Welcome to The-Cooking Pot. My name is Ken Weiss and I am a stay at home dad to two beautiful girls, and a full-time blogger.

After 15 years in a corporate job I got tired of fighting traffic, missing family event, and begging for a day off.

I love cooking, so I started a cooking blog for stay at home dads.  As I researched stay at home parent blogs and cooking blogs, I found most of the cooking blogs and cookware websites are written for women and moms, and I really didn’t find any blogs written  for the perspective of stay at home dads or men.

I also discovered that men approach these important issues differently than women do.  Reading parenting blogs opened my eyes to another important issue for stay at home dads, the articles were written for a female audience.

This cooking blog is for stay at home dads, and provides cookware product reviews on the best cookware and kitchen appliances every dad in the kitchen needs.

You will also discover easy recipes your family will love that are delicious, nutritious and easy to make.

As a blogger, you will also find valuable tips and products so you can also learn how to make money blogging while the kids are sleeping or at school.

I try to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in contact with me:


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Happy Cooking,


Ken Weiss