Smeg 5-Quart Stand Mixer Review

Smeg 5 qt stand mixer

The Smeg 5 Quart Stand Mixer designed in Italy, is a blast from the past to the 1950’s. This conjures up a time when everything in our lives was more simple.

While it may look like the stand mixer your grandmother used, The Smeg Mixer is an energy efficient 10 speed mixer that can meet all your mixing needs.

SMEG hearkens back to a simpler time period in our lives with this Retro Smeg Mixer.

It has soft rounded edges, instead of the sharp corners of today’s modern kitchen appliances.

The SMEG stand mixer probably looks like the stand mixer your grandmother used, and you loved licking the chocolate when she made the best chocolate cake you ever had.

While the the shape and design of the SMEG 5 quart stand mixer may look nostalgic, this modern day mixer packs the power and features of the most popular stand mixers of today, to handle all of your kitchen mixing needs.

Now you can bring a little bit of that nostalgia back to the future in your kitchen with the new Smeg 5-Quart Stand Mixer, and other kitchen appliances, available at Amazon for immediate delivery.


SMEG 5 Quart Stand Mixer Features


  • 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic
  • Bowl Lock
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • 10 variable speeds with Smooth start function
  • Anti‐slip feet, so mixer won’t move on counter
  • Safety lock when the head is tilted up, to prevent damage or injury
  • Planetary Mixing Action
  • 800 Watts of power, to mix everything from batter to pizza or bread dough
  • Overload motor protection
  • Stainless steel ball lever knob
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Zinc-alloy base with stainless steel



History of SMEG


SMEG was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni, Sr. from Guastalla, a small town in Northern Italy, and is one of the country’s leading home appliance manufacturers, offering a full line of modern and retro looking kitchen appliances.

The Bertazzoni family’s entrepreneurial history began in the 19th century, with members of the family starting out as blacksmiths.  This long, family history working with metals eventually led the Bertazzonis to branch out into kitchen design and building.

Initially focusing on the enameling of metals, SMEG anticipated the “Italian Economic Miracle” of the 1950s and 1960s, and the desire for home comforts that increased affluence would bring.  This lead SMEG to specialize in home appliance manufacturing just a few years after its founding.

Luckily, the family saw that today’s baby boomers would look for items that were reminiscent of the simpler times of their youth, which lead to the 50’s retro design of the SMEG Mixer.




You’ll Love the Aesthetic Beauty of Metals and not Plastic

Smeg stand mixer


This retro 5 Qt. Smeg Mixer is made with a die‐cast aluminum body and Zinc-alloy base, and has a stainless steel mixing bowl lock.

Die cast aluminum is a sturdy and light weight metal designed to make custom metal shaped, and the silver body color is a throw back to kitchen appliances made in the 1950’s.

SMEG uses a stainless steel ball lever knob, and not cheap plastic knob that can break easily.



What is Planetary Mixing Action?


Many stand mixers mix wet and dry ingredients in the center of the mixing bowl, leaving ingredients along the edges unmixed.

The result is, you have to stop the mixer, lift up the beater and scoop the dry unmixed ingredients into the center of the bowl, so they can be incorporated into the mixture, which can be a time consuming hassle.

The SMEG Mixer incorporates planetary motion, meaning the mixing attachment (1) spins in a counter-clockwise direction as the direct drive motor spins the mixer in a clockwise direction, making sure that all the wet or dry ingredients on the edges of the mixing bowl are fully mixed, without you having to stop and push unmixed ingredients into the mixing attachment.


SMEG planetary motion













10 Speed Settings for Every Mixing Need


Image result for smeg mixer speed control


Smeg stand mixer

The SMEG Mixer offers 10 variable speed settings with Smooth start function, so you can use your mixer for all your baking needs, from cake batter to bread and pizza dough, and more.

The speed setting knob is located on the top of the mixer so can easily see the mixing settings, rather than having to look on the side, like you do with that other popular 5 Quart Stand Mixer.

Also, by having the speed knob on top, you can place the mixer in any direction on your counter top, and still be able to see and reach the speed settings.

The speed setting knob is very reminiscent of the gear shift on a 1950’s sports car, which makes a practical feature kinda cool, compared to other stand mixers, that just include a function speed setting dial.



Head Tilts Back for Easy Access to Mixing Bowl


The head on the SMEG Retro Stand Mixer tilts back for easy access to add ingredients or remove the mixing bowl, without having to first remove the attachment.




What Attachments are Included?


The SMEG 5 Qt. Stand Mixer comes standard with the following attachment, so you can get started using it right away:


  • steel wire whisk
  • aluminum flat beater
  • aluminum dough hook
  • pouring shield
  • 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl.




Comes in 5 Exciting Colors


SMEG 5-Quart Stand Mixer


SMEG 5 Qt Stand Mixer










SMEG 5 Qt. Stand Mixer


SMEG 5 Qt. Stand Mixer









SMEG 5-Quart Stand Mixer

Pastel Blue





  • White eggs max 12/ min 3
  • Cake dough max 2,8 Kg/ 99 Oz
  • Bread/pizza/pasta dough max 1,3 Kg/ 46 Oz
  • Whipped cream max 1L/ 32 Oz



General specifications


Dimensions HxLxW:

15″ high x 16″ long/deep x 9″ Wide

Net weight 21 lbs/9,5 Kg.  Shipping weight: 24.1 lbs

Cord length 1 m/ 39 Inches


Electrical Specification

120 V, 60 Hz






What is the Warranty?


SMEG offers a standard 1 year warranty.





The SMEG home appliances were awarded the

GoodDesign Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architectural Design

iF DA2015 2015 iF Design Award for design excellence



  • Unique 50’s Retro Design
  • Powerful 800 Watt Motor
  • Speed Switch on top
  • Comes standard with most used attachments



  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Not as well known in US as many stand mixers sold in big box stores, but is top seller in Europe and gaining popularity with foodies in the US.S


Where to find the SMEG Stand Mixer?


Our research indicates offers the best selection of SMEG stand mixers and attachments at the best prices, and offers other SMEG kitchen appliances with free shipping and the best customer service in the industry.

Ken Weiss

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