Best Affordable Kitchen Organizing Ideas and Youcopia Giveaway

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Whether you have a large gourmet kitchen with ample storage space or a small kitchen with limited space to store spices or kitchen utensils, most home cooks are in search of kitchen organizing ideas to achieve efficient and well organized kitchen cabinets and shelves in their kitchen and home.

I was recently contacted by the folks at Youcopia, a company started by a father and daughter team in 2006 that creates amazing an affordable kitchen organizing products.  I was asked to review a few of their new products.

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In addition to being a full-time blogger, I am also a stay at home dad who does all the cooking for the family, so I was grateful for the opportunity to use and review products that would improve the storage capability in our kitchen.

Youcopia first made a name for itself with the SpiceStack,  a 3 shelf storage unit that holds up to 18 spice bottles, and is ideal for kitchens with small cabinets or limited shelf space. The SpiceStack became an instant hit with home cooks.

What separates Youcopia from many other companies is that so many others focus on one product or one product category.  While Youcopia started with a spice organizer, they quickly grew to being a kitchen organizer product company so people can get all their kitchen organizing products from one place, and not have to shop multiple stores to help organize their whole kitchen.

Also, Youcopia focuses on developing affordable yet sturdy products designed to last for years without breaking the bank.

You can learn more about Youcopia products for your kitchen or home here.


As a special gift to my readers, one lucky reader will Win a YouCopia product of your choice #42.  Click here now to enter the giveaway.  The giveaway ends Feb 28, so don’t wait!


The Youcopia products I reviewed were the:


I was provided the products to review in exchange for an unbiased product review.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.


Drawer StoraStack


One of the most useful inventions for food storage are those plastic storage containers that come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes.  Yet, every home cook will ultimately tell you storing plastic food containers efficiently is one of the most frustrating activities.

To maximize kitchen shelf space, you have to store the containers together, and lids separately, then you have to play the endless mind numbing game of trying to match a lid to a container when you need one.

The folks at Youcopia tried to resolve this dilemma with the StoraStack.  This efficient unit keeps all your containers and lids in one place.  The containers are stacked together and there are slots to store the lids vertically to maximize storage space.

The only drawback I found with this unit is that it was designed for square or round lids that snap on and don’t have tabs to lock down the lids on the container.  Our containers have tabs to lock down the lids, so I had to finagle the lids to fit in the slots.


Cabinet before

youcopia storastack

Cabinet after


StoreMore Lid Holder

StoreMore Lid Holder


Do you have tight cupboard space and you have to stack or store your pots separately from the lids?  Are your lids stacked in a mish mash way making it hard to quickly find the lid you need without having to take everything out of the cupboard.

Youcopia came up with a unique cost saving solution, called the StoreMore Lid Holder,  so you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars remodeling your cupboards.

The StoreMore Lid Holder has a sturdy plastic base with several holes, and comes with seven metal wire dividers you can place in many configurations to fit small or large lids, or you can even use this device to store baking pans vertically in a more efficient manner.

When I got this unit, we are lucky that we have sufficient storage space to store our pots and lids together, but the cupboard for baking supplies is too narrow to stack them.  I configured the wire dividers of the StoreMore Lid Holder so I can now more efficiently store wide and narrow baking pans.


youcopia lid holder

Cupboard before

youcopia lid holder

Cupboard after

Spice Liner

YouCopia SpiceLiner In-Drawer Spice Organizer

If you store your spices in a drawer, you know how messy it can get with spice bottles moving around every time you open or close the drawer.

The Spice Liner is an affordable solution to help you organize your spices so you can arrange small, medium or large bottles in an efficient way.

With this organizer you will never have an issue trying to find the spices you need without having to handle all your spice bottles to find the one you need.  Just open the drawer and you will easily see all the spice labels to quickly find the spices you need without guesswork.

The only drawback I found with this unit, is it may not work in certain narrow spice drawers.  Spice Steps or the  Spice Stack may be a better alternative.

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