STONELINE Non-Stick Cookware Review

STONELINE Non-Stick Cookware Review


STONELINE Cookware is a revolutionary new line of non-stick cookware that uses a patented PFOA-free natural micro stone coating developed in Germany,  which is said to be 10 times harder than other non-stick coatings, to prevent food from sticking, prevents scratching, flaking or cracking, and is easy to clean by simply wiping it down with a paper towel.

Most importantly, this stone cookware doesn’t lose it’s non-stick capability over time, and is the best non stick cookware for healthy oil free and fat free cooking.

I was contacted by the manufacturers of STONELINE Cookware to try this new non-stick cookware.  When I received the stone cookware set, I was immediately impressed with the sturdy light-weight construction, drip free rims, large ergonomic handles and unique vent holes in the glass lids to release steam without removing the lid, so hot steam and splatters from your hot food won’t make a mess on your stove top.


Stoneline Extreme Non Stick Cookware

Stoneline Cookware


Stoneline Cookware took their best PFOA-free non stick cookware and made it better!

They added a unique feature that locks the lid on the pan.

Now when you are cooking food in hot water, such as pasta or vegetables, this keeps heat in the pan, where it belongs, and you can pour out the hot water through the holes on the side of the lid without having to remove the lid at all.

This keeps you safe from scalding burns from hot steam or hot water.

You can learn more about Stoneline Extreme here, available exclusively from




Let’s get the legal stuff out of the way, so we can get to the fun part.  From time to time I receive products from manufacturers to review. For this post, I received the STONELINE Cookware Recipe Master 12 Piece Set + FREE 11 Piece Knife Set.

to review.  This is an unbiased Stoneline Cookware review as I do not receive any compensation or commission for these products or their reviews.  The views expressed in this post are completely my own.



What is STONELINE Cookware?


Stoneline Cookware


Stoneline Cookware starts with a hard aluminum outer shell.  Next, a patented reinforced micro-stone coating, invented and patented in Germany over 10 years ago, is then applied that consists of microscopic stone particles that undergo a sophisticated process which transforms them into a natural 100% PFOA-free ultra-hard non-stick coating.

The micro stone coating provides a natural non stick surface that won’t scratch, and is 10 times harder than the leading natural non stick coatings. Most importantly, no oil or fat is needed when doing the following types of cooking in STONE Cookware that is required with other types of cookware:


  • sweating onions
  • cooking meat, chicken or fish
  • braise meat
  • broiling meat or chicken
  • evenly browns meat or chicken to lock in flavors



STONELINE Cookware offers a full product line including:

  • Individual cookware pieces
  • Full cookware sets
  • Baking and roasting sets
  • Knives and food prep products

You can learn more about all the STONELINE stone cookware here. To test this stone cookware against manufacturer claims, I seasoned the skillet with just a few drops of olive oil as recommended.  It made the micro stone coating very slippery.

I let the pan heat up for a few minutes on medium low heat and cracked an egg.  I did not use any additional oil or butter to coat the pan before adding the egg.  After letting it set for about a minute or so, I used a silicone spatula very slightly under the egg and turned the pan, since metal utensils are not recommended.

The micro stone coating was so slippery the egg almost slid out of the pan. This is the best non stick cookware I have used.  I flipped the egg and let it cook for another coupe of minutes.  The perfectly fried egg made without oil or butter slid off the stone cookware pan and on to the plate with yolk fully intact.  To clean, just a wipe off the pan with a paper towel is all that was needed and the pan was ready to go, and still had the slippery coating. After several uses you my feel the slippery feeling of the stone cookware surface wearing off.  Just add a few drops of oil at this point and wipe to re-coat the surface.  If you do wash the pan with warm soapy water, let it cool down and re-season before using it again, as washing with soapy water will remove the oil coating.


What Comes with the STONELINE Cookware 8 Pc. Non Stick Cookware Set?8-inch frying pan



  • 8-inch frying pan
  • 9.5-inch Saute pan
  • 1-quart saucepan with Lid
  • 2.6-quart cooking pot with Lid
  • 4.8-quart roasting pot with Lid


Induction Ready Stainless Steel Bottom

Every piece of STONELINE Cookware has a stainless steel plate on the bottom, which makes this the best non stick cookware compatible with all the most common types of cooking surfaces, including induction, gas, electric and ceramic. Like the finest stainless steel cookware, the steel plate on the bottom of this stone cookware helps distribute heat evenly over the cooking surface so there are no cold or hot spots and your food cooks evenly and perfectly every time.


Stoneline Wok



Can STONELINE Cookware Go in the Dishwasher?


