Panna Cooking Video Cookbook Review

Posted on 31st October 2016 in Learn how to Cook

Panna Cooking

Panna Cooking Video Cookbook is the most comprehensive destination of online video recipes for the home cook, from a newbie to the most seasoned home chef.


When you sign up here, you will get a 30 Day Free Trail.


Get for hundreds of delicious restaurant quality dishes from over 35 of the culinary industry’s top Michelin Star or James Beard Foundation Award Winning chefs, and resources to help you prepare that perfect dish, and learn how to cook like a professional chef 24/7 in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Watch Video Recipes


Each streaming video recipe on Panna includes a complete professionally produced video recipe from start to finish of the dish.  The camera pans in close up on each step, so you see exactly what the chef is doing or to see the desired texture of the food, so your meal will look just like the one prepared by the chef.

In addition to the video recipes from these award winning chefs, each recipe includes a traditional step-by-step written recipe with a list of ingredients you will need, total prep and cooking time and level of difficulty right underneath the video.

The ingredient measurements can be displayed in Imperial (American measurement) or Metric for easy conversion, whether you live in the US, Canada or Europe.

Pann Cooking also includes several short 2-3 minute recipe videos that highlight a specific cooking technique, like how to make perfect poached eggs in 3 minutes, making perfect pie crust, 30 second whipped cream, and so much more.  You might just impress your family and friends with your new found culinary skills.


Here is short sample of a Video Recipe on Panna.


The actual video recipe you will recipe when you enroll in Panna Here is about 7 minutes long.  You will also get the traditional recipe for this dish.



Get the Traditional Recipe as well


Following a video recipe to get the ingredients and measurements can be a bit challenging.  So, as you watch video recipes you will find a complete step-by-step written recipe to follow that includes a list of ingredients, the recipe, and you will also see the total prep and cooking time needed, as well as, the level of difficulty for the dish.

Now, as you follow the written recipe, you can watch the chef prepare the dish on your smart phone, tablet or laptop computer.

With the virtual cooking lesson, you are on your way to creating a professional quality dish to serve to your family and friends.

It is as if you are getting a private cooking lesson, in the comfort of your own kitchen, from one of the culinary world’s top chefs.


How are Recipes Organized?


For your convenience, recipes on the Panna Cooking website are organized and filtered by the following categories:

  • Chef
  • Main Ingredient
  • Type of Cuisine
  • Meal Type
  • Collections of recipes


To view recipes by one of these categories, just click the

 button on the top far right of the page.



Panna Video recipes


Benefits of a Panna Cooking Membership:


  • Most video recipes tell you what to do, Panna Cooking videos show you how and why.


  • Master New Techniques to sharpen your knife skills and perfect your reductions alongside the professional award-winning chefs who do it best.


  • Get Inside the Mind of a Chef.  You are not just reading a recipe, you are listening to their stories, so you learn what they intended every step of the way.


  • You can unlock 300+ streaming video recipes from 35 award-winning chefs.  You won’t get this in-depth learning from a cookbook.  These video recipes are available exclusively for Panna members.


  • Watch Panna anywhere you have an internet connection.  

  • Your Panna Cooking subscription includes unlimited access to hundreds of cooking videos that you can view on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.



How to Start Your Panna Membership


melissa clark recipes

Sign up here, to Start Your 30 Day Free Trail of Panna.

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