9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pesky Cooking Odors

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Do you like cooking?  Well, most of us do but what we don’t like the pesky cooking odors that often accompany your cooking endeavors.

And those aftermaths include leaving dirty pots and pans overnight, the dishes to be cleaned and the unpleasant cooking odors that sits in the atmosphere of the kitchen, unready to leave.

Fret not, every problem has a solution so it does also have.

After researching and experiencing all the possible solutions to get rid of pesky cooking odors, we have come up with  9 easy ways to enjoy cooking without pesky cooking odors. Enjoy the read.


Here are 9 Ways to get rid of Pesky Cooking Odors?


1- Open the windows

If your kitchen has some windows, getting rid of kitchen odors could be solved in the next 10 to 15 mins.  Just open the windows.

But if the kitchen is closed from all sides except the entering door, it may take you some time to fully ward off those pesky kitchen odors, because there is no particular route for the fresh air to get in and stale air to go out. In this case, you can try opening the windows of the lounge or other rooms to at least invite the good air for the rest of the house so the odor is not allowed to spread.


2- Set a bowl of vinegar

use vinegar to eliminate cooking odors

Another tip to rescue your cooking odor-packed kitchen is to keep white vinegar filled bowls here and there.

Vinegar has the exceptional property of absorbing cooking odors, since it’s too acidic, it does not let any other acid-alike agent be present around it. So, it tends to reduce its effect.

When you put some vinegar in the bowl and set it around the four corners of your kitchen, it will silently absorb the pesky-smelling moisture from the air, thus ridding cooking odors and leaving normal air to breathe in.



3- Bake something

If the cooking odors are getting unbearable and you are expecting some guests to come over anytime, you can bake something appetizing that also smells good. Therefore doing so, the baking smell will dominate over the foul cooking odors,and your house will be pleasant and positive at the same time. In this case, some really good options are baking banana bread, strawberry cupcakes, cheese-stuffed rolls, and chocolate chip cookies.


5- Boil baking soda

Baking soda is that one staple that can be used in every kitchen hack, be it related to household or beauty. Because it’s a magic ingredient to eliminate cooking odors. The next time you cook fish in bulk, just put some spoons of baking soda in the saucepan and put it on the back burner. After you are done cooking, let it still be there boiling and boiling, and just notice how your kitchen does not smell like a fish market anymore. Yes, it tends to absorb the unwanted smell in it. I told you it’s a magic ingredient.


3- Use Scented candles to rid cooking odors

light candles to eliminate cooking odorsScented candles are getting high-time in for a beautifully scented environment as an act for getting rid of pesky cooking odors. This generation wants good smells every time to soothe and calm their mood and muscles so it can be found in their bathrooms as well.

However, the kitchen is then too obvious a place to have a scented candle lit every time. You will cook ten times better when your nostrils are bringing you heavenly fragrance continuously. If you don’t want your kitchen to smell like roses or lavender, you may try vanilla scented candles.


6- Turn ON the exhaust fan

If you have an exhaust fan in your kitchen, just turn its switch ON. Otherwise, you can also have a table exhaust fan that does not need to be fitted in the wall but works the same way.  You would have to put it near the kitchen door or the window to pull out the bad air, and eliminate cooking odors.


7- Install the air purifier

The market is full of air purifiers for all purposes. Apart from purifiers for dust, mold, and germs, you can also have one for kitchen odors at affordable prices. If you do not want to trust the regular tricks and tips, let the technology handle it for you. An air purifier will work by purifying the bad-smelling air into good smell through its various built-in filters.


8- Know where the smell is coming from

Realizing the basic reason behind the odor can stand beneficial for you to eliminate it in less time. If it is the cutting rack, you should rinse it in soapy water. If it is the dust bin, free it by discarding the waste out. Similarly, if it is the refrigerator or some storage cabinet, you need to clean it every inch and declutter it. Therefore, if it is some utensil, wash it right away as well. At this point, using good kitchen cookware is also very important such as carbon steel cookware does not let the food odor stay on its surface for too long. Read more at Kitcheniest to know more benefits of this specific cookware material.



9- Brew Coffee

If you have some coffee beans pending to be grounded, try grinding it in your kitchen right after you smell the excessive odor. If you don’t know, coffee holds a strong aroma that can ultimately alter the atmosphere into smelling positive. Or else, you can simply brew it into boiling water if no grinding business has to be done. Just add a tablespoon of coffee in water or you can also add cinnamon into it that also keeps a strong aroma and does a similar job.



Last but not the least, Take care of yourself

This fact is quite underestimated for no reason but it keeps its significance nonetheless. Most of the time those pesky cooking or kitchen odors are not coming from any utensil or a specific part of your kitchen but yourself. Yes, from you, your clothes, hair, and body.

After working for a certain time in the kitchen, you might catch an odor of garlic or ginger you were chopping into the paste, onion you were slicing, or the fish you just washed in the sink.


Therefore, you must wear an apron to keep stains at bay as well as wear a cooking cap and make use of gloves while doing the recipes that include ingredients high in odors.


The best daily habit would be to take a shower and change your clothes after a hectic cooking session or day so you don’t sleep with those smells and disturb the people around you.


Also, keep a good scented hand wash backed by moisturizing properties at your kitchen sink counter and wash your hands with it to get rid of foul smell at the end of the cooking right away.



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Risa Weiner is a food blogger and founder of www.kitcheniest.com

A creative working mother living in Canada. She has professional certification in cooking and her mission is to help families about making meals and kitchen appliances.





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