What is the Best Ceramic Cookware Set to Buy?
July 22, 2015 Ceramic Cookware Reviews

If you are thinking about buying a set of ceramic cookware, there are a few things you need to be aware of about determining which is the best ceramic cookware set before plucking your hard earned money down on a new ceramic cookware set.

A real 100% ceramic cookware set will set you back about $300 and is hand made from 100% real clay, formed with moulds and cooked in a kiln.  There are mo metal pieces or glass lids on real ceramic cookware.

There are many companies selling ceramic cookware for $100 or less.  Stay away from these cheap cookware sets. They are not ceramic cookware, but rather ceramic coated aluminum cookware.    The coating is not real ceramic, which is clay, but rather a synthetic plastic material.   The aluminum cookware pieces are dipped into a bath of this synthetic ceramic material, and due to a lack of standards as to what real ceramic cookware is, there manufacturers are able to label the cookware as “ceramic cookware” or “ceramic coated cookware.”

Ceramic coated cookware has 3-5 year lifespan, while real ceramic cookware will last a lifetime with proper care and handling.

Now that we have your lesson on what real ceramic cookware is, let’s turn our attention to who makes the best ceramic cookware.


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Who makes Real Ceramic Cookware?


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Currently, there are only two companies that make real 100% ceramic cookware sets:


  • Xtrema Cookware 14 piece ceramic cookware set by Cermacor
  • Healthy Chef Ceramic 16 piece cookware set by Dr. Mercola

Let’s Take a Closer Look:



Dr. Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic 16 piece set Includes:



  • 6.5″ open skillet with handle (1 pc)
  • 10″ skillet/Braiser with short handles and cover (2 pcs)
  • 1.25 qt saucepan w/ lid (2 pcs)
  • 3.5 qt. sauce pot with cover (2 pcs)
  • 7.5 silicone trivet (1 pc)
  • Silicone pot holders (2 pcs)
  • Kitchen tool set (6 pcs)

Sells for $269.00



Cermacor Xtrema Ceramic Cookware 14 pc cookware set:

14 Piece Firebrick Red Versa 100% Ceramic Cookware Set


  • 10″ Braiser Skillet with Cover: Bottom Diameter  9.25″ Top Diameter 10.5″ Depth 2.75″ Wt 7 Lbs
  • 16 Oz Versa Pot with Cover: Bottom Diameter 3.75″ Top Diameter 4.75″ Depth 2.75″ Weight 1.0 lbs
  • 1.25 Qt Versa Pot with Cover: Bottom Diameter 6.0″ Top Diameter 7” Depth 3” Weight 2.25 Lbs
  • 2.5 Qt Versa Pot with Cover: Bottom Diameter 7″ Top Diameter 8″ Depth 3.5” Weight 3.5 Lbs
  • 3.5 Qt Versa Pot with Cover:  Bottom Diameter 7.5″ Top Diameter 9.25″ Depth 4.0″ Weight 4.74 lbs
  • (4) Black Silicone Pot Holders

Sells for $382.49

Source: Xtrema Cookware



Are there any similarities between both lines of ceramic cookware?


  • If you look at both ceramic cookware sets, each looks very similar in cosmetics and construction.
  • Both come with a 50 year warranty.
  • Provides information on high heat tolerance.  Both can handle up to 2,700 degree F.
  • Includes information how to clean your ceramic cookware.
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Are there any differences between both lines of ceramic cookware?


The Cermacor website provides substantially more information about the manufacturing of Xtrema Cookware, including:


  • How Xtrema cookware is made, including pictures.  Mercola doesn’t provide any details.
  • Cermacor provides testing results for toxicity.  Mercola doesn’t provide any details.
  • Xtrema ceramic cookware set comes with 5 of the most popular cookware pieces,  Healthy Chef comes with 4 cookware pieces.
  • Cermacor only provides manufacturing origin.
  • Xtrema comes in three colors to match your kitchen or personality.  Healthy Chef is only offered in black.
  • Xtrema Cookware includes a 10″ brazer pot and 16″ versatile pot.  Mercola offers a 10″ brazer, but does not offer a larger pot for making stew or cooking a large piece of meat, like roast or chicken.
  • Cermacor offers Free Shipping on all order over $100 and the information clearly visible on the front page. Mercola is offering a promotional free shipping on order over $49, but you have to hunt for the information.




While the Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware Set is cheaper than the Cermacor Xtrema Ceramic Cookware by nearly $100, you are also getting less.

Every cookware set needs to include a large pot for making soup, stews or cooking cuts of meat, and sadly Mercola falls short here.  That means you will have a use a non-ceramic pot for anything larger than making eggs, or a small dish in the skillet.

If you want a complete matching ceramic cookware set, then my recommendation is the Xtrema Ceramic cookware set.  

If you are more price conscious and saving $100 is more important, then the Mercola Healthy Kitchen Ceramic cookware set is your best option.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the comment. I will look at the items you mentioned and see how to add them in.

