How a Microwave Oven can Be a Great Addition to Your Kitchen

microwave oven in kitchen


Living in modern times, a Microwave Oven can be a great addition to your kitchen.  We have the freedom to choose from a huge variety of appliances to ease our lives in every way we can think of.

There is literally a gadget out there to sort any given inconvenience of mankind. We are lucky enough to have witnessed so many revolutionary advancements.

The invention of the microwave oven was one such invention that completely changed the idea of cooking. The mere thought of cooking food without the involvement of fire would sound completely absurd a couple of decades ago.

But this is the 21st century we’re talking about. Thanks to modern science and the never-ending research work, we have it all sorted at the blink of an eye.

Moreover, cooking should not be time consuming or hard. It should rather involve minimal effort in order for it to be on the hobby list of more people.

Talking about ease, can it get any easier than tossing a few ingredients in a bowl and pressing some buttons to have a meal ready? So, as it is evident, we are here going to discuss about the many benefits of owning a microwave oven and how it can be a great addition to your kitchen.


History the the Microwave Oven


The Microwave oven, invented in 1946,  as the name suggests, uses short wavelength electromagnetic waves at high frequencies to induce the heating effect. Despite their small size, microwaves deal with a huge amount of energy.

One shortcoming of using microwaves is that they can damage living cells and tissues. That is one reason it is recommended not to stand in front of a microwave oven that is in use, since it can pose a potential threat to ignorant users.

But, all microwave ovens are surrounded by strong metal cases that do not allow the waves to escape into the air.  Cooking cavities in microwave ovens are sealed metal boxes.

Use a microwave as per guidelines and the waves can’t leak out. They also have a safety feature known as an interlock that keeps you safe.

Most microwaves have two interlocks in case one ceases to work. Furthermore, if you try to open the door, the magnetron stops the radiation immediately. So, there’s no reason to worry.

Of course, you must still take precautions. Hence, unless an individual decides to use it extremely unconventionally, it is pretty safe to use. We below list some of the many benefits the device has to offer.

Knowing all of these benefits of owning a microwave, the only question that might be left unanswered is where to get the best of microwaves in all of the available options.

You should really leave all your worries aside because we have that sorted as well. We have picked the best microwave ovens according to their cost effectiveness, features, consumer reviews and feedback. Happy cooking :)

1. Takes less time to cook

how to cook food faster

Time consumption in cooking is unarguably the most important factor when the discussion is about introducing any new cooking appliance.

We live such hectic lives today that we hardly find spare time for cooking.

So, in such scenes, a device that can potentially cut cooking time by considerable amounts will prove to be of utmost importance.

Also, when compared to conventional stove top cooking, there is no requirement of constant supervision. There are microwave friendly recipes available that clearly state the time and Temperature settings.

The only task is to set up the knobs properly and wait! So, there’s no need to abandon your other important business while preparing meals.

You get to do them side by side. The device will let you know when it’s done.


2. Doesn’t drain out nutrients

microwave oven protects nutrients

A microwave oven won’t drain nutrients from your food.

It is a very well-established fact that cooking on stove top often drains the micronutrients meaning vitamins and minerals off the vegetables.

This is the reason why dietitians and nutritionists emphasize on avoiding overcooking your food.

People also consume many vegetables raw or slightly sautéed which is clearly taxing to the conscious brain.

This issue can be eliminated by knowing the temperature tolerance of different vegetables. For instance, spinach loses about 80% of its folate content when boiled on gas top while it retains almost all of it when microwaved.

It is hence safe to assume that microwaved vegetables are nutrient-dense and come with all the promised nutrition.

Leading health organisations, like Harvard medical school and World Health Organisation, have cleared the use of the microwave oven of any accusations. This mention should effortlessly validate the above discussion.


3. Easy to clean

We need not put emphasis on the cleaning aspect after a heavy supper preparation. All those spilled curries leave stains that take forever to clean.

It doesn’t only require time but also takes so much effort that many individuals prefer ordering food from local vendors rather than cooking for themselves.

But in case of microwave cooking, there is no involvement of constant stirring of supervision for that matter leading to lesser spilling and hence lesser cleaning work.

Unless there occurs, some mis happening there is no need to clean even after multiple cooking sessions. And if at all cleaning is required, it is extremely easy. You just need a damp cotton cloth to wipe it up gently.

To get rid of the smell, all you need to do is keep a bowl of water with a few drops of lemon juice and heat it up for a couple of minutes inside the oven, and the device is ready for use.


4. Safe to use

 All of us have had some unpleasant experiences in the kitchen where slight ignorance gave us some burns to remember. Especially in their amateur years of cooking, people tend to make mistakes leading to injury risks.

All of the above mis happenings however occur when there is involvement of fire. But, in case of a microwave there lies no chance of such tragedies. The casing remains at room temperature while the insides of the oven heat the food to perfection.

Only precaution needed is when taking the food out of the oven after completion of the time period. Using a kitchen towel or microwave friendly gloves to do the job will suffice the safety prerequisites.


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