7 Things Your Coffee Maker Wish You Would Stop Doing

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If your coffee maker could talk, I bet it would say, here are the 7 Things Your Coffee Maker Wish You Would Stop Doing.

Correct me if am wrong but am sure the first day you bought your coffee maker, every possible company representative would bang at your door trying to show you the dos that will improve your machine’s life and performance. Although there’s a user manual, these representatives will show you the type of coffee your machine is able to make, how to clean the interior and so on.

But, did anyone ever tell you that your coffee maker can get annoyed at you? I guess not. Now, to avoid any disappointments when brewing your favorite cup of coffee, this article will give you seven things your coffee brewer wish you would stop doing to ensure that you enjoy rich and delicious coffee at the comfort of your kitchen.



Never re-use your ground coffee

Don't Use Old Grounds to make coffeeOne of the bad behaviors your coffee maker wish you would stop doing is re-using your coffee grounds day after day. First, re-using your coffee grounds will definitely lead to a weaker brew which is less rich and non-aromatic. Although some people might view it as a waste, using new ground coffee in your coffee maker will always lead to a rich cup of flavored coffee.

Used coffee grounds are a tasty treat for your plants,not people.

Secondly, using wet pre-ground coffee might expose your coffee maker at a higher risk of clogging which can easily wear off the interior components with time. If you’re worrying too much about wasting your used coffee grounds, you can opt to use them as fertilizer as they’re rich in essential nutrients.



Don’t let Your Machine’s Reservoir Run Empty

empty coffee cupWith the advancement of technology, modern coffee brewers are now fitted with advanced programmable features that notify you when something needs your attention. Coffee makers such as Jura and Saeco are designed to automatically notify you when the water tank needs a refill.

However, if you’re using a capsule coffee maker to brew your morning cup, then you’ll definitely have to keep checking the water level as the machine doesn’t have any notification alerts. In case the water tank is empty, your machine may suffer from air blockage. An air block occurs when air gets sucked into the boiler causing the machine to seize brewing.



Failing to Clean your Coffee Maker Thoroughly


how to clean a coffee maker


Another habit your coffee maker would wish you stopped doing is failing to clean the interior components after a brewing process. If you really wish your coffee brewer to offer full service for a long time without any disappointments, you need to develop a ritual of cleaning the interior parts more comprehensively.

One of the areas that need to be cleaned really well is the milk system. To avoid drinking an awfully brewed cup of morning cappuccino, always develop a habit of cleaning the milk system to flush out any milk deposits in the piping system. Apart from just cleaning the removable parts, always run a brew cycle through the milk system to clean it entirely.



Avoid using Uncertified Coffee Beans

coffee beansOne of the most important components of your brewing machine is the quality of coffee beans you’re using. When choosing the beans, always search for those beans with a sort of certification and quality from reputable sources, coffiery.com.

You see, sacrificing quantity over quality can really mess up your brew and your coffee maker in the long run. Unlike those certified beans, most unsatisfied coffee beans contain stones and twigs which can damage your coffee grinder or even cause mild or severe health problems to your system.



Don’t mix up things

mixed upOne reason why most coffee makers fail to deliver quality brews is mixing up things. For instance, some people might opt to add milk products such as powder milk on a coffee maker that’s not programmed for such. Although it’s good to experiment, doing this will only end up damaging your coffee maker to a point that it can’t be reversed.

Always read through the manual to understand your machine better and learn how to operate it without incorporating any guesswork.



Stop storing your coffee beans carelessly


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For you to enjoy a superb cup of hot coffee, you need to start off by storing your coffee beans in the right place. When your coffee beans are stored correctly, chances are that they will remain fresh for a considerably longer period of time without getting stale.

Now that you own a classic coffee maker machine, I believe your brewer will be more than willing to safeguard its brand name by brewing the best cup of Joe for you. If your coffee beans are not fresh, then how will you expect your machine to smile when you’ve already robbed it of its bragging rights?



Avoid Brewing with Hard Water

never use hard water to make coffeeDid you know that a cup of coffee is made up of 99% water? The minute you use unfavorable water during brewing, you simply decline the quality and flavor of your morning brew. Hard water is not the best for brewing as it contains minerals such as calcium which automatically destroys the pleasant sweet flavor of your brew.

To ensure that your coffee remains fresh and perfect, always use filtered or pure water when brewing. Through this, you’ll at least give your coffee maker a chance to brag and show its counterparts what it’s really made of.



There you have it. If you’ve been wondering why your coffee maker is disappointing you time after time, I believe you now know the reason. With those seven pointers, all you have to do is simply cultivate a new culture of using your coffee maker in a more responsible manner to enjoy stellar coffee in the long run.

Coffee makers are complex machines that have been programmed to operate in a precise manner. The engineers have invested ample time in programming the machine to ensure that it gives you the best services in the highest quality possible. Therefore, for you to enjoy the best out of your coffee maker, make sure that you avoid repeating any of the seven habits we’ve mentioned above.



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