Freshly Meal Service Review

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Freshly Meal Service Review
Freshly meal service


Feshly is a popular subscription meal service. This unique meal delivery service provides delicious and healthy chef-prepared restaurant quality meals direct to your door.

You will receive meals on a weekly basis in a bio-degradable, temperature controlled box.

If you’re a busy parent who doesn’t always have time to grocery shop and prepare healthy meals for your family, or if you work long hours and find yourself often eating unhealthy fast food or restaurant food laden with sodium or fat, Freshly is a healthy and nutritious alternative.

Freshly delivers Healthy, Convenient, Delicious and Sustainable Meals Delivered  Weekly.”

 Why Choose Freshly Meal Service Program?

Many of the meal delivery programs deliver healthy ingredients to your door. You must prepare the meals yourself using the ingredients and a recipe. That’s great if you have the time, and can cook!

Freshly Meal Delivery removes this time-consuming process. The dishes are made by chefs, using the highest quality natural ingredients

Freshly delivers the box to your door on a weekly basis.  For your and your family’s health and wellness, these meals are low fat, low calorie, and offer vegan,  gluten-free, or paleo-approved options.


Each meal selection includes the following: 

  • a product picture.
  • a full list of ingredients.
  • calorie and fat content.
  • a notation if the dish is vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, gluten-free, or paleo-approved.

This allows you to select the meals that best meet your taste, dietary restrictions and desire to eat low calorie, low fat or gluten-free.


How I Found Freshly Meal Delivery  

I was provided with the opportunity to try the nine meal plan.  I selected three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinner entrees, from their extensive menu of pre-made meals.

The box was delivered to my door about a week later, in a sturdy temperature controlled box.

Freshly sent an email to me at the time my box was dropped off.



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I was contacted by Freshly and offered a nine meal plan in exchange for this unbiased review.  

No form of compensation or payment was offered for this review, and the opinions of this meal service are my own.

The company encouraged me to register as an affiliate and may receive a commission if you register for the Freshly meal delivery service.


Easy Registration Process

I personally found the Freshly registration process very quick and easy to complete, and appreciated how they provided detailed information about each of the dishes, including ingredients, calorie count and nutritional facts.

  •  Select which meal plan you want – 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals per week.
  • Choose the meals you want
  • Select your delivery date
  • Your box will arrive a week after you place your order
  • If you want to extend the time between deliveries, no problem
  • You can easily postpone or cancel your deliveries at any time.

The box was cold when it was delivered, and weighted about 7 pounds.  

The boxes are delivered cold and well insulated.

Within an hour of delivery, I received an email confirming delivery. This information is important if you are not home when the box arrives, so you can possibly make alternative pick up arrangements if needed.


How Does Freshly Work? 

How Freshly Meal Service Works

Freshly meal delivery service is so easy to use.  

You are first asked to enter your email address and zip code.  Your email address allows them to communicate with you regarding your order status or other communication.  The zip code ensures your meals can be deliver to your location by UPS, Fedex or other small package delivery service.

Next you select a delivery date.  The date shown is a first date approximately one week ahead of your order date.  If the proposed delivery date is not good for you, you can choose a more desirable delivery date.

This will immediately open the menu of available dishes you can order.

Just click to get started.


Benefits of Freshly Meal Service? 

  • This unique meal delivery service  was created for today’s busy individual, professional or family whose schedules doesn’t always allow them to plan and shop for ingredients ahead of time, or have time to prepare a healthy meal at home.
  • Freshly offers delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options that are delivered to your door on a weekly basis.
  • These chef-prepared meals from Freshly are perfect for those who don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals in their home, or don’t like to cook.
  • You still want to eat a healthy alternative to fast food or expensive restaurant food that is often loaded with fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol and trans-fats.
  • While most pre-made frozen store-bought meals are loaded with sodium, sugar, and fat, Freshly meals are low in fat, sugar, and sodium and are trans-fat free.
  • Freshly meals are also gluten free, and several meals are vegan, vegetarian and Paleo approved.


How Do Freshly Meals Taste? 

Freshly meals are chef-made and not made by machines. These are not skimpy portion-controlled meals that have no taste and leave you hungry.

Freshly meals are full size restaurant-quality meals made from quality natural ingredients.

They are free of excess sugar, sodium or fats, and and 100% free of trans-fats.

The omelette for example, was really delicious. It was a fluffy 3 egg omelette, loaded with cheese and plump vegetables.


You would not be able to tell if this dish came from Freshly or your restaurant.

What makes Freshly Meal Service a better alternative: 

Freshly meal delivery service
  • Freshly dishes are larger than many pre-made meals.
  • They are appropriately portioned for a healthy diet.  You feel satisfied after a meal.
  • Ingredients are all-natural.
  • Does not contain unhealthy ingredients.
  • All meals are low fat, low sugar and low sodium, yet still delicious and satisfying.
  • Many meals are gluten-free.
  •  The menu identifies the dishes that are paleo approved.


Below is a sample list of delicious Entrees you can choose. 

Chef Prepared Meals are Ready in Just 2 Minutes.

Freshly Meal Service Menu

Learn more.

When you click a meal from the menu, you will get a full description. You will get ingredients, fat content, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, etc. This way you can make an informed selection of the menu items that meet your taste and dietary requirements.

Below is a Description of Grilled Flat Iron Steak. In addition to the image, you get a list of ingredients, and nutritional facts.

Each week, you are given a new menu of delicious dishes to chose from.

You have variety of menu options, and it’s not always the same boring dishes to choose from each week.


How Much Does Freshly Cost? 

Freshly offers 4 Meal Plans to fit any budget.  You can select 4, 6, 9 or 12 ready to eat meals delivered each week.

Plans start at $49.99 a week for four meals ($12.50 per meal).  You can order six meals per week for $59.99 or just $9.99 per meal.

If you order 12 meals per week, the cost per meal drops to just $8.99.

Free Shipping is included with each meal delivery plan.

Each meal is meant to serve one person, which makes it easy to decide how many meals you need to order. The more you order, the less the price per meal.

Plans start at $49.99 a week for four meals ($12.50 per meal). Order six meals per week for $59.99 and the cost drops to $9.99 per meal.

If you choose the 12 meals per week plan, the cost of each meal drops to just $8.99.

Shipping is free if you order four meals or more.

Since Freshly meals are prepared, they have a shelf life in the refrigerator of 4 to 5 days, at which point you’ll need to freeze the meal if you want to eat it another time.


Freshly offers four meal plans, 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals delivered on a weekly basis.   You can choose a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner meal selections.

You can easily and quickly change the delivery frequency of your subsequent meals.  This is important if you do not plan to eat the meals within a week’s time.

Many people use Freshly meals when they are not able to cook a meal in their own kitchen, but want home cooked quality meals that are low in fat, sugar and sodium.

When you register with Freshly – Say Goodbye to Cooking

Can You Change or Quit the Program?

At any time you can:

  • change your meal plan,
  • change your selected dishes
  • postpone an upcoming delivery if you will not be available accept it
  • cancel your program.
  • It’s that easy.

How Does Freshly Meal Delivery Service compared to the Competition 

Freshly meals are made by chefs.  The competition is often made by machines.

Which meal looks home-made?

Freshly meals are low in fat, sugar and sodium, while the competition is often high in fat, sugar and sodium and contains trans-fats and partially hydrogenated oils.

Just Click Here and you will be taken to the website.

Lean Cuisine

Image result for lean cuisine meals

 How to Get Started with Freshly

Getting started with Freshly Meal Delivery Service is so easy.

It takes just a few minutes, and your first weekly shipment will ship to your door.

Register for Freshly Meal Service Here!


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