Six Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Benefits.

Six Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Benefits.

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When it comes to making a single cup of coffee at home, most people still use a standard 10 or 12-cup coffee maker and struggle with frustration to measure just enough coffee to make one or two cups of coffee.

This dilemma ended with the advent of the single cup coffee brewer, like the Tassimo T20:  Single Cup Coffee Maker, which brews your favorite coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, hot cocoa or even hot cider one cup at a time.

Tassimo is often rated as the best single cup coffee maker, since it doesn’t just make coffee, it also makes a delicious single serve latte with frothy milk.  No fuss and no waste.  For as long as I can remember, I did the latter until I was introduced to a single cup coffee maker.

Before this, you had to use one of those little 4-cup coffee makers, you know like the one you cherished in your college dorm or found in the bathroom in a hotel while on a business trip or family vacation?  When I first used a single cup coffee maker I thought it what a novel gadget, but would it last?  Once I tried it I was hooked.

I first used a Keurig one cup coffee brewer, as this was the first real entrant into the market.  I thought this is neat, but it sure takes a long time to heat up and make that delicious hot cup of Joe.  It takes about 5-6 minutes to heat up the water in the reservoir, and then another minute or two to make your coffee.  That changed again when I discovered the Tassimo Coffee Maker.  At that moment the Tassimo became the best single cup coffee maker I had ever used.


You can read my Keurig vs Tassimo single cup coffee maker comparison here.


If you are in the market to buy a single cup coffee maker, please read the following six benefits of the Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker, so you can decide if this is the single serve coffee maker for you.


Six Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Benefits

Tassinmo T-Disc


1. The Tassimo coffee maker uses a unique and patented barcode scanning technology that reads a barcode on the T-Disc, the pod that holds the coffee, tea, etc to make a perfect single serve beverage that is not too hot or too cold.  The Keurig doesn’t


2. The Tassimo scans the barcode so it knows the beverage you are making, the correct amount of water to use and exact temperature to deliver a perfectly hot beverage every time!  The Keurig, on the other hand, doesn’t know what you are making, it only knows to heat the amount of water you have selected – small, medium or large.


3.  The Tassimo coffee maker can make a delicious hot latte with frothy milk, and the Keurig can’t.


4. While the Keurig must heat up the entire water reservoir before it can make a hot beverage, which can take 4-6 minutes, the  Tassimo coffee maker begins heating only the amount of water for that specific beverage, so your beverage is ready in about two minutes – a fraction of the time from the Keurig.


5. Keurig only makes coffee, tea, hot chocolate and hot cider.  The Tassimo coffee maker makes these same delicious hot beverages, and several specialty drinks, like  lattes with a real foamy milk topping, cappuccino, cafe au lait, and chai tea.


6. Cleans up in a snap.


If you would like more information first before you decide, please read our Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Review here.


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