STONELINE Cookware Non Stick Wok Review

STONELINE Cookware Non stick wok

I was contacted by STONELINE Cookware.  They asked me to review their  STONELINE non stick wok.

I like the natural PFOAS-free non stick stone coating.  The non stick micro-stone surface does not contain any toxic chemicals, and I couldn’t wait to see how stone cookware performed against my other non stick cookware sets.

A wok is a traditional metal Chinese cooking vessel with a small flat bottom and flared sides that is used for quick stir frying, deep frying, boiling, braising and searing meat, chicken, fish, pork and vegetables.  The small flat bottom generates high heat that allows you cook food quickly, and the flared sides allows you to push food up the sides of the wok so they cook at a lower temperature as compared to food on the bottom that is in direct contact with heat.



What is STONELINE Stone Cookware?


STONELINE is a revolutionary natural non stick stone cookware developed in Germany over ten years ago.

It is made with a patented PFOA-free (Perfluorooctanoic acid) natural micro-stone non stick coating.  The Stoneline Stone Cookware Wok is said to be 10 times harder than other non stick coatings to give you many years of use.  With the patented micro stone coating, this Stone Cookware is nonstick and scratch resistant.  It allows you can cook hot and fast like a regular wok, for perfect:

  • stir-frying
  • steaming
  • braising
  • deep frying
  • and simmering


without all the unhealthy oil.  The manufacturers of Stoneline took the features and needs home cooks needed and asked for and built them into what many people say is the best non stick cookware set on the market.



How Does the STONELINE Wok work?


The Stoneline Stone Cookware Non Stick Wok has a large 12″ diameter and a flat bottom to sit on an electric, gas, or induction burner, and has a see thru shatter-proof lid.

Before your first use, wash with a sponge and warm soapy water.  Dry and season with a few drops of olive oil. This will give the micro stone coating slippery feel.



A unique feature of the PFOA-Free STONE Cookware Wok is a stainless steel plate on the bottom.  This plate generates heat from the burner and transfers it directly to the cooking surface.

With the Stoneline Stone Cookware Wok, can stir fry,  boil, braise or sear meat and vegetables.

With the non stick wok, you can cook and stir fry it’s own juices without the use of added oil or unhealthy fat, which can add unhealthy fat and calories to your food.  You can use a  small amount of oil or water to brown meat or sweat onions.

I tested out the Stoneline Non stick wok making my one of my favorite Chinese Food dishes, Szechuan beef with asparagus. Read on to find out how well this stone cookware wok performed, and see my review of this unique non stick wok.

If you are interested in the best non-stick cookware set that is 100% PFOA free, then check out my STONELINE Cookware Recipe Master 12 Pc. Non Stick Cookware Set Review to learn the benefits of stone cookware.


Stoneline Wok


No Oil Needed


With a regular wok, you need to use a lot of oil for flavor and to transfer heat from the pan to the food.  A unique feature of this STONELINE  non stick pan is the stainless steel plate on the bottom, which transfers heat directly from the burner to the pan.  This unique feature not found on other non stick pans allows you can cook with little or no oil for healthy cooking.



What Utensils Should You Use?


To prevent scratching of the micro-stone coating, you should only use wood or silicone utensils in this or any non stick cookware.  Usually to saute onions and garlic, you need alteast a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan.  

I was able to saute onions, garlic, ginger and vegetables with no oil other than the few drops of olive oil to season the wok.  Within a few minutes I had perfectly translucent onions and the garlic didn’t burn, which is a problem I frequently have with other pans.

Stoneline Wok

Unique Lid Design with vent hole


The STONELINE Stone Cookware Non Stick Wok comes with a sturdy clear glass lid with a ventilation hole.  With this unique design you can put a lid on the wok to prevent liquid splattering.  The vent hole allows steam to be escape.


Stoneline lid


Ergonomic handles

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This is the best non stick wok I have used, since it comes with two large ergonomic handles.  You can comfortably hold the wok in place with one hand, while you stir fry with the other hand.

When I stir fried chicken and vegetables.



What is the Warranty?


The STONELINE cookware wok comes with a 12 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or improper handling.



How Can you Clean the Wok?


The beauty the of stone cookware surface is this revolutionary non stick cookware is easy to clean. Depending on what you cook in it, you can either simply wipe down the surface with with a damp sponge or wet paper towel.

If you need to clean with a sponge and soap, dry with a towel and re-season with a few drops of oil. STONELINE cookware should be hand washed.  A dishwasher may damage the coating and may void your warranty.




This is a very nice wok with a Non-stick surface. It is an adequate size for the average family.

The Wok is deep and well made and holds up for our daily use. The glass dome lid has a metal ring in the vent hole to protect the integrity of the glass. I like the double rounded handles.

This is much easier to clean and works very well on our induction cooktop.

My favorite pan to cook in! This washes well, cooks great, and feels much cleaner, safer than using teflon non-stick. The size is great too– not too big, not too small! I love it!


Where Can You Buy the STONELINE Cookware Wok?


You can buy a STONELINE non stick wok and other STONELINEstone cookware sets exclusively at Amazon.comir?t=wwwmenshealth 20&l=ur2&o=1


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