Shrewd Food Healthy Protein Snacks Review

shrewd food protein snacks

If you’re looking for healthy high protein and low carb snacks, Shrewd Food Healthy Protein Crisps are protein snack food that is baked and not fried, you need to try!

Shrewd Food Healthy Protein Crisps are a simple idea.  Cheese is a high protein food.  The folks at Shrewd Food took this high protein and low carb food, then baked them delicious little snacks, loved by adults and kids alike.

The folks at Shrewd Food approached me to try their Protein Crisps and write an unbiased review of their protein snacks.

These are perfect healthy protein snacks you can put in a lunch, take on a picnic or just snack on anytime you are craving a healthy protein rich salty and savory snack.


The sent me a box protein crisps containing the following flavors:

  • Baked Cheddar Crisps
  • Brickoven Pizza
  • Sriracha Cheddar


Shrewd Food Proteion Snaks


When I tried them I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew they would either be delicious and tasty, or edible chalky disks.

Luckily I found then to be quite tasty.  A little messy, so make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand.


About Shrewd Food

At Shrewd Food we rack our brains to create and bring you foods that Taste Great and are significantly Healthier. Our Shrewd Food brand is about bringing delicious nutritious alternatives to the masses. Our food is not just for the cult healthy eater, but for their picky kids, their friends and families. When kids beg for another portion, and don’t even realize they’re eating healthier, we add the product to our way discerning list.Simply put, Shrewd Food is for everyone that wants to eat healthier without sacrificing taste.


Kosher Protein Snacks


For me, other than being delicious, the best part is they are Kosher, certified by OU, non-GMO and Gluten Free (GF).



Perfect Protein Snacks for Gluten Free Diet


If you are on a gluten free diet and find it hard to get snacks that don’t violate no gluten diet, you may find these Shrewd Food cheese snacks a perfect snack that doesn’t violate your gluten free diet.

These are not those cheese puff snacks from that other company that looks like they came out of a nuclear reactor, where the cheese product stays on your hands for days, and the ingredient list packed with artificial ingredients is so long, you need a magnifying glass to read what’s in it, and a medical degree to pronounce what’s in it.

With just a few ingredients, you can read the Shrewd Food protein crisps label, and you don’t need a degree in biology to pronounce then!



What’s in them?


All of the Shrewd Food Proten Crisps start with real cheddar cheese, then a delicious flavoring is added.




what's in Shrewd Food



High in Protein


Shrewd Food Protein Crisps are packed with 14 g of protein per serving, are non-GMO and Gluten Free.



high protein snacks


Shrewd Food Protein Crisps are 100% free of:

  • corn syrup
  • no peanuts
  • no artificial colors, flavors and no preservatives.


These delicious little morsels are made from baked, not fried cheddar cheese balls, then lightly dusted in one of the flavorings, for you to enjoy.

Once you eat one you won’t be able to put the bag down.  I try you!


Shrewd Food Protein Crisps



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Where to Buy Shrewd Food Protein Crisps


You can buy Shrewd Food Protein Crisps at the following retailers:


Costco shrewd food





buy Shrewd Food Snacks at Amazon





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