  2. i can say you will try to view some reviews because many people talk about there experience for buying your targeted product. that was the best source

  3. Ceramic coated isn’t that bad. Some of it has a lifetime warranty. Greenspan is supposed to be the best one with the best warranty, and they tell you exactly how it is made. There is a lot of debate about the nano particles in pure ceramic–myself I would like to have some of the Xtrema.

  4. Thank you so much for your informative review. It is time to upgrade, and I am searching for info.

  5. Thank you so much for your great info:) It is really good to know about all other affordable companies and places to get the clay pots.

  6. Elizabeth Miller-Lewis

    Hey there – I am looking at buying either Dr Mercola or Xtrema Cookware. However for one Xtrema skillet, the postage is going to cost NZD $85 & for two items NZD $175!!!! Is this reasonable? Dr Mercola’s postage was much cheaper. Many thanks :-)

    • Hey Elizabeth,

      Xtrema Cookware is made by Ceramcor. Ceramcor also makes the ceramic cookware for Dr. Mercola.

      I’m not sure what normal shipping should be to New Zealand, so I can’t say what is reasonable.

      Since they are virtually the same products, I would look at the product cost and shipping to determine which is the best overall value for you.



  7. Ceramcor (xtrema) makes the pans for Mercola so they are exactly the same thing.


    • Dom, Thanks for your comment. Ceramcor is a manufacturer of ceramic cookware, while Dr. Mercola sells products and simply re-branded Ceramcor cookware with his name and logo, and without the Ceramcor lead-free certificates available on the Ceramcor website.



  8. Im contemplating on getting the Xtrema cookware set. But have been hearing numerous comments about Xtrema being very prone to breaking which is a DEAL BREAKER . I dont even mind the price as for me quality and being healthy has more merits than price but I have a small sink in kitchen which makes pots and pans to bang on the edges of the sink! And for that reason alone I am not going to buy the Xtrema cookware :'( I am now leaning towards Le Creuset (which is much heavier and appearently more durable although twice or thrice more expensive) but even for LE Creuset I have heard that their enamel comes off east or anything to do with warranty the company doesnt honor it and blames the customer!

    I need to know an alternative company that is similar to either Xtrema or LE Creuset cookware

    • Hi Sarah,

      Let’s start with Xtrema Cookware. This is 100% ceramic cookware, which while a benefit for healthy cooking, ceramic cookware can break if dropped or banged around with force. This is an issue with all ceramic cookware, and not just Xtrema Cookware.

      Regarding Le Creuset, I have never heard of the enamel coating coming off, since the frit is baked on which creates the white ceramic coating. The only thing that would cause the enamel to crack is misuse.

      An alternative to Xtrema is Mercola, but it is still ceramic and thus just as prone to breaking.

      Another high quality enameled cast iron cookware line is Staub.

      Hope that helps.



  9. Hi i am from Germany n wanna buy Xtrema cookware but as i checked online , its shipping + tax is equal to the cooking pot price so can’t affort it. Can u help me finding out non enamelled ceramic cookware on normal cost in Germany?

  10. I feel your article is a little limited. There are lots of clay pots around that are really affordable. For example cazuelas, La Chamba clay ptots, Chinese sandpots, Italian, French, Japanese and Indian clay pots. Places like Spanish Table or La Tienda have some. Bram Cookware and sell even more. La Chamba and Indian claypots are even on amazon. I got a tajine for about $36, a 9 inch cazuela for $15 and a 12 inch cazuela (with lid) for $20. Then there are also great clay pots by Emile Henry. And they can all go on the stove, directly on gas, with a heat diffuser (a little wire that looks like a clover leaf and costs $2 to $5) on an electric stove. Flameware by Emile Henry doesn’t even need a diffuser.

  11. Bought the Mercola ceramic wok for $130, used it for about 33 days, then oops! Didn’t even drop it, just a wild scoot across the stone counter — broke instantly. Wish I had read the Amazon reviews first.

  12. Hi Ken,

    I would like to ask you about your experience with the Xtrema cookware?

    There are a lot of negative reviews online especially on Amazon about their product easily breaking and sticking during cooking. I know that online reviews can not be relied on in themselves being that a lot of them are just planted false information to steer people away. That is why I would like to here about your personal experience.

    I am considering Xtrema’s 10.5 qt. pot for primarily to make bone broth with and maybe their skillet with lid. At this point I don’t know whether to do that or take my chances with a high quality and much more expensive 304 Stainless steel cookware. Either way I will be taking a chance.

  13. Hi there,

    I am a stay at home working Dad myself. I was looking into the Belkraft stainless steel but now I am more geared towards the ceramic. I actually just ordered a VitaClay 4.2 qt slow cooker/rice cooker with an earthen pot that they do show is toxin free.

    You stated that Xtreme has documentation that shows that there products is free of lead, cadmium, etc. I have not been able to find anything like that for them. Can you please provide the location where it can be found? It is very important especially since it is made in China.

  14. Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I am going to forward this article to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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