13 Almond Milk Coffee Recipes You Need to Try Now!

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Milk and coffee – a match made in heaven! It is a perfect combination for those who would like to balance the bitterness of the coffee with the subtle creamy flavor of milk.

What milk is best to go with coffee? The options can be endless! You can choose cow’s milk, rice milk, and soy milk, among others. If you are looking for an alternative, however, one worth a shot is almond milk!


What is Almond Milk

Almond milk is a popular plant milk, which is made of blended almonds and water. It is then strained to get rid of the solid components.

Almond butter can also be added. It is nutty and creamy. It is low in calories and dairy-free, making it a great choice for those who are lactose-intolerant.

If you are vegan and if you want to enjoy the creaminess of milk in your coffee, read on as we share with you some of the best recipes worth trying!


  • Perfect Way to Beat the Summer Heat

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Coffee is not one of the first drinks that you think of during the hot summer months. Nonetheless, if you add ice in it, it is sure to be a refreshing way to beat the heat.

Elizabeth Minchilli, shares in this recipe how to make iced almond milk coffee, which is pretty much straightforward. The author used brewed espresso as the base, which gives the coffee a strong kick.


  • A Frozen Drink Like Starbucks

 Love Starbucks? You do not have to waste money on their over-priced drinks! Even at home, you can recreate their iconic frappe and give it your unique twist using almond milk.

Laura from AllRecipes teaches us how to quickly make almond milk Frappuccino using espresso, which is great for a robust caffeine flavor. What makes this unique is that she added honey to make the drink a bit sweet but without being overwhelming.


  • A Healthy Take on Iced Coffee 

iced coffee with almond milk

Olena, a fitness buff who blogs about healthy recipes at I Food Real shares how to make a healthy iced coffee using almond milk.

Aside from the milk that is used, this is also healthy because it does not use any artificial or added sweetener.

Aside from being healthy, you will love this recipe because it uses cold coffee, which means that your left-over does not need to go to waste!


  • Savor the Sweetness of Dates

 Dates are known for being high in fiber and antioxidants, making it an excellent choice for a natural sweetener. To incorporate this in your coffee, read this Vanilla Almond Latte recipe that has been shared by Michelle over at Sunkissed Kitchen.

Her vegan and paleo latte can be enjoyed either hot or cold, depending on what you are in the mood for!


  • Cold-Brew Made at the Comfort of your Home 

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes / loveandlemons.com

When it comes to gourmet caffeine fixes, cold-brew is one of the most popular. Basically, it refers to a process of brewing coffee at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours.

You can do it even at home without the need for complicated tools, as you will learn from this Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee Latte shared at Love and Lemons.


  • Refresh with an Asian Bubble Tea

 If you are a fan of Asian bubble tea, this recipe of Coffee Jelly Almond Milk Tea from Cook and Savor will be worth a try. It has coffee-flavored pearls, which will give the drink a unique texture and flavor.

It will require you to make the pearls from scratch, which you can do with the use of gelatin, sugar, and coffee. You will have the option to control its strength by using more or less coffee depending on what tickles your taste buds.


  • Almond Milk in your Nespresso

 Even the guys at Nespresso shared how to make almond milk coffee with the use of Livanto capsule. This is an easy and convenient way to prepare your caffeine fix!

One thing that you will love about this recipe is the use of honey, which is initially poured to coat the bottom of the cup. There is also cinnamon sprinkled on the top of the drink to give it a more distinct flavor.


  • Coffee Ready in an Instant

 If you hate the idea of brewing coffee because you are impatient, this instant coffee fix from Build Your Bite will surely be great! It uses instant coffee, so you do not have to wait before your coffee is ready.

Even if you are outside of your home and no access to brewing tools, you can easily make your drink!  With this recipe, your coffee is ready in under a minute! No need to sweat!


  • Make your Own Creamer

 If you want to make your own almond milk creamer from scratch, Detoxinista shares how to do it. Basically, there are three main ingredients that will be needed to do it – raw almonds, filtered water, and coconut oil. It will make a nice foam for your coffee! This is an excellent creamer to add sweetness to your cup of Joe!


  • A Mexican Twist to your Coffee

 Ever tried Mexican Coffee? If you haven’t, this recipe from Food Network will teach you how to give your coffee a Mexican twist with the use of almond milk.

Aside from the cinnamon and chocolate syrup, one of the reasons for the distinct taste of this drink is the use of ground chile de arbol. The latter is a variant of Mexican chili pepper, which is sure to give your drink a different kick.


  • Do It Like an Italian

 If you would rather enjoy your coffee Italian-style, take a look at this coffee hack shared by no less than Lavazza.

They share how to make Salento-style coffee, which is from Southern Italy. This is unique because it does not use almond milk in the form of a syrup that is directly added to the coffee. Rather, it is frozen and used as ice to infuse flavor to the coffee.


  • Spice Up your Cappuccino 


For those who prefer strong coffees, cappuccino is often a favorite. In this Almond Milk Cappuccino recipe that we found at Wife Mama Foodie, the author shares how to make the classic cappuccino using almond milk.

In the same recipe, the author also shares how to best froth the almond milk to make it a great addition to your cappuccino. The secret is to not add too much water. Also, she shares how it is better to make your own almond milk than use one that is pre-packed.


  • Spice it Up with Cardamom

 While there is an endless list of spices that you can add in your coffee, one of the best is cardamom. It has a complex flavor with hints of citrus and mint while having an herbal note as well. Adding this to your coffee will surely be a unique treat.

Check out this recipe from Foodness Gracious for an easy and detailed guide on how you can make your iced coffee with almond milk and cardamom, which is sure to be perfect to enjoy during a hot day!


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Miguel Garriga is a coffee enthusiast who turned into blogging to share his passion for anything coffee-related. Whether it is buying new equipment or guides to brewing, he is generous to share what he knows. Check out his blog at Koobies Coffee.


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