Sous Vide Supreme Touch+ (11L) Sous Vide Water Oven Review

SousVide Supreme Touch+The Sous Vide Supremeimage 7143567 10986718 1375208761000, is an easy-to-use sous vide water oven that is designed to help you master sous vide cooking, and create delicious  restaurant-quality dishes at home.

This is a beautiful and easy-to-use water oven, that  works without all the mess and cleanup of other sous vide water ovens on the market.

With the Sous Vide Supreme, natural flavor and juices are infused into the food while it cooks.  With sous vide cooking, the food cooks slowly in the precise temperature-controlled water bath.

The large 11L capacity sous vide water oven can hold up to 20 4 Oz portions of the food you are cooking.  It can hold larger pieces of meat, such as beef or port ribs, steaks, a full chicken or roast.

Unlike a slow cooker that can burn and dry out food of left too long, sous vide cooking makes it virtually impossible to overcook or under cook your food.  You may never use your slow cooker ever again!



What is Sous Vide Cooking

how sous vide cooking worksSous Vide cooking, pronounced “Soo Veed”, translates to “under vacuum.”   This is a simple 3 step French cooking method, which was developed in the 1970’s by famed chef and inventor, Georges Pralus.

Chef Pralus, inventor of  the vacuum sealer, also developed and perfected the sous vide cooking technique.


What is in the Box

  • Sous Vide Supreme 11L Sous Vide Water Oven
  • Stainless steel universal pouch rack for easy positioning of pouches
  • Stainless steel lid, which doubles as drip tray for pouch transport
  • Detachable power cord
  • Perforated bottom grill designed to generate thermal convection currents
  • User manual


This French cooking method involves:

  • sealing the food in a vacuum bag to remove all the air.
  • placing the vacuum sealed bag it in a precisely temperature controlled water bath.
  • and cooking slowly for several hours.
  • Water circulates around the food.
  • As the water slowly heats up to the cooking temperature, the cool water is forced into the heating coils to be heated.
  • The heated water then circulates around the food, as steam perfectly cooks the food.

Whether you cook the food for four hours or 24 hours, the precise cooking temperature of the water bath is maintained, and the food will never burn or over cook. Ever!


Precise Temperature Control

Sous vide cooking requires precise temperature control to produce a perfect meal.  This professional Sous Vide Water Oven maintains the desired temperature of your food within 1 degree Fahrenheit for several hours.

This is due to its patented design with double wall insulation.  This retains heat, for maximum energy efficiency, while keeping the exterior safe and cool to touch.

This is critical if your cooking process takes several hours  or if are setting the oven to cook in the morning, but won’t be eating until the evening.

The precise temperature control of the Sous Vide Supreme regulates the temperature of your food within 1 degree, so it won’t be under cooked or over-cooked.


Has a Self Contained Heating Element

As you can see in the image above, the Sous Vide Supreme is wrapped in a self contained heating element, which heats and circulates the water.  The thermal convection properties of the heated water maintain the consistent temperature of the sous vide cooker, as long as the water bath is on.  The unique self contained design of the Sous Vide Supreme does not require a circulating pump or propeller.

Due to the design, the unit is completely quiet.  You won’t hear the annoying and constant sound or hum of a pump or motor.

This separates the Sous Vide Supreme from other sous vide machines on the market.


5 Tips for Perfect Sous Vide Cooking





Let’s take a closer look at the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven


Rather than placing the food in pre-heated water on the stove top to cook or boil your food, with the Sous Vide Supreme, the food is cooked to perfection over several hours as the water is slowly heats up.   This keeps vitamins and nutrients in the food.  The tight fitting lid seals the edges to prevent water and heat from escaping, keeping vitamins and nutrients in the food.

With a sous vide water oven, the heating coils circulate the heated water around the food, so it is cooked through perfectly.  With sous vide cooking, no portions of the food are left undercooked or overcooked.

