Welcome to The-Cooking Pot.  As a Stay-At-Home Dad I found most of the cooking blogs and cookware websites are geared towards women and really didn’t find anything that appealed to men in the kitchen.  I started this blog to help men who are experienced or newbie SAHDs find their way around the kitchen.

This blog provides product reviews on home cookware and kitchen appliances.  Tips to care and maintain your cookware and kitchen appliances, and nutritious and healthy recipes you can prepare for your family.

Happy Cooking,



The Topics You Will Find in The-Cooking Pot are:


Cast Iron Cookware 

Every kitchen needs cast iron cookware.  Read product reviews on cast iron and enameled cast iron cookware, and learn how to care for your cast iron to get years of use.





Stainless Steel Cookware

Watch a cooking show, and all the chefs use stainless steel cookware.  Find product reviews on professional quality stainless steel cookware for the home chef.  Guys, women love a man who knows his stainless steel.






Non-Stick Cookware

Non-Stick cookware is easy to use and clean.  Learn about the best non-stick cookware to make cooking easy that does not contain harmful chemicals, such as Teflon and PFOP.







Kitchen Appliances

Find the latest and greatest kitchen appliances to make food preparation fun and easy for any Stay At Home Dad.






Recipes    As I find delicious, nutritious and easy recipes, I will post them here.

Ken Weiss

Ken Weiss is a blogger and stay at home dad.He is the founder of the-cookingpot.com, a cooking blog for stay at home dads, that offers cookware reviews, easy recipes and tips on how to make money with a blog.

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