What is a Video Cookbook, and Why Every Home Cook Needs One?

panna-video-cookbookThe video cookbook has emerged as the best way to learn how to cook, whether you are an experienced home cook or if this is your first time cooking in the kitchen, since it takes the traditional two-dimensional cookbook that uses a professional picture generally of just the finished dish, and you are able to watch the chef prepare each step of the dish while you follow the recipe step-by-step on your laptop, cell phone or tablet computer.

With streaming video recipes, you get to follow the chef actually cook the dish on your laptop, cell phone or tablet computer, while you also follow the traditional recipe format as well.  This is superior to watching a cooking show, then wasting time trying to find the recipe online.

With this new digital cookbook format in Panna Cooking, this eliminates the frustration of following the recipe in a cookbook only to have it come out looking different compared to the professional photographed dish in the cookbook.

Since you are able to hear the chef talk about the inspiration for the dish and follow the chef as they prepare the recipe step-by-step in the video cookbook, you are able to pay close attention to each step, and go back and watch any particular step again, to make sure you haven’t missed a step or added the exact ingredient in the right measurement.

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An advantage of this new video cookbook format is that you are able to cook your recipe while following a professionally trained chef as they cook the same recipe on the screen, to ensure your dish comes out looking just like it supposed to, and you still get to follow the traditional recipe format of measuring and pouring ingredients.

A video cookbook can include recipes from a single chef, or be a collection of recipes from several chefs.  Panna Cooking includes recipes from award-winning chefs that cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as, unique holiday dishes so you know the dishes you prepare will be delicious and restaurant quality.

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