It is not recommended to put stone cookware in the dishwasher, which can damage the coating.  All you need to do to clean this non-stick cookware is to simply hand wash in warm soapy water or wipe with a paper towel.



Are the Pans Heavy?


I found the pans to be a bit heavier and sturdier than cheap non-stick cookware, but definitely lighter than our cast iron 3 qt pans, dutch oven and 12″ deep skillet.



Comfortable Ergonomic Handles

The STONELINE Cookware skillet and fry pan comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle that is designed and shaped to fit your hand perfectly, for easy comfortable use.

You can see how the handle is thicker in the middle where you put your hand.


The handles on the pots are ergonomically shaped and designed to perfectly fit the meaty part of your hand behind your thumb, and has holes for your fingers.  This is important if the pot is bit heavy, especially when making a heart dish like soup, stew or meat to prevent pain or injury to your wrists or hands.


Drip Free Pouring

Don’t you hate poorly designed pans and pots that drip liquids down the side, which can make a mess or even cause a stovetop fire?  The STONELINE cookware is designed with drip-free edges.

I tried this with water in the skillet, pot and dutch oven, and the liquid poured out easily and without a single drip down the side.  This may be the best non-stick cookware on the market today.


With the new Stoneline Extreme Non Stick Cookware, you can pour hot liquids from the pots without the risk of spills or drips.


Is STONELINE Cookware Oven Safe?


STONELINE Cookware PFOA-free non-stick pans and pots are oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/180 degrees Celsius. The 2 piece XL Roaster and lid/baking dish are oven-safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit/218 degrees Celsius. The handles can get hot when the pans or pots are put in the oven or broiler, so it is recommended to use a towel or oven mitts when removing the pans from the oven to prevent burns.


Lids with Vents


If you are tired of cleaning up the mess on your stove that always seems to happens when steam and liquids in the pot bubble up out of the lids, then STONELINE may be the solution for you.  The clear and sturdy glass see-through lids have a small vent hole to release steam and heat so you can keep the lid on to prevent splashing.


How Well Does STONELINE Cookware Work?


As part of my review, I used this stone cookware pans several times with different dishes to see how well they worked, especially to see if they were truly non-stick, compared to my other non-stick cookware and the no oil was needed.

I have to say, Stoneline Cookware outperformed some of my favorite non stick cookware that I have been using for several years.

My first use was to cook a fried egg, and in the second use I made taco meat. This was a good experiment, since I make this dish often, and there is always a bit of sauce and meat remnants to scrub on my regular pans.

I started by sweating one medium chopped onion.  Other than seasoning the pan before first use as recommended, no other oil or fat was used, and the onions turned out perfectly in about 5 minutes.


I then added and browned 1 pound of ground beef.  Between the light weight of the pan and ergonomic handle, I was able to pour off the fat easily and with no spills.  I added tomato sauce and some spices, put on the lid and let it cook for about 15 minutes, until all the meat was cooked, and the sauce had a thick consistency.  I was able to easily see the sauce bubbling and steam swirling around through the see-through lid, and I could see the heat escaping through the vent hole.


After letting the pan cool down, most of the left over sauce remnants were easily removed with a paper towel.  A quick wipe down with a soapy sponge in warm water and no scrubbing was all that was needed, and the pan was perfectly clean.


Benefits of Using STONELINE Cookware


  •  The non-stick coating is natural and 100% PFOA-free.  Perfluorooctanoic acid, which is used in many brands of non-stick cookware is a toxic chemical than can cause health issues if the surface becomes scratched, chipped or the cookware is over-heated.  The toxic chemicals in PFOA are known to be lethal to pet birds, so why would you have it in your home near animals, children or adults?
  • STONELINE uses a patented micro stone coating, which is naturally nonstick and is 10 times harder than other non-stick coatings to prevent scratching, flaking or cracking.
  • Promotes healthy cooking, since you never need oil, fat or butter for cooking.
  • The cookware comes with a 12 year warranty, and with proper use and care can last for many years.
  • STONELINE Cookware has a stainless steel plate that allows it to be used on most types of cooktops, including gas, electric, induction and ceramic.  Most other non stick pans are not suitable for induction burners.
  • Cleans up easily with just a wipe with a paper towel or warm soapy water.


12 Year Warranty

STONELINE Cookware comes with a 12 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and care.  The manufacturer says while STONELINE cookware is warranted for 12 years, with proper care, including hand washing and using wood, silicone or other non-metallic utensils the cookware should last beyond the 12 year warranty.


Where Can I Buy STONELINE cookware?

STONELINE pots, pans, cookware sets, bakeware, knives and food prep tools are available at


You can find Stoneline Extreme Non Stick Cookware exclusively at



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