This easy to master French cooking method allows the food to cook in its own juices, and does not come in direct contact with the water.  The vitamins, nutrients and taste are fully preserved in the vacuum sealed bag for your total culinary enjoyment.


Sous Vide Cooking 1-2-3.

The sous vide cooking technique, a long-held secret of great chefs worldwide.  This involves placing food in vacuum-sealed pouches that are submerged in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath held at a constant temperature for several hours.  This sous vide cooker produces perfectly cooked food every time.

Sous Vide cooking

This sous vide water oven is praised by professional chefs for its simplicity and precise temperature control cooking.  Until recently, a sous vide cooker was too expensive for home kitchens, and only available to commercial kitchens.

After years of trial and error, Eades Appliance Technology developed an affordable sous vide cooker for the home cook.  Now you can prepare restaurant-quality, healthy meals in your home.  The Sous Vide Supreme locks in taste and flavors, and preserves the nutritional goodness of your meals, without breaking the bank.


Benefit of the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven


There is a small window in the traditional cooking process, when cooking in the oven or on a stove top, allows you to perfectly cook your food and prevent it from coming out under cooked, or over cooked, dry and leathery.

sous vide cooking temperature


The good news fellow home chefs, is that the Sous Vide Supreme  solves this temperature dilemm, and allows you to perfectly cook your food every time.

This simple-to-master water cooking method takes the guesswork out of the sous vide cooking process, and allows you to perfectly cook meat, chicken, fish or vegetables every time, without fail!  The food is never under cooked or over cooked, no matter how long it stays in the water bath.

With a slow cooker, the food stays on warm, but it continues to cook your food.  This can leave it dry and overt cooked, or burnt on the bottom.
Turn the Sous Vide Supreme on in the morning before you leave for work or family outing.  You will come home to a perfectly cooked hot meal, even if you are away all day.


Mult-Purpose Lid Design

SousVide Supreme Lid

The aluminum lid is tight fitting to contain steam and heat within the oven.  This keeps the steam and heat in to maximizes cooking and energy-efficiency.

The lid also doubles as a tray for transporting pouches before and after cooking, and especially after cooking to prevent hot water from making a mess in your kitchen or causing a burn.


Easy to Use Control Panel

SousVide Supreme Touch+ (11L)


The control panel on the Sous Vide Supreme water oven is easy to use and read.

Simply press the buttons on the front of the control panel to set the desired temperature and cooking time.

Then press the green start button, that’s it.


A Sous Vide Oven is A Versatile Tool for All Your Cooking Needs

The Sous Vide Supreme water oven from Eades Appliance Technology is not just for meat, fish and vegetable.  It can cook everything from meat, seafood, poultry and eggs to desserts, yogurt, and even infused syrups and liquors for hand-crafted cocktails.

Can your slow cooker do that?



Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking


  • The water maintains precise temperature to slowly cook food for several hours.
  • Superior cooking method to using a traditional slow cooker.  This method can over cook the food.
  • You can use a sous vide cooker for meat,fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, desserts and sauces.
  • As heat and pressure increases in the vacuum sealed cooking bags, the food cooks in it’s own juices; healthy vitamins and nutrients are locked in and not boiled away, as with traditional cooking.
  • Vitamins and nutrients are maintained in the food.
  • Perfect cooking method for novice to experienced home cook.
  • You can set the souse vide water oven and walk away.


Benefits of souse vide






Recommended Cooking Guide

sous vide cooking temps


What are People Saying about the Sous Vide Sureme

  • Fantastic Small Appliance – Easy Gourmet Cooking for Busy Home Chefs
  • WOW. I Love This!
  • Simply AMAZING!
  • Best steaks I’ve ever made
  • Easy Consumer Execution of Pro-Level Chef Technique


Sous Vide Water Oven

Where Can You Buy the Sous Vide Supreme Sous Vide Cooker?

Direct from the manufacturer – Eades Appliance Technology, the creator of the SousVide Supreme



SousVide Supreme Touch+


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