10 Tips for a Clean Kitchen that Work!

While most at-home cooks understand the importance of a clean kitchen, some still do not take the matter seriously. You may think that your kitchen is clean and presume to handle raw and cooked food in the right manner, but a closer observation of the cutting board may suggest otherwise.

These Ten Tips for a Clean Kitchen that Work will keep your kitchen clean every day!

Keeping a clean kitchen at all times will not only keep it looking neat and attractive, it also keeps the surfaces free of bacteria and germs that may cause an array of health complications.

This being the case, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are preparing food in a clean and hygienic environment.


10 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean at All Times


Here are some of the tips you should consider to keep a clean kitchen at all times,:


  • Start With a Clean Kitchen

clean kitchen

Basically, there are several things that you can do as you go in a bid to keep your kitchen clean and spotless at all times. However, such an effort for a clean kitchen will be useless is the not thoroughly cleaned at first.

If the kitchen has not been cleaned for a considerable period, it is advisable to clean it first.

Once the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be a lot easier to keep it clean with the simple tips discussed below.



  • Consider Preparing Simpler Meals

Unless you are having a party at your home, you should consider preparing simpler meals most of the times. If you were to prepare an appetizer, three sides and a main course dish, the mess you will leave around your kitchen will be considerably more.

However, the mess you leave behind would be less and will help you maintain a clean kitchen, if you were to prepare simpler meals.



  • Work From a Single Spot

cooking in a clean kitchen

Whenever you are cooking, you should select a single spot to prepare the ingredients and cook your food. Not only will this make you more organized, it will also ensure that you have a clean kitchen, and have smaller area to clean once you are done.

For instance, preparing part the food on one side of the kitchen and then carrying it over to the other side to place it on the stove, makes it more likely for you to leave spills behind.

You should also consider preparing dice and slice next to the sink. This makes it easier for you to clean the fresh produce as you go.



  • Use Fewer Utensils When You are Preparing Food

keep utensils organized in kitchen

Every time you would like to prepare food in your kitchen, you should plan ahead of time. This way, you will be able to use fewer dishes and utensils to prepare and serve the food.

For instance, you may rinse a cutting board and knife after you have used them to chop onions and use it to cut the chicken instead of using a different board and knife. This way, you will have fewer utensils to clean once you are through, and is one way to surely keep a clean kitchen.



  • Wipe Spills Right Away

Since the kitchen was initially clean, it should be easy for you to notice spills. Rather than waiting to clean them later, it is advisable to clean spills immediately. Some spills are known to become stinky and sticky, if not wiped in time.

To avoid dealing with a larger mess later on, you should consider wiping spills as soon as they happen.



  • Toss the Waste in the Dust Bin

Some at-home cooks tend to leave the wastes on the countertops and table as they prepare food to be disposed later on.

If you are looking forward to keeping the kitchen hygienic and clean at all times, you should toss all trash—including garbage, eggshells and scraps—right into the garbage bin. Alternatively, you may collect these in a large bowl as you cook. This way, you will have an easier time cleaning up after cooking.



  • Do Not Allow Oil Bottle to Become Greasy

It is common for containers in the kitchen cabinet to become greasy. Since they are in the kitchen and you would like to keep the kitchen clean, you should try to prevent this as much as possible.

In this regard, you should wipe off spills on oil bottles using a paper towel once you are done with the oil.


  • Try to Multi task

baker working in a clean kitchen

To help maintain a clean kitchen once you have finished preparing food can be a bit boring. In such a case you will need to clean all the utensils you used, the countertops and the floor at the same time.

Rather than waiting for the work to accumulate, you should try to multitask whenever you are in the kitchen. For instance, you can clean the utensils as you wait for food to simmer on the stove.



  • Keep Everything Organized

a shelf with kitchen utensils of several kinds stacked upon it, with more utensils hanging from hooks below it, both above two work surfaces with yet further utensils laid out neatly upon them

It helps to think of the kitchen as a workstation. In this regard, you need to have all the items organized in the kitchen.

In a disorganized kitchen, you are more likely to cause spills or break utensils as you look for something.

As such, you need to have everything well organized. For instance, you may have all the bottles to-go coffee containers and smoothie cups located in one place and the protein powder, coffee, tea and chocolate containers in a different location.



  • Use a Baking Sheet

If you do not want to clean much after cooking, it is advisable to use a baking sheet on the countertops. With the ingredients placed on a baking sheet, all spills will be caught by the sheet. As such, you will not need to clean spills after cooking, and is a simple way to maintain a clean kitchen even while you are cooking.

Just like any other homeowner, you would like to prepare a fresh and hot dinner. However, the cleaning work you need to do after cooking can be a bit overwhelming. The above mentioned tips will help you reduce the cleaning work and keep your kitchen clean at all times.


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