Six Home Appliances Hacks You Never Came Across

It probably wouldn’t be wrong if we say that home appliances are the heart of any kitchen or home. However, while they serve us in more ways than one, we forget that they need a bit of maintenance too.  These hacks may just help you!

This often leads to hefty repair costs or the appliances not being as durable or effective anymore.

But there’s a way to avoid it: Following the genius home appliance hacks we will be discussing below.


Simple Oven Cleaning Hacks


An oven can get crusty and dirty over time, especially if you don’t clean it on a regular basis. However, using chemical-based cleaning products to get rid of the dirt and other similar elements can be a mistake, as it can damage the exterior of the oven as well as even interfere with its functioning.

A simple, natural alternative hack to cleaning it using chemical-based products is to put a lot of boiling water on it, wait for about 5 minutes for the water to weaken the dirt elements, and then finally use steel wool to easily extract all the dirt and stains, that otherwise could have been a very challenging job.



Home appliances hacks




1. Refrigerator Hack – Preventing the Spills


Spills are common with refrigerators, but they can do more harm than you may think. A great way to prevent them from doing so is covering the shelves of your refrigerator using cellophane.

When any of the liquids stored inside get spilled, all you need to do is replace the cellophane. It’s a simple but really effective hack of helping your fridge retain its medical-grade shine.


2. The Cooktop Cleaning Hack


Do you know using baking soda and dish soap with hot water can be a better hack to specialized glass cleaning products? Not only can you spare your cooktop and the range of all the harsh chemicals the said products come with, but actually also achieve a much better level of cleaning.

All you need to do is remove all the baking soda after cleaning the cooktop with the solution we mentioned above, and then use Windex or something similar on the surface which will help make it look sparkling clean.


3. The Washer and Dryer Hack


It’s common for the detergent you use to form a layer on the inside of your washing machine. A good way to deal with this is removing the lint trap and the soap dispenser from your machine, and rinsing it using a sponge with hot water and soap.

As for the washer, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal quantities) for running the washer through its cycle.


4. Maintaining the Ice Maker Hack


Taking care of an ice maker’s maintenance needs might seem like a challenging task, but it’s actually not if you use this smart hack. And surprisingly, it would work regardless of the type of ice maker you use, or how small or big it is.


All you need to do is follow the three simple steps explained below:


  • Using a good quality water filter
  • Making sure you clean the ice maker from time to time, and don’t let the dust or dirt settle in for too long
  • Not letting the ambient temperature get out of control when using it


5. Getting the Most Out of Your Dishwasher Hack


We are sure that you use your dishwasher only for dishes. But do you know it can do a lot more than just helping you with the dishes?  Check out this hack!

Yes, to your surprise, a dishwasher can be used for cleaning pretty much everything ranging from vacuum hoses and cabinet handles to baseball caps and fan grilles.


6. Boosting Your Laundry’s Speed Hack


Like many people out there, many have probably got annoyed by the long waiting time for getting their clothes dried using their dryer. However, there’s a way around this too.

This hack works by simply using tennis balls. Simply throwing a couple tennis balls in the dryer when it’s doing its thing will make it dry your clothes much faster than it usually does.

When drying things that usually take a lot more time – such as fluffy coats and pillows, comforters and other similar things, which are also things that can do with a bit of fluffiness – you can use a few tennis balls. It would not only make the dryer dry these clothes much faster, but also give them a good fluffing.


A Final Word


Remember that using a few simple but effective appliances hacks can go a long way in preventing the need for hefty repairs, while making the appliances more functional.

However, even if the appliances do break down, there are going to be ways to fix them fairly easily. Of course, if nothing works, then you would need to seek the help of an appliance professional as a last resort.



Author Bio


Taylor Gill is the Founder & Writer at All Pro Appliance and Refrigerator Repair




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