Driver X Movie – a movie about a stay at home dads trying to make ends meet!

Driver X - the Uber movie


Driver X, from acclaimed film producer Writer/director Henry Barrial and Producer Mark Stolaroff, and stars Patrick Fabian is the film for the millions of middle-age stay at home dads (SAHD), who were forced into this new mid-life career due to being downsized?  Taking kids to school, homework, play dates at the park with other stay at home moms who look at you a bit funny?  Hollywood finally hears you, with the new Driver X Movie, which chronicles the trials and tribulations of Leonard, a coming of middle-age man who has become a stay at home dad, and takes a job driving for Driver X (an Uber-like ridesharing service)  trying to make ends meet until he can find a new job in a market that sees a middle aged man as a bit of dinosaur in a world of younger and hipper Millenials Gen X’ers!



Patrick Fabian as Leonard

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Patrick Fabian (“Better Call Saul”) stars as Leonard, a middle-age husband and father who is forced into the role as a stay at home dad when is record store fails, and his wife must enter the work world to keep the family afloat, while Leonard tries to find a new job.

Driver X is really a coming of middle-age movie, for men who now must compete with Millenials and Gen X’ers for jobs, and also take on the role of house husband and caregiver to the kids, while their wives re-enter the workforce to support the family financially.  Leonard, like so many middle-aged men, who may not be up on the latest technology trends has to navigate a new hi-technology fast-paced world to find a job in a world that sees middle-aged men as dinosaurs.

The inspiration for Driver X came about when the horror movie Writer/director Henry Barrial was working on never came to fruition, and he had to take a job driving for Uber to make ends meet.  These real-life experiences became the motivation for the movie, and the context for the Leonard character, a record store owner who’s store closed, and his wife went back to work to support the family.  After two years of being a stay at home dad, no job offers and little money coming in, the stresses on his finances, his marriage and his life, Leonard joined the self-employed world as a ride sharing driver for Driver X.

Money is tight and like so many American families today, this causes a rift in Leonard’s marriage and his sense of manhood, since he is no loner the primary breadwinner.  With no job offers coming in, Leonard takes a job driving for Driver X, an Uber-like ride sharing service.  He soon realizes the big money is made in the late hours, and also big challenges for his life at home as a stay at home dad looking for a new job and his marriage.


But, what Henry Barrial experienced as a middle-age stay at home dad driving the “world revolves around me, or often inebriated Millennials and Gen X’ers” was gold for a movie writer, and became the crazy experiences Leonard faced while driving for Driver X.  He said, this is the real life of this up and coming generation, and the stuff he experienced driving for Uber,  you can’t make up.  The real-life scenarios he experienced became the movie, with a but of Hollywood added in.

Leonard is challenged as a middle-aged man now out of work, and out of touch with modern day technology, so how is he going to compete with tech-savvy Millenials and Gen X’ers for a job in a market that sees you as a dinosaur?





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Henry experienced first-hand how this up-and-coming generation sees the world, and how young single and attractive female millennials see a handsome middle-age guy trying to make ends meet.  The comments, and even the come-ons Henry experienced.


Driver X - the Uber movie

This creates a challenge and conundrum for Leonard.  Men who were once the bread-winners of the family and now are the ones who fold laundry and do carpools, can face bit of an identity crisis, as this new reality challenges their sense of man-hood.  Leonard’s manhood, identity and fidelity to his wife and kids are challenged night and night, when young and beautiful twenty-something female millenials who are often intoxicated, come on to him while he drives them home.  What is Leonard to do?


How You Can Ensure Driver X Gets Made

This is where you come in!  The film, Driver X, has been filmed and is now in post-production.  The Kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 ends on 4/14,16, and they have raised $31,000, but it’s an all or nothing deal.  If they don’t raise $35,000, the creators get ZERO.

Funds are needed in real life to get Driver X made, so the world can see what it’s like for a stat at home dad and his wife to face the challenges of being a stay at home dad.

Log on the Driver X Kickstarter Page here to lend your support to make sure this movie has the best sound, lighting and music available.


The creators of Driver X have assembled some amazing gifts for those who donate to help get this movie made.  You can pledge as little as $1 or as much as $10,000.


Some of our "Better Call Saul" goodies

Some of our Daniel Ash goodies

You can also learn more about Driver X on Facebook, where you can see cool photos, and interesting videos about the movie.


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