Practical small kitchen design Ideas for easy food preparation

small kitchen design

If you have a large or small kitchen and enjoy baking and cooking regularly, you might wonder if it is possible to cook the kind of food you love in a minimalist kitchen.  Today we are discussing practical small kitchen design ideas for easy food preparation when you don’t have a gourmet kitchen.

It can be achieved, but the space has to be well planned and designed with your specific needs in mind.  Coming at the problem from a minimalist perspective is helpful, because it focuses on stripping away the unnecessary elements and creating more room by keeping your work surfaces free from clutter.

These practical kitchen design ideas streamlines the process of preparing food, and you will discover you don’t need a kitchen bursting with gadgets or draws full of utensils.


Improve Storage Space


sliding shelf

Some effective small kitchen design tricks include, clever storage tricks that can help you squeeze every square inch out of your kitchen cabinets and counter space to maximize usable real estate.

  • Separate saucepans from oven dishes rather than jumbling them all together and store them depending on frequency of use.
  • Relocate or discard old, broken or infrequently used items is also vital for efficient storage; if you have a number of old containers or jars, just keep the ones you’ve used in the last few months and throw out the rest.
  • Use stackable work bowls or containers.
  • Get bulky items off the counter tops by creating new storage areas.  This can be done easily and inexpensively by installing sliding storage baskets in under counter cabinets to hold bulky items, such as a blender or food processor to maximize storage space.



Design in Efficient Food Prep Space in Your Small Kitchen Design


Your main activity in a kitchen will be preparation of food, so it makes sense to create a zone for this activity, especially when you don’t have a large gourmet kitchen.  When you don’t have twenty to 30 thousand dollars for a kitchen remodel, there are cost effective small kitchen design tricks to increase kitchen work space without breaking the bank.  You can purchase and install a long counter against a wall usually for under $500, then position the oven beneath it and an integrated hob no more than one step away.

Once the prep is complete, the food can be cooked immediately, without you having to move to another area.  On the wall above the worktop set up a spice shelf and a magnetized knife rack, so these items are readily available when needed.

If you have a rectangle-shaped kitchen that is long and narrow, hat can’t accommodate an island, a common feature today in new home construction and remodels, you can buy a portable island for a few hundred dollars that can be stored away in a closet when not in use, to keep your kitchen uncluttered.

folding island





folding island











If you have children or you need to cook quick snacks from time to time, it’s likely that you have a selection of appliances scattered around your kitchen or stored deep in the cupboards.  To save time on finding them, or to organize your counter top space more efficiently, it’s worth designating an appliance-garage space.   Keep a cabinet or shelf full of dishes above this area for fast plating and locate the refrigerator below, or to the side if you have a larger appliance.


Minimalism is a particularly versatile concept and there are a range of kitchen designs you could look at.  By adding space and fluidity to a busy cooking area, you make it a more comfortable environment for a casual cook or a budding professional chef.  Better still, by having fewer items on your work tops, cleaning is made easier, and the epicenter of your home becomes a more hygienic place to prepare meals.


Don’t Forget the Windows


Many people overlook their windows during the design process, so don’t forget to incorporate café shutters styles into your kitchen design blueprint.  With their laid-back air, these are the perfect addition to a minimalist theme that can actually make a kitchen look larger by letting more light in.  Shutters look refined yet understated on a kitchen window, whilst also keeping out noise and light pollution from the street.


In Closing


In the 90’s, the focal point of the home changed from the living room to the kitchen.  This is evidenced by larger kitchens with an island and ample counter space, but what do you do if you have an older home and spending upwards of $30,000 to fully remodel the kitchen is out of the question, or you want to unclutter your kitchen and go with a cozy European-style minimalist kitchen? The key is to focus on small kitchen design ideas.

Focus on the flow of the kitchen.  Unclutter the counter space and cupboards to maximize storage space for large bulky kitchen appliances by installing inexpensive slide-out storage baskets or fold away counter space to use only as needed.

Get rid of unused or broken dishes or cooking bowls, and replace with stackables to maximize storage.  If you haven’t used it for a year, toss it.

With some planning and thought, you can incorporate practical small kitchen designs that will improve the functionality and flow of your kitchen without spending thousands.

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