What is the Best Meal Delivery Service for Busy People?

meal delivery serviceA meal delivery service brings fresh foods to people who are too busy to go to the store to shop for groceries.

This is a great way to eat healthy avoid fast food.  This is ideal even when you don’t have time to meal prep and shop for ingredients.

You can also use this kind of meal service if you’re simply too busy during the day with work and other tasks, but you still want to eat healthy meals.

If you don’t like to cook, you can use a meal delivery service.  They will deliver chef-prepared meals right to your door.  All you need to do is pop one in the microwave at home or work.

What Meal Delivery Service Do You Want?

Some of the companies bring fresh ingredients, and the recipe of your choice for you to make, while prepared meal delivery companies send you read-to-eat meals.   You just put them in the microwave then enjoy.

The survey included Seven popular delivery services.  The top three meal delivery services were chosen by a team, that devoted their time and efforts to making sure customers are happy.

The review work started with 15 Meal Delivery Services. However, there were features that automatically took some of those services out of running, such as:


  • Are the meal delivery boxes that are delivered and the range of delivery from the company to the home or business.
  • Of the seven most popular meal delivery services that bring fresh ingredients were Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Purple Carrot.
  • When these seven were selected, the reviewers started placing orders for a variety of foods to be delivered.
  • The reviewers prepared 24 recipes for the survey.  Some meals were ordered more than once.  This way multiple people could see if there was any kind of difference in taste or texture.
  • When all of the food was delivered, over 50 meals were prepared by the reviewers.


Final Selections of Meal Delivery Services

Information from reviews online was taken into consideration before making a final selection about the top meal delivery service programs. Reviewers also examined some of the recommendations from the companies. This is particularly when subscribing for services. You need to know what to do in order to get new foods delivered each week.

The first criteria reviewers chose was whether the food was delivered fresh to be prepared at home, ready-to-be-eaten or frozen.

Reviewers looked at Nutritional information for 30 meals.  They wanted to examine which company delivered the freshest foods, and those that were the healthiest.  Convenience played another factor in determining which programs reached the top of the list. The meal kits and foods delivered by these meal services are meant to help ease the stress and hassle of cooking at home after a long day or if you need to prepare a meal for a large number of people.

All of the meals you order are delivered right to your front door. Some of the options that the reviewers looked at included:


  • can you customize the delivery dates?
  • how many meal options do you have?
  • do the services offer refunds for foods that weren’t of the same quality advertised or that were expired when they arrived?

What makes a meal delivery service stand out from others?  The meals are for people with all types of cooking skills. While there are some negative points about many of the meal delivery programs that were tested, there are numerous positive points of each program.


Best Meal Delivery Services that Bring Fresh Ingredients and Recipes


HelloFresh is rated the best meal delivery service overall. Deliveries can be made any day of the week.  Ingredients are wrapped individually to make it easier to sort through items to make meals.

Plated offers more options for those who might not be that great in the kitchen. There are more instructions with the meals.  Some of the meals are easier to prepare than others.  You may need to try different meal delivery companies, so you can compare meal prep easiness..

Blue Apron offers the best recipes and the freshest ingredients. The combinations of ingredients for many of the meals are those that you might see in a restaurant.


Best Ready-To-Eat Meal Delivery Service

meal delivery service

If you want to eat healthy, but you don’t want to cook, then a ready to eat meal delivery service is for you.

You can choose from 3-6-9 or 12 meals per week.  The meal offerings change every week.  You are not stuck eating the same meals every week.

I recently had the opportunity to try Freshly Meal Delivery Service.  They offered me their nine meal program, in exchange for an unbiased review.  You can read our Freshly Review here.

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