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If you own and use Green Gourmet non-stick cookware you know the benefits of using non-stick that does not contain PTFE or PFOA, also known as Teflon®.  I selected Green Gourmet non-stick cookware due to the materials used to create the non-stick surface are made from natural organic materials found naturally on the earth, and not the potentially dangerous oil-based materials used to make Teflon, which can leach into your food and lead to health risks of non-stick cookware.

One of the complaints I read about Green Gourmet non-stick cookware is that it can lose some of its non-stick properties after several months of use.  Some people unfortunately threw their Green Gourmet cookware away and went back to Teflon coated non-stick cookware, went with the more expensive enameled cast iron cookware or even hard anodized cookware.

When I first noticed food beginning to stick to the surface of our Green Gormet cookware, I began experimenting with different ways to improve the non-stick properties, since I really like the size, weight, construction and sturdiness of what I think is the best non-stick cookware, since it does not contain PTFE or PFOA.

Initially I found that simply using one or two tablespoons of olive oil would do the trick to prevent food from sticking.  Over time I noticed that when I used the olive oil coating, but didn’t preheat the pan the food would stick.  So, I tried coating the pan with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil when the pan was hot and allowed the oil to war up before putting food in the pan.  I found this didn’t work that well for omelets, as the eggs would still stick to the pan, making it hard to flip the eggs, and I always ended up with scrambled eggs .  It was better than not using any oil at all, but not by much.  I also found that food would stick to the pan making it hard to clean without having to scrub, not exactly why you buy a non-stick pan for.

The next time I tried putting 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pan when it was cold and coated the entire cooking surface with the oil in its thicker room temperature state, and allowed it to get hot before putting eggs in the pan.  This was the golden ticket!  I found that putting the olive oil in the cold pan, the oil is a bit thicker and doesn’t break down like it does when it gets hot.  I also found that as the oil heats up in the pan it creates a natural non-stick surface that prevents food from sticking.  I am now able to make perfect omelets like my favorite restaurant, and can flip even a 6 egg omelet like my favorite tv chef.  I also found that preheating the pan with the olive oil keeps food from sticking and makes cleaning a snap.

I hope this cooking tip helps you if you have the Green Gourmet non-stick cookware and are having issues with the food sticking to the cooking surface, or are left with stuck on food that is hard to remove with your cleaning sponge.

Happy Cooking!


Ken Weiss


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