Fun Indoor Activities for Kids To Do When it’s Raining

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It really is a bummer when it rains and it pours so hard outside. You already have all your outdoor gear ready for camping–it is unfortunate to say that you’d have to cancel it.  These fun indoor activities will save the day.

But don’t worry, no rain can stop your fun in the weekend and ruin it.  With the help of these great fun indoor activities you can do inside, whether it is raining, thunderstorms or in the middle of a heavy blizzard.

When you’re all alone in the house you can just either wrap yourself in a blanket like a good looking burrito and just sleep all day.  You could also grab a book, and make some hot cocoa while you’re at it.

Maybe even binge-watching your favorite series till the weather calms down. If you’re stuck with your kids inside the heavy weather condition, then it is your job to make your kids occupied and divert their attention from this dreaded situation.  The last thing you want your kids to be is terrified.

5 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids to Do When It Is Raining

You are yet to find out what fun indoor activities await for you as you go deeper into this article.

All you’re going to need is your strong imagination, so better pour up a pitcher of your tasty creative juices. Here are 5 fun things to do when it is raining, and also know other important things to do as well.

  • Indoor Treasure Hunt!

These fun filled indoor activities will surely make your children’s imaginations run wild as they search around for hidden clues.  Lead them to the most valued treasure of the Pirate Captain (this would be you, ARGH!).

In order for you to achieve this amazing game, you need to make a set of clues.  It could be one for each player–and splay them around your house.  Also, make sure to add in some little rhyming there to make it fun.  Go ahead and bring out that Dr Seuss in you.

And also for your kids to keep in track of their hunt, put some label into the clues like “1/8” or “first clue”. For whoever finishes the hunt first, will be rewarded of a “treasure”–maybe some treats.

This could be a small toy, or maybe even coins.  Use either chocolates or the regular coins. They can also compete or work as a team, whatever works with you.

  • Make your very own Family Recipe Cook Book.

In this indoor activity, you’ll only need your taste buds, your mind-blowing creativity and of course, a lots and lots of scrapbook materials.  You can even add up the photos you’ve taken during family meals

What you need to do:

  • Have a copy of your photos, recipe cards, and other stuff to make sure not to damage the originals or if you wish to make more cook books.
  • Classify everything the way you find it more easier. I’d suggest to put it in order according to special events, holidays or any other theme that best suits for you.
  • Orient the items in a horizontal manner to consume more space.  Add in some photo corners for you to use to easily put in those pictures and your recipe cards. While use adhesive for the labels and the clippings.
  • And of course, put some title on the front of your family cook book.  Make it with some alphabet stickers or you can make use of your calligraphy skills.  Those lessons will pay off, trust me. And then lastly tie it up with a ribbon.

Et voilà you have created yourself your very own Family Recipe Cook Book, now preparing for your family meals will never be a dull moment with your little rascals.

  • Camping Indoors.

indoor camping

If your kids were really expecting to stay inside the tent this weekend then their wish is your command.

You can set up an indoor camping grounds in your living room.  If you don’t have a tent ready though, you can make one with just the use of sheets, comfortable pillows, and sleeping bags.

Just drape sheets over your couch and put in the rest. You can even add some indoor picnic while you’re at it.

Just have a flash light with you.  You can then share some stories, the scarier the better–but not too scary.

You don’t want to stay up all night just because they feel like there’s a boogeyman in their closet waiting to snatch them up.

Just make it light, enough to creep them out and still laugh it all off in the end.

  • Play something without the use of gadgets.

In today’s generation, kids are growing up with a screen in front of them rather than books and other educational materials.

I don’t have something against gadgets but it’s somehow of a bummer knowing your kid will grow up thinking that life’s fun is just in a tiny little screen.

Have away with them, instead use indoor activities that will make their imaginations run wild. Enjoy impromptu story telling made by everyone in the group.  This is way fun if you’re hosting a slumber party for adults too.

It goes after the first one will say “Once upon a time.” Everybody in the circle will contribute one word that creates a very amusing story.  It also depends if you want to put in some motif or not, it’s all up to you.

This can also be possible if you want to make an improvised poetry.   Get that creative juices out of your brain and be poetic. In this way, you can appreciate what your kids are capable of in the literary scene.

  • Bubble Bath Bombs.

woman beside pink and purple flowers

This is going to be fun for your children, but a bit of a mess and a clean up for you–but hey! The things we do for love.

If you’re tired with all those fun-filled indoor activities, then it’s time for you and your little kiddos to unwind and have a relaxing bubble bath.

This idea is very good for cold weathers, because you’d get to soak into a tub of warm water with your kids–ain’t you the sweetest.

On the side note: to save up for your water expenses, then trust me, you’d want to have your very own rainwater harvesting system–why exactly does your home need a rainwater storage tank?

That’s pretty simple, it’s because rainwater tanks collate rainwater while you’re having fun inside with your children and it’s raining outside.

Why Exactly Does Your Home Need a Rainwater Storage Tank?

Rainwater for which you’re going to use for your daily chores, and you can also drink it too–if properly filtered.

A bit of grumpy weather won’t spoil your weekend.  With these fun activities, nothing can stop you from having fun when you yourself is fun.

Always be that person who puts a little ray of sunshine in the grimmest of situations. Rise up and just be positive.

Ken Weiss


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