Bedroom Guardian Review – How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bedroom Guardian, get rid of bed bugsaff i?offer id=2&file id=62&aff id=5921If you and your family and being bitten by annoying bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius, which can leave itching and painful bites on your body, then you need Bedroom Guardian, a 100% natural and non-toxic product to get rid of bed bugs for good, that is used on or around beds and other soft fabric furniture.

The Bedroom Guardian System is a bed bug removal kit that comes with a bed bug detector unit that helps confirm bed bugs, and not other biting insects, are the problem and a disc containing the powder that kills bed bugs, and keeps them away for good.

The powder is made from food-grade Diatomaceous earth, and is safe for you to handle, but provides powerful protection against the  bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth on its own can be messy to use in your home, and especially on a bed or furniture.  The manufacturer of Bedroom Guardian have packaged it in a disc that is easy, safe, non-messy and clean to use, yet efficiently kills bed bugs from your home.

As an added bonus, this product is guaranteed to work for 30 days, or your money back, removing current bed bugs, and helping to avoid another infestation.


Great to Take on Vacation


Some people use the Bedroom Guardian bed bug killer while on vacation in hotels or on a cruise ship, which lately have become breeding grounds for bed bugs; thus providing a bug and bite-free vacation for you and your family.

My wife and I got bitten up pretty badly on our vacation by bed bugs, and the mini marts in the area did not carry bed bug spray.

Anti-bed bug spray or an unlabeled a zip lock bag of Diatomaceous earth may not be allowed on planes, but the container of this natural bed bug killer is sealed, labeled and under the TSA quantity to be brought on a plane.

Placing the container of Bedroom Guardian under your hotel bed can be the difference between an enjoyable vacation and misery of painful bed bug bites.




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What Are Bed Bugs?

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Bed Bugs are parasites about the size of a grain of rice, and red or brown in color that feed on warm-blooded animals, and humans provide a perfect host for these pests.

They are often found in homes, hotels and office buildings that have soft furniture for them to live in, and wait for a delicious warm blooded human or animal to approach to provide a meal.


  • Nocturnal (Feed at Night)
  • Dwell in Beds, Sofas, Cribs & Furniture
  • Cause Itching & Discomfort after a bite
  • Most are non-visible to human eye
  • Can live from months without feeding


Image result for Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a great tool to use to eradicate bed bugs. It’s an all natural, non-toxic product to rid bed bugs from your bed that can both kill them and prevent them from moving freely throughout your house laying eggs.

While smooth to human hands, the particulates are hazardous to insects with an exoskeleton.



How Does Bedroom Guardian Work?


Bedroom Guardian is an effective bed bug powder to get rid of bed bugs. It’s safe around humans and pets, and is free of toxic chemicals.

Bed bugs live in warm locations and often make their homes in bedding, clothes, carpets, and furniture. They survive by ingesting blood, and humans supply a sufficient amount of this delicious food, which is why bed bugs enjoy these locations.

While the diatom powder is smooth when you touch it with your finger, it is like shards of glass to insects, like bed bugs or cockroaches, that have an exoskeleton.  That means unlike humans that have flesh on the outside and bones inside to protect organs, insects have a hard shell on the outside, and a soft center.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) particles puncture their exoskeleton like little shards of glass as they walk over it. This allows their oily, protective layer that covers their exoskeletons to be absorbed. Without this protective coating and their exoskeleton punctured, bed bugs will dehydrate and die.

This process can be rapid, or can take up to 24 hours, as the video below shows.


bedroom guardian


Pros of Bedroom Guardian


  • All natural bed bug killer.
  • Automatic replenishment if that is what you want.
  • Initial order is cheaper than competition.
  • non toxic and won’t harm humans or pets.
  • Guaranteed to work within 24 hours.
  • Comes with 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


Cons of Bedroom Guardian


  • Can take up to 24 hours to work.
  • Limited easily available information on website that you are enrolling in a replenishment program.
  • Replenishment orders are more expensive than initial order.
  • You have limited time to cancel to prevent additional charge on your credit card.


How to Buy Bedroom Guardian


Bedroom Guardian natural chemical free bed bug killer is not available in stores.  It is only available exclusively from the manufacturer’s website.

Your initial order will be charged at $9.99, and the replenishment orders are billed at $19.95, which is the price most companies charge for a 30 day supply of bed bug repellent.

Please note, when you purchase Bedroom Guardian you are automatically enrolled in the replenishment program, and will receive a new shipment of Bedroom Guardian and your credit card will be charged unless you cancel your subscription. 


Buy Bedroom Guardian


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