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  • Should be min 800 words in length.  Any articles less than 800 words in length will be returned to the author.
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  • Please note, affiliate links and links to retail websites are not permitted and will immediately be removed.

Link Spam -No more “dofollow” links

In the recent Google Link Spam Update released on July 26th, 2021, Google has identified several types of links it will now identify as link spam.

This includes: affiliate links, links in guest posts and links in sponsored posts.

To prevent this type of content from being flagged as link spam, thus downgrading the content and negatively impacting the website,  links in guest posts and sponsored posts will now be identified with a rel=”sponsored” meta tag.

How to qualify your links to Google.

I will no longer identify your content with a “dofollow” tag.

If this is an issue for you, do not request a guest post or sponsored post.

Ken Weiss