7 Meal Planning Apps to Help You Plan Healthy Meals for Your Family

Best Meal planning Apps to help you save money


You must have heard the famous saying “You are what you eat.” I wasn’t able to understand what exactly did it mean until I got to know how the food we eat affects our health. With the passage of time, people have grown more aware of the importance of eating healthy and planning meals.

But of course, achieving optimal health for yourself and your family isn’t an easy task. It requires lots of research, meal planning and time to figure out a nutritious and balanced diet. You already have to spend so much time on grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning the kitchen; it becomes nearly impossible to sit down and plan everything from scratch.

Well thanks to technology, we now have meal planning apps to plan nutritious meals in just a few clicks and taps.


Here are seven such meal planning apps that can prove to be handy while deciding on and cooking meals:



1. Cook Smarts


This meal planning is a service, not an application based on cooking. The catch with cook smarts is that you will have to pay anywhere from $6 to $8 monthly (based on the subscription you opt for.) You can get three meal plans for free as a trial, but if you want to subscribe to weekly plans, you will have to pay.

But the meal plan service is worth the price for many who don’t have the time to craft healthy meals.

You will receive four recipes each week with instructions and printable grocery lists. You can also specify your choice of diet plans (low-carb/ low-fat whatever you would prefer), and you will receive tailor-made recipes.

It also comes with access to meal plan archives and all other features. So if you want to develop the motivation for cooking and eating the smart and healthy way, you should opt for it.


2. Yummly


Finding the right type of recipes can be time-consuming, well Yummly is the meal plan app that has got you covered. The application can help you find dishes that fit your specifications from multiple sites across the web.

You have to enter your preferences, the diet plan you are following (if any) and then let the app do its job. Whenever you like a recipe, you can add it to your virtual food diary. It can also help you save time shopping by categorizing your shopping list according to aisles. All in all, it is the ultimate tool for searching your favorite foods.


3. Eat This Much


For people who are on a diet and need to cut down calories, this meal planning app is one of the most convenient options. You can get a meal plan tailored according to your nutrient requirements, likes, dislikes, and budget. You can choose from diets such as Atkins, Paleo and customize them according to your needs or personalize recipes.

The meal  planning app can help you set weight loss targets, and even gives you the facility to generate grocery lists and get the ingredients delivered to your doorstep. You can manage your pantry and utilize remaining ingredients. Hence it is the perfect app to manage cooking with less available time at your hands efficiently.


4. PepperPlate


This one is for those who could use some help with recipe organization. The meal app lets you enter your recipes or import them from the internet and then generate meal plans and grocery lists accordingly.

Once the app makes your daily or weekly plans, you can create the ingredient lists to save time while shopping. For iPads, the app has a built-in timer to assist you in making multiple dishes together.


5. Mealime


Planning meals for family lunches and dinners is one heck of a tough job. You need to consider each person’s likes, dislikes, and food allergies. Of course, remembering everything can be so tricky let alone designing a menu that is convenient and would be loved by all.

Fortunately, Mealime is here to solve your troubles. Just create profiles for each person and add the details about what they like or can’t eat due to any reason. The app will then help you look for recipes that fit your needs. The best part is that most recipes have short prep times and the application can help you generate grocery lists as well.


6. Mealboard


Do you wish to successfully plan meals without crossing your budget, well this one is for you. The application like others helps you add recipes from the internet or manually.

Once you have selected the dishes you will be cooking; the app will generate a shopping list and show you the prices for each ingredient at the stores in its database. You can also add recipes to the calendar and assign dishes for each day.


7. 8Fit


The meal planning app is like a personalized fitness trainer in your pocket. It enables you to lose weight by providing you customized workouts and meal plans. You can identify the foods that you should incorporate into your diets and those you should avoid for reaching your weight goals.

The app will also provide healthy meal plans according to your specific needs. There are more than 400 recipes stored in the application’s database that can accommodate people on various types of diets.


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Kelly Newman is a Fitness Trainer and blogger. She loves to write about everything related to fitness and diet and wants to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. She works with the team behind Health Listed and does extensive research to provide people actionable health and nutrition information.


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