Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Cooking System Review

Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Oven

The Oliso Smart Hub is more than just a sous vide water oven, it is actually a compact three piece sous vide cooking system that includes a:

  • sous vide Cooker
  • induction burner
  • grilling surface


This amazing three piece sous vide cooking cooking system fits into just one square foot of counter space.

This will allow you to maximize your cooking potential, even in a small cooking space like an apartment, RV or home with a small kitchen that is counter space challenged.



What is Sous Vide Cooking anyway?


Sous vide cooking  (pronounced soo-veed), which translates to under pressure, is a French cooking method developed in the 1970’s where food is first placed in a vacuum bag and sealed to remove all the air, then it is cooked slowly at a precise temperature controlled water bath of approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours, depending on the recipe.

Many professional chefs claim sous vide cooking is a full proof cooking method that a novice home cook up to a professional chef can master, that produces a perfectly cooked meal every time.

Regardless if you cook the food for 5 hours or 15 hours, due to the precise temperature control of sous vide, you can’t over cook the food.


Oliso Sous Vide Cooker

The Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Cooking System includes:


  • sous vide cooker
  • water oven insert
  • 1500 W induction burner
  • grilling surface


The sous vide cooking system is designed with small kitchens in mind, that lack large counter space to fit several large bulky kitchen appliances.

With the Oliso induction burner that produces up to 1500 Watts of power, there is no heat generated until another induction ready appliance with a magnetic induction bottom, such as the Oliso Smart Top, or induction cookware is placed on the induction burner.

Then you can cook food in a full size 8″-12″ skillet with the same radiant heat as a full size cook top range.

A regular pot or skillet that is not induction ready cannot be used on the Oliso SmartHub burner.


The Oliso Smart Hub is a Complete Closed Sous Vide Cooking System


The key to sous vide cooking is precise temperature control.  The Oliso sous vide water oven maintains the water temperature you set, whether it is for 2 hours or 24 hours.

The cooking system factors in internal and external issues to maintain the precise water temperature, to cook your food perfectly, and prevents over cooking no matter the length of time the food is in the water bath.


The video shows just how the Oliso Smart Hub works.


The cooking heat comes from the induction burner, that is  plugged into any standard 120 Volt outlet.  When the cooking pot is placed on the induction burner, the magnetic coils come together and the heating process begins.

 oliso smart hub

Cooking ends as soon as the pot is removed from the burner.  The Oliso induction burner is safe to touch at this point, and even a curious child can’t get burned when they touch the induction burner when not heating.

Induction cooking is popular in Europe, and is becoming poplar in US homes that are striving for energy efficiency.



What Can You Cook in the Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Cooking System?


The options for  cooking in the Oliso SmartHub are only limited by your imagination.

You can cook:


  • Sous Vide 
  • Make Home-made Healthy Yogurt
  • Slow Cooking
  • Crate Infusions
  • Make delicious Soups, stocks or broths
  • Brew Home-made Beer
  • Poaching



Oliso Smart Hub

Cook fish, or chicken in the Oliso Smart Hub


Oliso Sous Vide Water Oven

Make soup or broth


Oliso Smart Hub

Grill steak, chicken or fish on the induction burner.

Oliso Oven Lid Keeps Heat In to Help Maintain Heat


The Oliso Sous Vide Cooker comes with a tempered glass and silicone edged lid, that keeps water from evaporating when cooking to lock heat and flavor into your food as it cooks every time.

Image result for smart hub lid


One Smart Hub Cooking System, So Many Options



Oliso Smart Hub Induction Burner, the key to the cooking system.



The Oliso sous vide cooker relies on a powerful 1500 Watt induction burner that can plug into any 120 V power outlet, and instantly give you the capabilities of a kitchen range.

What makes the Oliso induction burner revolutionary is the gold plated contact module.   This allows various SmartTops™ to dock with the SmartHub™ so that the two recognize each other and communicate seamlessly all without the need for batteries or recharging.


oliso induction burner


The powerful yet energy efficient induction hub produces up to a whopping 1500 Watts to quickly get a pan up to searing temperature, which allows you to put a perfect sear on your food.  It can also maintain temperature with just 2 Watts, for maximum energy efficiency.



oliso induction burner



Benefits of Oliso Sous Vide Cooking System


  • Designed for small home kitchens,apartments, cabins or mobile homes.
  • Prepare your meal in the morning, and eat a delicious hot meal in the evening.
  • Takes up just one square foot of counter space.
  • Prepare, turn on, set temperature and time, then walk away.
  • Food cooks slowly for several hours.
  • Can’t over cook or ruin your meal.
  • Great for men or women who don’t like to cook, or don’t know how to cook.
  • Food will stay hot for several hours even after cooking, and won’t over cook.
  • Cooks broth, stock or soup, yogurt and more.





How Oliso Sous Vide Cooking Compares to Other Cooking Methods.







You Will Need a Vacuum Sealer


To use the Oliso sous vide cooking system, you will need a vacuum sealer.  We were a bit disappointed that Oliso does not include the vacuum sealer as part of a bundle option on their website, as some of their competitors do.


Oliso does offer a SmartHub and Vacuum Sealer Bundle on Amazon.com for just $100 more.  This is a $50 savings compared to buying the SmartHub and Oliso Vacuum Sealer separately.


Click here to purchase the Smart Hub and Vacuum Sealer Bundle on Amazon.com


Oliso sous vide oven


The Oliso vacuum sealer kit sells for $149.99 and includes the following:


Oliso Vacuum Sealer


  • (1) Oliso® PRO™ VS95A
  • (1) Flexi Tube
  • (1) Zip Disc
  • (1) Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper
  • (3) Quart Frisper Bags
  • (2) Gallon Frisper Bags


Oliso Vacuum Sealer Kit


You can use any vacuum sealer with this product.  We generally do not recommend spending less than $50 for a good high quality vacuum sealer that will perfectly seal the bag, and make sure so no can ever enter the bag until opened.

See the large selection of vacuum sealers at Amazon.com.





The Oliso Smart Hub comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

You can however,  purchase a limited 5 year warranty for $99.99.

SmartHub Limited 5-Year Warranty




Testimonials from Real Users








    • “We can infuse and circulate right in the bath with broth or fat and the clean-up as super simple.”


    • I ran the sous vide for 36 hours and it didn’t skip a beat.


    • No counter space? No problem.  Oliso does sous vide and induction cooking in 1 square foot.



Where to Buy the Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Oven and Cooking System?



You can buy the Oliso Smart Hub Sous Vide Cooking System, Oliso Vacuum Sealer Kit and other Oliso products directly from Oliso, and enjoy free shipping of your product.

Oliso Sous Vide Oven


You can buy the Smart Hub Sous Vide Cooker Bundle (SmartHub and Oliso Vacuum Sealer Kit) from Amazon.com.

Oliso Smart Hub


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