Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review
July 8, 2016 Small Kitchen Appliances

Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500, by Euro-Pro Operating LLC, is the most complete and affordable professional high speed blender system, available for under $300.

The Ninja Mega is a high speed blender, food processor and makes pizza dough in seconds.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype .

We bought our Ninja Mega System 1500 at Target on a whim when we saw it on sale.  This is by far most powerful high sped blender we have ever used.  I love how it functions as the four most widely used kitchen appliances in one package.

This powerful high speed blender packs a whopping 1500 Watts, a powerful 2 Horse Power motor, and spins up to 24,000 RPM.  This is a far comparison to most traditional blenders that spin at about 8,000 RPM.

After spending some time putting our Ninja Mega Kitchen through it’s paces, I am writing this fair and unbiased review of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500. I hope to share with you the benefits and drawbacks, the good and the not so good of this popular high speed blender.


Let’s get into my review of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.



The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a 4-in-One Blender


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The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a 4-in-One blender that includes the features of your most frequently used kitchen appliances in one convenient, space saving and affordable kitchen appliance:


  • Mixer
  • Blender
  • Juicer
  • Food processor

With the 
Ninja Mega
you get the following features in one:


  •  High Speed Blender with 1500 Watts, 2 HP and spins up to 24,000 RPM.
  •  You get a juicer that rivals the best juicers on the market.
  • Makes dough or batter for bread, pizza, cookies or cakes as well as that expensive stand mixer.
  • You get a food processor that mixes, blends, chops, minces and emulsifies your ingredients.
  • Makes delicious and nutritious frozen beverages.  This includes fruit and vegetable smoothies, protein shakes, frappes, slushies, and adult beverages.


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With the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500  you get the four most important kitchen appliances in one complete system for the cost of just one of these kitchen gadgets, and since you get everything in one package, you’ll save loads of space on your kitchen counter or cabinets .



What Comes with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500?


Professional 1500 Watt, 2 Horsepower Base

72 oz BPA-free Pitcher

64 oz BPA-free Bowl

2 – 20 Oz Single Serve Cups (BPA-free)

2 – Single Serve Cup lids Dough Blade

6 blade Assembly

4 blade Assembly

Single Serve Blade Assembly

Manual and Recipe Book


Unique Safety Features


The Ninja Mega has some unique built-in safety features designed for your protection and to protect your blender from damage to give you years of use and enjoyment.

  • The Ninja blender base has 4 suction cups on the bottom of the base.   They must be locked down or your Ninja blender will not turn on.   The suction cups keep the base in place on the counter when the Ninja blender is turned on.
  • Pushing the lever down to the locked symbol secures the base to any surface, and pushing the lever up to the unlock symbol releases the suction and you can move the blender.
  • The 72 oz pitcher and 64 oz Bowl have a locking mechanism on the lid that must be pushed down and secured into the handle or the blender will not turn on.
  • Once you unlock the lid by pushing the button on top of the lid, the motor turns off.  This prevents the ingredients from splashing out, and to prevent injury to you or damage to the machine.
  • You can stop the motor by either hitting the power button on the base, or by pressing lock/unlock button on the lid.  Pressing the power button on the base brings the blender to a gradual stop, while pressing the stop button releases the locking mechanism on the lid, and the blender comes to an immediate stop.




Enjoy Healthy Juicing in Seconds flat!

Ninga Mega

This powerful Ninja Blender, available at, packs 1500 Watts.  The motor spins at up to 24,000 RPM compared to a regular blender,  which only spins at 8,000 rotations per minute.

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The Ninja Mega can emulsify, blend and extract the flesh, skin, seeds, pit and stems from fruits and vegetables.

Now you can create truly healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetable drinks and smoothies in about 15-10 seconds.  The motor spins at 24,000 RPM to release the hidden vitamins and nutrients, that are locked in the seeds, pits and stem.

