6 Tips in Staying at a Hotel with Your Toddler

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It can be very fun to travel with toddlers and staying at a hotel in Makati and other cities. The joy some children feel as they experience the sand between their toes, walking around a hotel, or chasing butterflies as they explore the world is contagious and can make your family trip unforgettable.


Challenges of Staying at a Hotel with a Toddler


Staying at a hotel with a toddler, however, can be very challenging. Because hotel rooms are often an unfamiliar territory, such as: beds without guard rails and hotels that don’t have cribs, the abundance of safety hazards for toddler all around the area, like electric cords attached to lamps, has the potential to ruin your family vacation, or worse.

To help you focus on fun and avoid frustration, here are a few tips that might help your stay at a hotel room with your toddler.


1. Always Lock the Hotel Room Door whenever you Walk in the Room


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It is not unusual for moms to find that their young children have managed to open the door of their hotel rooms and wandered the hallways. There are even some cases that these children are found by the hotel employees wandering the halls or approaching an elevator, while the parents themselves have no idea that their child had been gone at all.

When staying at a hotel, always latch and deadbolt the door when you are in your hotel room. If you worry that your child might be able to unlock the deadbolt or your hotel room door does not have a latch, you can slide a chair in front of the door and block the door. You can also buy an alarm which can alert you when the door is opened or the doorstop is moved.



2. Find any Hazards in Your Hotel Room


Make sure that your toddler can’t reach the cords of the blinds by tying them down with painter’s tape. This is an easy way for an unsupervised child to choke him/herself.  You can also use this to tape washcloths to sharp table edges and corners and cover any electrical outlets.

If you are staying at a hotel, make sure you open up the drawers in your room and take note of their contents; items like sewing kits need to be put away as they present a potential choking hazard.

Check your floor for any loose items like pills, safety pins, and small coins. Also, search under the beds for any similar miscellaneous hazards.

Check the temperature of the water in the bathroom and keep hair dryers, coffee makers, and curling irons unplugged and kept away from the reach of your kids. Always keep the bathroom door closed after you make sure that your children are not inside or they could lock themselves in.



3. Make your Child’s Sleeping Space Safe more Comfortable


It is important to consider how your child sleeps at home if you are thinking about how to get them a good night’s sleep in the hotel. If your toddler sleeps in a regular sized bed, then sleeping on a hotel bed might not present any problems for you.

If your child sleeps in a toddler bed or a crib at home, however, they might not feel comfortable sleeping in a bed that is as high or as large as those in a hotel.  If you don’t have guard rails, place pillows around the child, so they can’t roll off the bed onto the floor.

Bring inflatable bed rails or a travel toddler bed with you to make your kids’ night’s more comfortable, and less prone to injury from falling off of an adult-size bed.

If you are traveling with a baby, a white noise app or machine might be useful when trying to get some sleep in a hotel. Because there might be a lot of loud noises in a hotel setting such as elevators, ice machines, and loud neighbors, a white noise machine is invaluable to muffle these sounds, making it easier for you and your toddler to sleep.



4. Bring a Nightlight!


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You might want to take a nightlight along with you on your trip when staying at a hotel, if your child cannot sleep without it. Most hotels don’t provide a nightlight for their guests, so it is a good idea to bring one along so everyone will get a good night sleep in the hotel room.


A nightlight isn’t going to take up much space in your luggage, so take one for your next trip and make your toddler sleep comfortably.



5. Make Sure That You Have a Plan and Bring Lots of Toys


Because children often have an abundance of energy coupled with short attention spans, it is important to plan out your activities throughout your stay at the hotel. Engage your toddler with games like “I Spy” and hide and seek or singing along to their favorite songs.

Give them small toys that are small and quiet, but also stimulating. Small toys are ideal to grab their attention because you can pack them easily and you won’t disturb your neighbors.

Also, don’t just limit yourself to the usual toys like magnetic drawing boards and peg boards, books and puzzles can also keep your toddler occupied while having fun!



6. Key Takeaway


Here are the key takeaways when staying at a hotel with a toddler.

Toddlers are naturally energetic and curious which can both be a blessing and a curse when it comes to staying in a hotel in Makati.

Let your children explore their new surroundings and take in the view from your hotel window, but make sure that their furniture and sleeping area is comfortable so they can fall asleep easily.


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