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Best Cookware Reviews


We painstakingly research and provide Cookware reviews of the best cookware sets and small kitchen appliances every dad in the kitchen needs.

We save you the time and headache of spending hours on the internet, so you can spend it with your kids.

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Cast Iron Cookware     Non-Stick Cookware    Stainless Steel Cookware 



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Hard Anodized Cookware       Small Kitchen Appliances


Easy Healthy Recipes


Just click the photo below, and we’ll see you on the other side of this cooking blog to discover many easy recipes any stay at home dad can whip up with kids or for the family.


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How To Make Money Blogging


Have you ever wanted to make money on the internet, but thought it is too hard, or you don’t have time taking care of your kids at home?

We have the best courses on how to make money blogging. Every stay at home dad has the opportunity make money online,  and most of the programs cost less than $100.


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Happy Cooking!


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