Just fill the single serve cup with your natural and healthy ingredients, then screw on the lid.  Place the cup in the Ninja Mega 1500 base and quick turn to lock it in.  Then turn it on and press the Single Serve button on the right end, with the picture of the cup with a straw.  This pulses the mixture for about 5 seconds.  Due to the 24,000 RPM motor, you only need to pulse it about 1 -2 times and you’re done.  It’s that easy.
Every morning my wife makes a healthy shake to take to work.  She puts the powder, fruit, ice and milk in the glass, screws on the lid and puts it in the base.  I timed it one morning, and the shake was done mixing in about 7 seconds.

This nutritious shake cost pennies compared to the same size drink at one of those juice bars that costs $3-$4 each.



Makes Fresh Ice Cream


Why spend money on an expensive ice cream maker that can’t do anything else. The  Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is the only high performance blender on the market that also makes fresh, delicious and healthy ice cream, without the artificial flavors, colors and unhealthy ingredients found in store bought ice cream.

Once you taste fresh home-made ice cream made in your Ninja Mega with natural ingredients and fresh fruit.  You will never want to eat store bought ice cream ever again! 


Make Dough in Seconds

Making bread or pizza dough with the Ninja Mega takes just seconds.  Just use the included 64 oz mixing bowl and dough hook.

You can make up to 2 Lbs of fresh bread dough, pizza dough, crepe and pancake batter, or even cookie dough in seconds.


Click the image below to watch this Ninja Mega Kitchen System chef make pizza dough in seconds.



Makes Delicious Frozen Beverages


Are you tired of spending $4 dollars or more for a smoothie or frappe?  Now you can make healthy and nutritious smoothies or frappes in seconds at home for a fraction of the price of those drinks from local coffee or juice bar.  You can also make delicious adult beverages, including margaritas.

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The Ninja Mega is also a Food Processor


Why clutter your kitchen counter or cabinet with a bulky and heavy food processor?  The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is not just a blender, it is also a food processor that rivals the capabilities of those expensive and bulky machines.


This Machine is So Easy to Clean


The 6 blade and 4 blade assemblies are removable for easy and safe cleaning.  This is important since the blade assemblies are very sharp.  The 64 Oz mixing bowl, 72 Oz pitcher, and blades are dishwasher safe.  Only washed on the top rack.

This is a distinct advantage over the Vitamix.  This blender has fixed blades that can’t be removed.

No Need for a Tamper


Using a tamper can be annoying when mixing ingredients.  A tamper is not needed with this Ninja Blender, since the patented cyclonic mixing action forces the ingredients down into the blades to completely chop, mix or pulverize the ingredients in seconds.


What are the Cons of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?


There are a few negatives of the Ninja Mega System 1500 I have experienced:


  • The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a little bit loud.
  • It can blend ingredients for soup, but can’t heat soup in the pitcher.



Ninja Blender vs Vitamix

When comparing the Ninja Blender vs Vitamix, you are looking for the best high speed blender.  The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 and Vitamix share the spotlight as the best high speed blenders on the market.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 available here, was designed to compete with the popular Vitamix 5200.

The blades on the Vitamix are not as sharp as those on the Ninja blender.   Due to this, you need a tamper to push the ingredients down to be blended.  The patented cyclonic mixing action of the 
Ninja Mega 1500
 act as a vortex and actually forces the ingredients down into blades for fast and easy blending, mixing, emulsifying and processing without the need for a tamper.

We looked to Consumer Reports as the best impartial authority that compared both blenders in a series of head-to-head tests.

Except for the Vitamix being able to heat the ingredients into soup right in the pitcher, which is a convenience feature of the Vitamix, both blenders performed equally well on all criteria in the Consumer Reports test.  The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a better value at $200 or less, vs $400 to $500 for the Vitamix.


What is the Warranty?


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 comes with a standard one year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in manufacturing or parts.  You can read the Ninja Blender Warranty here.


Where Can You Buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500


You can buy the
Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500
at many brick and mortar and online stores, yet our research found the best every day price is at
.  You can also get free shipping when you order here.








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