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If you have home improvement ideas to update your kitchen, to remodel your bathroom, or to spruce up bedrooms or other rooms in your house, you should shop Kitchen Source for all your home improvement ideas.  In addition to the offering the lowest price of any online home improvement store, you will not pay any sales tax and get free shipping on any order over $99.

As a stay at home parent you probably already look for ways to accomplish your home improvement ideas or bathroom remodeling projects on a budget. This is important since home remodeling can be expensive, especially if you bring in a designer and you buy the home remodeling products through them.

To save on paying full retail price or paying a 10% to 30% markup a designer or contractor will charge you.  At Kitchen Source you will never pay full retail price for your home improvement ideas, so you can either put that money back in your pocket, or you may be able to upgrade the quality of the materials for the same price.


Why Choose Kitchen Source for Your Home Remodeling Ideas?


Kitchen Source was founded in 1996 by home remodeling experts with the goal of providing homeowners with an affordable option to accomplishing home improvement ideas at far below retail price.

With over 40 years experience in the home remodeling industry and more than 10,000 products on their website, you can shop For Brand Name Kitchen Accessories within any budget.

Are you are remodeling your kitchen, a bathroom, bedrooms or any other area in your house, or purchasing new kitchen appliances to update the most used area of your home?  Kitchensource negotiates the lowest prices from their suppliers, and the manufacturers ship the products directly to you from their warehouses.  This reduces handling, reduces the likelihood of damage and ultimately reduces the cost.  Many items also include free shipping, which further reduces your cost!

To save you more money, this online home improvement seller does not charge sales tax, except in CT, and you will get free shipping  on all purchases over $99.  Try getting your home improvement projects completed from any other home improvement store without paying sales tax.  This can be a savings of up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size of your home remodel project.


:: Kitchen Accessories
:: Cabinet Accessories
:: Bathroom Accessories
:: Home Accessories



In addition to the best prices for you home remodeling project, you can receive Free Shipping On Orders over $99. The owners of Kitchen Source are sure you’ll find the exact product you are looking for, and in most cases will be cheaper than any other home improvement store.


Some Personal Assistance, Please!


In addition to offering the best prices for your home remodeling,  the team at Kitchen Source offers something most home improvement stores don’t offer: one-on-one assistance to advise and guide you through your home improvement ideas from:

» home improvement concept

» planning and pre-purchase

» purchase and post-purchase

» installation

» In the end, your satisfaction is their number one goal.



What You Can Achieve with Kitchen Source


When was the last time you went into one of those big box home improvement stores to get small kitchen design ideas, and if you could even find someone who could help you and was knowledgeable about the products you need for your project, would spend more than 5 minutes with you?  Now go to their website and see if you can get online assistance.  This is what separates Kitchen Source from everyone else in the home improvement industry.

Whether you are doing a small home improvement project, up to retrofitting existing cabinets to organize them to better utilize your space, or taking on a major home improvement project, like installing a new kitchen, remodeling an existing kitchen or bathroom,  the highly knowledgeable sales team can guide you through the process making any necessary product recommendations.

Kitchen Source has searched the world to offer you the highest quality unique products that meet any budget.  With an inventory of more than 10,000 products; from high-end butcher-block islands by John Boos, to ready to assemble carts from Home Styles, whatever your budget, Kitchen Source has what you are looking for.


You Will Not Pay Sales Tax


In addition to having some of the lowest prices around on your home improvement ideas, Kitchen Source saves you even more money by not charging sales tax on your purchase, except in CT.


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Easy Returns


Returns are never fun, and some online home improvement companies just don’t make returns an easy process. Kitchen Source makes every effort to make the returns process as easy and pleasant as possible to either get the right product to you, or get your money back.


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers


We took just a small sample of the hundreds of testimonials from happy customers who have come to Kitchen Source for their home improvement ideas.  A few reviews discussed problems with their orders, and commented how the customer service team went out of their way to make the customer’s orders right.


“Thank you, the cutting board just arrived and it is absolutely perfect… Beautiful craftsmanship!”
Fran Stevens on the Stainless Craft Stainless Steel Cutting Boards

“hello, I am writing this letter to commend one of your customer service employees, Ms. Jessica Erzen….I ordered on line a very expensive medicine cabinet which arrived in broken pieces, freaked as I was, Jessica calmed me down and took care of everything for me , what a gem she is… this matter went on for some time but she never lost her patience or her positive attitude, I could always hear her smiling… please praise, promote or offer her a big raise she well deserves it. thank you. ”
Marilyn Cantor

“Hello, I received my order. It was a lot earlier than I thought I would get it. What a nice surprise. AND they fit beautifully and are exactly what I wanted. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thanks for a great product. ”
Leanna Rodabaugh on the Custom Inserts Spice Inserts

“I want to let you know that I love the three tiered TV Stand that I bought for my kitchen. My handman put it together and I am as happy as can be. It arrived well packed and there were no damages. Actually perfect. So, thank you!”
Lydia Zaris

“Dear Jessica and,
I just wanted to thank Jessica for all that she has done to help me get the part on my bench replaced. I first ordered this bench on Dec. 29. I then learned it was out of stock but I was willing to wait. This was the bench I have been looking for! Then, I did receive it finally in May, and one of the pieces was cracked. I wrote Jessica back hoping for the best. Of course, the piece was not in stock but they would send it when it became available if I was willing to wait. I am happy to say, I now have my new part and my beautiful bench is all assembled and I couldn’t be happier.
Thank you, Jessica, for always staying in touch with me and for helping me get my dream bench. Your help was much appreciated! ”
Courtney Mack

“Speaker stands arrived today.Took awhile to get here but they were well worth the wait.Husband says that they are the nicest stands he has ever seen.I agree.Very good quality.Thank you.”
Lynn & Dave Sigsworth

“I can not begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to be doing business with you.”
Laurie Lasky

“Thank you so much for the excellent service. I will certainly recommand friends and family to work with ”

“Thank you for being so helpful and professional in your handling of this matter. ”
Darren Kaufman


How to Start Your Home Improvement Ideas


To begin your home improvement ideas, visit Kitchen Source here, or click a link below to go to a specific area of the website.

:: Kitchen Accessories
:: Cabinet Accessories
:: Bathroom Accessories
:: Home Accessories


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