Xtrema Ceramic Cookware 10 Year Anniversary Sale

Xtrema Anniversary Signature Collection


To celebrate Xtrema Ceramic Cookware‘s 10 year anniversary of making the best PFOA- free natural ceramic cookware sets, they are having a sale on their entire line of ceramic cookware, bakeware, FridgeX, and Teaware.

You can enjoy discounts of 20-40%.


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Xtrema Ceramic is true 100% PFOA-Free healthy non stick cookware made primarily from clay and water, and various inorganic minerals, such as Kaolinite, Mullite Petalite, Cordierite and refractory clay that are non toxic, safe and found in the earth’s crust.  This beautiful clay cookware is coated with 100% safe lead-free glaze that is baked on to create a scratch free cooking surface.

This inorganic materials do not include chemically treated aluminum or cookware coated with potentially dangerous Teflon.

In an effort to live a more natural life free of chemicals and toxins that can leech into our food and ultimately into our bodies, people are searching not only for natural chemical free foods, they are also in search of chemical free cookware.

Clay cookware is the oldest form of cookware known to man, dating back to the dawn of civilization, and the recipe has remained largely unchanged.

Xtrema Cookware uses this millennium-old recipe to make its cookware, except for firing the cookware in a modern kiln.  Other forms of non stick cookware are made in hours, while Xtrema cookware still takes nearly 21 days from beginning to end.  You can’t rush the process when using natural PFOA-free ingredients to create the origial green cookware like our ancestors used.


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If you are looking to replace your non-stick cookware with clay cookware, you need to take advantage of the Xtrema Cookware 10 year anniversary sale and save 20-40%.



The Xtrema Signature Collection – 28 Piece 100% Ceramic Cookware Set


The Xtrema Signature Collection - 28 Piece Versa FireBrick Red 100% Ceramic Cookware Set

Regular Price: $629.99


Special Price: $ 399.99
You Save: 37%


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*NEW ARRIVAL* Xtrema 10 Piece Versa Midnight Black 100% Ceramic Starter Cookware Set


*NEW ARRIVAL* Xtrema 10 Piece Versa Midnight Black 100% Ceramic Starter Cookware Set

Regular Price: $149.99

Special Price: $ 119.99

You Save: 20%

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Xtrema 2.5 Qt Retro Stove Top Teapot Set- Includes 4 Mugs


Xtrema Midnight Black 2.5 Qt Asiana Stove Top Teapot Set- Includes 4 Black Mugs


Regular Price: $174.99

Special Price: $ 122.99

You Save: 30%

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Ovenex 3 Piece Ceramic Bakeware Set

Ovenex Midnight Black 3 Piece Ceramic Bakeware Set


Regular Price: $149.99

Special Price: $ 99.99

You Save: 33%

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FridgeX Storage


FridgeX 6 Piece Silicone FireBrick Red Collapsible Food Storage Set

Regular Price: $79.99

Special Price: $ 63.99

You Save: 20%

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What is Xtrema Ceramic Cookware


Rich Bergstrom started Ceramcor and Xtrema Cookware after a 23 year career with cookware giant, Corning Glass Works, the maker of Pyrex glass cookware.

A chance meeting in 2004 introduced Bergstrom to a manufacturer of natural ceramic cookware, and in 2007 Ceramcor was founded and Xtrema ceramic cookware was soon after introduced to the market, and the rest is history.

Ceramcor does something other ceramic cookware manufacturers do not do.  They provide the product testing certifications of Xtrema Cookware, showing that it is 100% free of lead, cadmium and other harmful product often found in other non stick cookware products.

You can read our Xtrema Cookware Review Here.

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