Which Lemon Squeezer Model is Best for Your Kitchen

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A lemon squeezers is a common small kitchen appliance every home cook needs, but which one is best for your needs?

It seems as if there are as many types of lemon squeezer models on the market as there are varieties of lemons.

Do you want a basic lemon squeezer your mom probably used?  You know the type that you manually pressed into ridges and twisted to squeeze out the the juice.

Or, do you need a larger hi-tech lemon squeezer that extracts the juice in seconds?

We will help you determine the best lemon squeezer for your needs


Which Lemon Squeezer is Best for Your Needs?


Do you use lemon juice occasionally, or is lemon juice a staple ingredient in many of your dishes?  This may determine if you need a basic budget manual lemon squeezer, or an expensive mechanical lemon squeezer that can quickly and efficiently extract all the juice from the fruit.


The following are some of the basic squeezer models available in the market.


Plastic or Aluminium Lemon Squeezer

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The plastic or aluminum lemon squeezer is the basic model squeezer,  but these models are not made of rubber or silicon handle and so, it can be difficult to squeeze.

hey are cheap,  but doesn’t last for long time. It is not preferred for frequent use.


Bellemain Lemon squeezer

This squeezer can last long as it is alloy based and it doesn’t need any frequent replacement like our utensils. It consists of large bowl size, levers, thick casting, silicon coated handles for pressure absorbing and the grip is pain free.


UrbanBasics Lemon Squeezer

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This lemon squeezer needs a single press only unlike the above models. The bowl size is larger than average. The handle is made of silicone and it is bright orange in colour for easy identification.

The hinges of the handles are reinforced. It can be easily cleaned and stored and is dishwasher safe.


Mediterranean Ways Jumbo Lemon Squeezer

This basic lemon squeezer has a wider bowl that can handle large size lemons and even oranges.  While standard juice squeezers has 7 holes in it, this type of squeezer has a 13 hole design that makes it easy to handle all type of citrus fruits.


Willence Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

This is another large bowel size model lemon squeezer.  It has a heavy iron casting with a reliable ergonomic handle but it needs to be rinsed thoroughly use after use with a soap so that its colour shall be maintained and undamaged by citrus fruit colours. This model is useful for large lemons and small size ones would be difficult to squeeze.

Notably, the lemon should be cut into halves and the empty space available in the lever can accommodate only one half within it. Seeds and pulp remains in the bowl only.

The following are the Lemon squeezer model for heavy applications and productive use.

Fresh force Lemon Citrus Juicer can squeeze lemons and prevents pain and fatigue in the hands. But, it is not preferred for large lemons. With a cheerful colour, it attracts the buyers very much. The juicer is easy with hand clean and dishwasher safe.


Lime-Lemon Squeezer model is meant for squeezing lemons, lime and small citrus fruits. It is a simple model without any holes on the bowl but you can collect even the last drop of lemon juice.  It is made of nylon and resilient stainless steel for productive use. But, it is not suggested to exert too much pressure on the handle.


Hand Press Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer

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This lemon squeezer has a sleek design style. This is a cast iron model available with an extra wide base. It is suitable for all types of small citrus fruits and pomegranates.

The rubber handle will be useful for easy squeeze.

Due to the weight of the squeezer, it is able to tip forward sometimes when the handle is pressed down hardly.


Commercial Citrus Fruit Juicer is similar to the above model with the difference that the handle is enabled with a rubber attachment. Unlike the above model, this is more suitable for all types of citrus fruits.

The juicer is able to squeeze with more squeezing force of 2300 pounds per square inch. If you want to get relieved from hard pressing of lemon to squeeze, then, it is the best option because you will feel light while pressing.


Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

This fruit squeezer is electrically operated and it can be seen in fruit juice shops. The inbuilt stainless steel blades and strainer remove pulp from lemon. The juice gets oozes out of the Extractor once the squeezing process is done.

Seeds shall be separately filtered. The extractor is available with a dual safety lock mechanism.


Commercial Manual Lemon Fruit Juicer is suitable for restaurants, super markets and kitchens. The stainless steel strainer can easily eliminate the pulp and seeds. There is a manual iron handle projecting outwards for operation.

The juicer can be easily cleaned as it has a removable cup. Just by pressing the handle, the half lemon placed in the press cup will be squeezed completely. Lemons should be added one by one at certain intervals in order to avoid any clogging or jam inside the machine.

Apart from squeezing lemons and limes, tomato cherries, oranges, citrus fruits, pomegranates can be squeezed in a lemon squeezer having a large bowl with many holes in it.


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