast iron dutch oven
for making brisket, stew and chili.




You won’t pay the full  retail price or even $79 for this best selling cast iron dutch oven at 



No Seasoning Needed


Image result for lodge enameled cast iron

While bare cast iron skillets and pots require seasoning to give it the non-stick coating needed to prevent food from sticking, an enameled 
Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
 does not require seasoning to make it non-stick.

The enamel frit that gives this pot it’s non stick coating, is baked on to the cast iron at high temperature, to create a non-stick surface, and offers health benefits of allowing a bit of iron to be absorbed into the food, and this trace metal is helpful for your blood.



How Long Does it Take to Heat Up?


Due to the thickness of cast iron, the
Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
,  generally takes a bit longer to heat up than other types of kitchen cookware.  I usually allow my cast iron cookware to heat up for 5 minutes before putting meat in it.

Cast iron has the advantage of holding heat much better than aluminum or stainless steel cookware, so even after you remove it from the burner, Lodge cast iron will retain heat for nearly one hour.

That means you can use less energy to keep food warm, or for slow cooking over a long period of time.



Heat Resistant Knob to Prevent Burns

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Knob

Lodge Dutch Oven
  comes with a heat resistant phenolic plastic knob that can withstand oven temperature up to 400° F, so you can still handle the lid with your bare hand without getting burned, even when the dutch oven may be hot to the touch.

If you have Lodge Dutch Oven with a stainless steel knob, it is oven safe up to 500° F.


What Sources of Heat Can You Use?


Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
can be used on various heat sources including:

  • gas
  • electric
  • induction
  • ceramic/glass top stoves and ovens

Cast iron cookware or any metal items should never be placed in a microwave oven.


Is the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lead Free?


Lodge Enameled Cast Iron
 is in full compliance of FDA standards for safe levels of Lead and Cadmium in Glazed Ceramic Surfaces.

Lodge enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
is in full compliance with California Proposition 65, the most rigid standard for lead and cadmium content in the US, which was enacted by the California EPA in1986, and is cadmiun free – lead free- PFOA and PTFE free.



Can You Use Metal Utensils?


To avoid scratching, it is recommended that you avoid using metal utensils and use wood, silicone, or nylon utensils with an enameled Lodge Dutch Oven.



Is the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Easy to Clean?


Image result for lodge enameled cast iron

It is quite easy to clean the

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
 with warm soapy water and a sponge, since the baked on frit gives the enameled cast iron the same non stick properties as Teflon coated non stick cookware, without the health risks of PFOA.

No scrubbing is needed unless you  have burnt on food.  If you accidentally allow food to burn, follow these simple instruction to clean burnt cast iron cookware.

While Lodge Mfg. states that you can clean enameled cast iron cookware in a dishwasher, they recommend hand washing to preserve the shine and luster of your enameled 
Cast Iron Dutch Oven
 I have found our enameled cast iron cookware cleans easy with just a sponge and water.

Before cleaning, allow the cast iron cookware to cool to room temperature to prevent getting a burn.



Health Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware


The beauty of cast iron cookware is that it contains trace amounts of iron, that are absorbed into the food as it cooks in your 
Lodge Cast Iron,  
which are actually beneficial, since the body needs trace amounts of iron for healthy blood.


What Sizes and Colors are available?


Lodge Cast Iron cookware is 
available at Amazon.com
in a rainbow of colors and sizes.

Most stores carry a few colors and only one or two sizes, 
click here
 to see all the beautiful colors available to match your kitchen or your personality!


Check Out the Exciting Colors That are Available


Island Spice Red


Caribbean Blue


Emerald Green




What Sizes does the Lodge Dutch Oven Come in:


Lodge 3 Qt Dutch Oven

Lodge 6 Qt Dutch Oven

Lodge 7.5 Qt Dutch Oven

Click here 
to see the colors and sizes of the Lodge Dutch Oven available at Amazon.com



What is the Warranty?


Lodge Mfg. offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their products.



What Are People Saying About the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven?



“Excellent value and construction”

“Just as good as Le Creuset, without the steep price”

“Wonderful Dutch Oven”

“Love it, love it, love it!”

“All you want, for less!”

“Best Dutch oven ever and a great value!”



Where Can You Buy Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?


There are several big box stores that sell the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, but in most you will pay $79 to $118 or more.

Our research and shopping experience indicates that 
has the best overall value for the
 Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
, usually you will pay just $59 with free shipping!

In addition to offering the lowest everyday price  we have found, the Free Super Saver Shipping option truly makes 
 the best overall value for this cast iron dutch oven from Lodge Mfg.


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